The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Every Province

These bucket list destinations deliver Canada’s most impressive sunset views—no Instagram filter required.

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Sunset Lookouts - British Columbia coastal islands
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The Best Sunset Lookouts in Every Province

One of life’s simplest pleasures is to watch the sunset, marking the end of another day. As the sun inches towards the horizon, the sky explodes in a dazzling gradient of pink, purple and orange hues… It’s an opportunity to pause for a moment’s meditation, and to marvel at the majesty of Mother Nature. But if you’re searching for that picture-perfect view, whether it’s to make a life-long memory with a special someone or to share the magic on social media, these Canadian destinations offer the very best sunset lookouts.

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Best place to watch the sunset in every province - Cedar Creek Estate Winery
Photo: Destination BC/Andrew Strain

CedarCreek Estate Winery, Kelowna, B.C.

Come to CedarCreek Estate for the wine tasting, and stay to experience golden hour from the vineyard. The award-winning winery is situated on 50 acres with a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Okanagan and the Okanagan Valley. For a truly unforgettable meal, book a rustic wine-paired dinner at the Home Block Restaurant and watch the sunset while savouring the locally-sourced menu.

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Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Every Province Horsethief Canyon Alberta
Photo: Travel Alberta

Horsethief Canyon, Alberta

The Canadian Badlands may be home to the largest deposits of dinosaur bones in the world, but its scenic landscapes also make it one of the best sunset lookouts. For a hike with unforgettable views, trek the legendary Horsethief Canyon on the Dinosaur Trail, east of the Red Deer River. Over a century ago, outlaws hid stolen livestock within the colourful layered rocks, giving this geological wonder its distinctive name. Set up a camera at the canyon’s rim to capture the full beauty of this stunning site.

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Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Every Province Great Sandhills Saskatchewan - Desert in the Prairies. Sand dunes in motion
Photo: Robert Postma/plainpictur

The Great Sandhills, Saskatchewan

Is there a more romantic way to admire a sunset than from atop a sand dune? Head to southwestern Saskatchewan to explore one of the largest sets of active sand dunes in Canada at The Great Sandhills. The sprawling ecological reserve is home to mule deer and antelope, along with native flora like aspen, willow and sagebrush. Settle into a comfortable spot to watch the sunset create a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow on the ever-shifting sands. You’ll most certainly get sand in your shoes, but we promise the view will be worth it.

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Best place to watch the sunset in every province - A visitor takes in the sunset over Clear Lake. Riding Mountain National Park.
Photo: Parks Canada/Scott Munn

Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Come to Riding Mountain National Park for a crash course on Canada’s diverse wilderness. Located on Treaty 2 territory—the traditional land of the Anishinaabe and other First Nations communities—you’ll find 3,000 square kilometres of magnificent boreal and deciduous forests alongside meadows of grasslands and river-bottom wetlands. Hit the trails, go for a refreshing paddle along the shores of the aptly named Clear Lake or set up camp in the backcountry. The best sunset lookouts are easy to recognize—just look for the bright red Muskoka chairs strategically placed at the most scenic locations throughout the park.

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Best place to watch the sunset in every province - Visitors hiking the Manitou Miikna, "the spirit trail", at rocky outlook area at sunset. Pukaskwa National Park
Photo: Parks Canada/Scott Munn

Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario

Pukaskwa National Park is perfect for those who are looking for the thrill in chasing the sunset. Experienced hikers will be eager to traverse the rocky pink-and-slate granite shores of Lake Superior and the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield. Find the ultimate sunset lookouts along the challenging backcountry Mdaabii Miikna trail—those who succeed in navigating driftwood obstacles, walking across suspension bridges and river crossings will be rewarded with a spectacular view come sundown.

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Best place to watch the sunset in every province - Quebec City
Photo: Québec City ©️ TQ/J.F. Frenette

Quai des Cageux in Quebec City, Quebec

The 4.3 kilometre-long Samuel De Champlain promenade—a fully landscaped park designed to commemorate Quebec City’s 400th anniversary—is truly an urban oasis. For an unobstructed view, stop by the docks and admire the sunset from the observation tower. Or if you’re feeling fancy, rent out the neighbouring glass pavilion to cap off a special event under a brilliant twilight sky.

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Best place to watch the sunset in every province - A view of the sun setting over the Atlantic ocean from the top of the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park National Park.
Photo: NS/Adam Cornick

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

A trip to the east coast isn’t complete with a journey to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. No matter which direction you turn, prepare to be greeted with gorgeous views of forest-covered river canyons and steep, rust-coloured cliffs hugging the famed Cabot Trail. Embark on the three-hour-long Skyline trail and be treated to a dramatic cliff lookout at the end that’ll impress even the most fervent sunset-seeker.

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Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Every Province West Point Prince Edward Island
Photo: Tourism PEI

West Point, Prince Edward Island

For a quintessential island experience, schedule a stop at West Point. Located in Cedar Dunes Provincial Park near the westernmost tip of Prince Edward Island, West Point’s deep red sand beaches and delicate dunes make it easy to pass the day by the sea. The striking black-and-white striped West Point Lighthouse is also a functioning inn: bask in the glow of the sunset from the balcony and then drift off to the gentle sounds of lapping waves.

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Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Every Province Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland - Visitors walk into the water on Shallow Bay Beach.
Photo: Parks Canada/Dale Wilson

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

A must-visit for geology and natural history buffs, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a coastal paradise that’s been shaped over half a billion years. As you hike past majestic fjords and cloud-capped mountain peaks, have a camera on hand to capture Gros Morne’s ancient landscape as it unfolds in lush colours and unbelievably picturesque vistas. Conclude the excursion with a beautiful sunset picnic at Shallow Bay Beach.

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Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Every Province Delta Fredericton New Brunswick
Photo: Delta Fredericton

Delta Hotels Fredericton in Fredericton, New Brunswick

You might be surprised to learn that one of the best sunset lookouts on the east coast isn’t by the ocean, but behind a hotel! Situated by the Saint John River, guests at the Delta Hotels Fredericton also get access to a primo riverfront view. Looking to plan a dreamy date night? Bring a plus-one and enjoy an enchanting sunset dinner on the spacious outdoor patio.

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