50 Canadians Reveal What Their “Happy Place” Looks Like

We challenged you to share your "happy place"—that magical spot where you feel your calmest and most comfortable—and you delivered! Don't miss this gorgeous gallery of the happiest places across Canada.

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My Happy Place - Petrie Island Canoe On Lake
Photo: Paula Brown

My Happy Place

“Petrie Island is just minutes from our home and what a literal breath of fresh air it is,” writes Paula Brown of Ottawa. “The cares of the world just melt away and a sense of peace surrounds me. The view never gets old even though we are getting older! My happy place, indeed!”

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My Happy Place - Toronto Zoo Polar Bear
Photo: Karen Allin

Bear necessities

“Regardless of the season, spending the day at the Toronto Zoo is always one of my happy places,” writes Mississauga, Ontario’s Karen Allin. It looks like this polar bear has found his happy place, as well!

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My Happy Place - Jasper Alberta
Photo: Dan Wever

On top of the world

Every time Dan Wever visits Jasper, Alberta, he makes it a point to take the Jasper SkyTram to the top of Whistlers Mountain. “You get a whole different view of the town of Jasper and the vast beauty of the scenery,” Dan writes. “This is one of my favourite ‘happy places’ to hike around!”

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My Happy Place - Sailing Into The Sunset
Photo: Sean Donnelly

Set sail for summer

This striking silhouette of a boat sailing off into the sunset is a poignant reminder that summer is just a few short months away. Thanks to the talented Sean Donnelly of Sarnia, Ontario, for renewing our hope that happier times are just around the corner.

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My Happy Place - Family On Chesterman Beach
Photo: Mike Lane

Hand in hand

For Saanichton, B.C.’s Mike Lane, there’s nowhere more magical than Chesterman Beach on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast. “Our family holidays there every year,” Mike writes. What a fantastic family photo!

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My Happy Place - Hammock
Photo: Cheri Lipiec

…And the livin’ is easy

Somehow, simply looking at this photo is enough to melt away stress. It’s easy to see why Cheri Lipiec of Olds, Alberta, chose it to represent her happy place. “You can view amazing sunsets, watch the birds paddling with the current or the deer coming for a drink,” she says. Sheer bliss.

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My Happy Place - Horse Stable In Winter
Photo: Tessa Frey

A horse, of course

Camlin Stables is probably my favourite place in the whole world,” writes Tessa Frey of Mount Forest, Ontario. Between the icicles and the cozy coats on her four legged friends, we can almost feel the refreshing nip in the air.

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My Happy Place - Northern Lights Yukon
Photo: Alan Cheng

Fire in the sky

When Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ontario, ventured to the Northwest Territories, he was treated to this spectacular light show.  Is it any wonder Yellowknife is his new happy place?

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My Happy Place - Hiking Trail
Photo: Ann Boddy

To roads less travelled

Ann Boddy of Owen Sound, Ontario, is  happiest hiking along the many trails that wind through Grey County.

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My Happy Place - Beach Tofino Bc
Photo: Anne Renwick

A shore thing

Uxbridge, Ontario’s Anne Renwick made the trek to Tofino, B.C., in 2018 with a lifelong friend—and found her happy place in the bargain. “I love looking out over water, ocean especially,” writes Anne. “Definitely a place to go back to again and again.”

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My Happy Place - Tiny House Lake Erie
Photo: Sue Thompson

Little house, big views

This peaceful property on the shores of Lake Erie brings a smile to the face of Sue Thompson of Chatham, Ontario.

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My Happy Place - Snowy Forest With Dog
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

A marshmallow world

We wouldn’t mind winter so much if it always looked as magical as this! Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ontario, captured this supremely serene scene—the calm after a heavy snowstorm. “My happy place is out in the bush with my dog as I snowshoe our many trails,” she writes.

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My Happy Place - Sunset In Newfoundland
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Moment of reflection

An inland pool with a mirror-like surface blurs the distinction between sea and sky in this gorgeous capture from Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ontario. “For me, it’s always a great day when I can marvel at a sunset in Newfoundland,” Rhonda writes.

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My Happy Place - lane filled with puddles
Photo: Maryalice Wood

After the rain

Puddles dot this peaceful country lane, where you might find Langley, B.C.’s Maryalice Wood out for a stroll.

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My Happy Place - Dog Fire
Photo: Christine Muchmore

Happy camper

Maberly, Ontario’s Christine Muchmore responded to our Theme Pic Challenge on behalf of her four-legged friend. “Clay’s happy place is at the cottage, running with freedom until it’s time to relax in front of the fire in his chair,” she writes. We don’t know if Clay looks all that amused, but man… That expression of his certainly put a smile on our faces!

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My Happy Place - Swans Lake
Photo: Cindy Herbert

Swan lake

“My favourite place is a local park in the fall with the leaves changing and the swans quietly gliding past,” writes Cindy Herbert of Welland, Ontario. “A place to walk, sit and relax, or my favourite pastime, to take photographs.” Thanks for sharing those photos, Cindy!

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My Happy Place - School Bus
Photo: Edith Beerda

School’s out

“My husband’s happy place was on his school bus with the kids… They loved him as well,” writes Edith Beerda of Abbotsford, B.C. “At year end when kids weren’t going to school, a farewell trip happened so everybody could say goodbye as he retired and moved from the area. Emotional to say the least.” What a lovely story, Edith—thanks so much for sharing. And congratulations on the retirement!

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My Happy Place - Woman Running Chesterman Beach
Photo: Maria Powell

Chesterman Beach for the win?

…And here we have a second vote for Chesterman Beach in Tofino, B.C., this time from Calgary’s Maria Powell. Is it any surprise this beloved destination also pops up in our countdown of the best Canadian road trips of all time?

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My Happy Place - Back Deck Sunset
Photo: Michael Henderson

Heavenly horizons

Kelowna, B.C.’s Michael Henderson doesn’t have to go far to soak up these spectacular views: He captured this photo from his very own deck!

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My Happy Place - Backyard Pond
Photo: Joyce Stolte

Private oasis

It takes a lot of landscaping to transform a back yard into an oasis of calm that’s as inviting as this, but it’s well worth the effort for Edmonton’s Joyce Stolte.

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My Happy Place - Bike By The Lake
Photo: Lynn C. Bilton

Pedal pusher

“Riding my bicycle along the north shore of Lake Ontario is my happy place,” writes Lynn C. Bilton of Cobourg, Ontario. “Often I pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the picturesque route. Exercise, the out-of-doors and ‘Ontario—Yours to Discover’—what could be better?!”

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My Happy Place - Back Yard Lawn Mower
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Moment of meditation

“The troubles of the world disappear in the roar of the lawnmower and the concentration on cutting a straight row,” writes Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario. The effort has paid off—check out that lush green lawn!

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My Happy Place - Smiling Barn
Photo: Rosa Cross

We guarantee you’ll grin

“My happy place is Tancook Island, Nova Scotia, where even the barns smile,” writes island resident Rosa Cross. Once you see this happy little structure’s windows as “eyes,” we dare you not smile right back!

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My Happy Place - Harrington Harbour Quebec
Photo: Tammy Green

Safe harbour

“My happy place is actually looking out my front door,” writes Tammy Green of Harrington Harbour, Quebec. “The view never gets boring and the fresh saltwater breeze is amazing!” We can’t get over the contrast in your striking shot, Tammy—the snow-covered town in greyscale, and the sunrise exploding with colour on the horizon… Magical!

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My Happy Place - Northern Lights Nwt
Photo: Barbara Hart

Ribbons of wonder

Barbara Hart of Enterprise, Northwest Territories was treated to nature’s most spectacular light show on the shores of Great Slave Lake. Thank you for sharing this magical moment, Barbara. Truly awe-inspiring!

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My Happy Place - Bright Fall Foliage
Photo: Russ Hayes

The prettiest season

This vibrant fall foliage makes a welcome distraction from the dismal winter weather outside our windows right now. “Our happy place is anywhere in Quebec in Autumn,” writes Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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My Happy Place - Horses In Alberta
Photo: Julie Birch

Wild and free

“My happy place is on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta,” writes Julie Birch of Didsbury. “Here, I love to photograph and just be with the wild horses who live there.”

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My Happy Place - Nova Scotia Pier With Rocks
Photo: Alexis Rude

Serenity now

For Smithville, Ontario’s Alexis Rude, finding a secluded spot on the waterfront—like this pier she snapped in Nova Scotia—is one of life’s simplest pleasures. “Next to the water, you’re able to think freely, without distraction,” she writes. “It’s simple serenity.”

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My Happy Place - Wellington Public Library
Photo: Tessa Frey

Happiness is a library

Books have always provided an escape for avid readers. Tessa Frey pays tribute to her beloved local branch of the Wellington County Public Library in this striking architectural shot.

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My Happy Place - Sunshine Along The Raging River
Photo: Kayla Cuddy

Into the woods

“My happy place is anywhere in nature,” writes Arden, Ontario’s Kayla Cuddy. “The flowing water at Egan Chutes was so beautiful it cleared my mind immediately.”

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My Happy Place - Forest Trail Through Snow
Photo: Ashley Peterson

A park for all seasons

“On the trails with my dog at Little Red River Park is my happy place,” writes Ashley Peterson of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. “It’s beautiful there all year round.”

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My Happy Place - Pyramid Lake
Photo: Frank Koenig

Pyramid power

Frank Koenig’s shot of Alberta’s Pyramid Lake is so crisp, you almost taste that cool mountain air. Between the snow-capped peaks, fall colours and calm water, this photo’s the next best thing to an actual Rocky Mountain retreat.

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My Happy Place - Dog In Field With Dandelions
Photo: Deb Sandau

A frolic in the field

Who could resist those twinkling brown eyes? Deb Sandau of Red Deer, Alberta, found her happy place watching her pup bound through the dandelions.

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My Happy Place - Little Church Drumheller
Photo: Heidi Sanita

Going to the chapel

Drumheller, Alberta, is renowned for its badlands and dinosaur fossils, but did you know it’s also where you’ll find this cute little church? Heidi Sanita of Pickering, Ontario, discovered her happy place in this unlikely setting, and snapped a photo to keep the memory fresh in her mind. Thanks for sharing, Heidi!

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My Happy Place - Frozen Red Deer River Ice Crystals
Photo: Kayla Reynolds

Ice blossoms

At a glance, you might think Alberta’s Red Deer River was suddenly filled with white lotus flowers. Kayla Reynolds captured this truly magical shot of ice crystals on a bone-chilling winter’s day, noting that her happy place is “being in Mother Nature.”

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My Happy Place - Belted Kingfisher
Photo: Linda Enns

King of the marsh

The Hillman Marsh in Leamington, Ontario, is where Linda Enns is happiest. It’s where she’s able to snap some wonderful shots of her feathered friends, like this impressive belted kingfisher.

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My Happy Place - Sunset Northumberland County Road
Photo: Norma Keith

Back to the farm

If you’ve ever longed for an escape to the country, Norma Keith’s photo will tug at your heartstrings. Photographing sunsets in Northumberland County is this Baltimore, Ontario resident’s happy place.

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My Happy Place - Waterfall Couple
Photo: Marlon Porter

Hamilton’s hidden gem

“This photo depicts two young lovers enjoying one of my favourite hidden spots in Hamilton,” writes Mississauga, Ontario’s Marlon Porter. “Tiffany Falls is an amazing place to escape to when I’m feeling low, and these two sharing a moment of bliss perfectly encapsulates the location.”

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My Happy Place - Cross Country Ski Trails
Photo: Christine Souka

Full speed ahead

Give Christine Souka of Mackenzie, B.C., access to a cross-country ski trail, and she’s in her happy place. This dramatic point-of-view shot makes us want to grab our poles!

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My Happy Place - Newfoundland Pond
Photo: Danny Heath

Naturally Newfoundland

Danny Heath might hail from Toronto, but his happy place is most definitely “down east.” According to Danny, this slice of untamed Newfoundland “is a place where you can fish for trout, swim, look at the wildlife, sunbathe or just set and enjoy the calm serenity!”

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My Happy Place - Fire In The Sky Bow River
Photo: Cat Taylor

Living skies

For Cat Taylor of Calgary, happiness is watching the sun set on the Bow River. How could those intense oranges, pinks and blues not fill your heart with joy?

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My Happy Place - Dog And Two Shadows
Photo: Russ Hayes

Gone, but never forgotten

“Our happy place was being with our loyal companion Bailey,” writes Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec.”He passed away over the holidays. We have many memories to cherish.” We’re so sorry for your loss, Russ. This sweet photo serves as a lovely tribute.

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My Happy Place - Golf Course
Photo: Sheila Drury

Hitting the links

“Any golf course is definitely my happy place, but one of my favourites is my home course, Hamilton Golf & Country Club,” writes Sheila Drury. Don’t be fooled by the Muskoka vibes of this hole—Sheila notes it’s actually to be found in Ancaster, Ontario!

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My Happy Place - Winter Wonderland 3
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Winter wonderland

We couldn’t resist another shot of the winter wonderland right outside Cathy Gauthier’s back door—just a small slice of her self-proclaimed “100 acres of happiness”! “Getting my husband to join me is a bonus,” she adds. Your happiness is contagious, Cathy—just looking at this magical shot puts a smile on our faces!

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My Happy Place - Lily Garden
Photo: Ann Marie Beacock

Blooming lovely

Every year, Ann Marie Beacock of Dilke, Saskatchewan, finds peace and joy in her treasured lily garden. “In the prairies, summers are very hot,” Ann Marie writes. “Spring brings them forth and they bloom right through to fall. Every year I add a new variety.” The colour combinations here are simply stunning, Ann Marie—congratulations on a well-honed green thumb!

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My Happy Place - Dog Sledding
Photo: Kathy Beaupré

Fine canines

Kathy Beaupré captures the romance of the Canadian north in this fantastic photo. The resident of Enterprise, Northwest Territories says her happy place is her favourite trail, with the companionship of her fine canines.

If all that snow is enough to send you shivering, imagine what it was like on the coldest day in Canadian history!

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My Happy Place - Beach PEI
Photo: Melanie Corbin

Just beachy

Ask Plaster Rock, New Brunswick’s Melanie Corbin where her happy place is, and she’ll respond in two words: “The beach!” This sweet shot shows her family exploring the incredible rock formations along the coast.

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My Happy Place - Yurt View
Photo: Sandy Sinclair

Glamping it up

If you’ve yet to experience an overnight stay in a yurt, this serene shot might convince you to take the plunge. With all the essentials of a restful and relaxing lakeside vacation—straw hat, sunglasses and a great book—Sandy Sinclair manages to capture exactly why Yurt #1 at Stephenfield Lake, Manitoba is her happy place.

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My Happy Place - Wildhorse Lake
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Dramatic backdrop

For Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alberta, happiness is the unspoiled beauty of Wildhorse Lake, particularly in the fall when the foliage on the lower slopes of the mountains start to turn.

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My Happy Place - Severn Bridge Garden
Photo: Heather McIlravey

How does your garden grow?

Imagine having this beautiful oasis in your own back yard! Boasting an incredible array of colourful blossoms and some really lovely landscaping, is it any wonder Heather McIlravey’s garden in Severn Bridge, Ontario, is her happy place?

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My Happy Place - Bluewater Beach Sunset Tiny Township
Photo: Marlene Anderson

Big love for Tiny Township

For Marlene Anderson of Midland, Ontario, happiness is Bluewater Beach in Tiny Township, Georgian Bay, Ontario. “I have been going there for over 60 years now and for a time lived there,” Marlene writes. “I’ve since lived in P.E.I. and B.C., but this beach is still my favourite. It’s ‘home’ to me.” It looks like a gorgeous place to call home, Marlene.

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