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Looking for Canadian travel inspiration? From dreamy destinations to bucket list experiences, Travel Canada is your guide to the best the Great White North has to offer.

The 50 Funniest Town Names Across Canada

From "Snafu" in the Yukon to Newfoundland's "Happy Adventure," these funny Canadian town names often have fascinating origins.

Visiting Ontario’s Waterloo Region: 10 Must-See Stops!

Known both for its urban technology hubs and rural wide-open spaces, Waterloo Region provides visitors with many unique opportunities to...

What You Should Know Before Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada can be a bit of culture shock. One recent immigrant shares helpful hints for newcomers.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Canadian

Canadians have a reputation for being polite and easygoing, but you'll want to avoid these faux pas.

The Most Haunted Places in Canada

From gothic hotels to gruesome battlefields, these spooky sites are the most haunted places in the country.

50 Reasons You’ve Got Winnipeg All Wrong

The capital of Manitoba is an overlooked gem that sparkles with a lively arts scene and destination eateries.

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This Was the Coldest Day in Canadian History

On February 3, 1947, the temperature in the Yukon plunged to a bone-chilling (and record-breaking) -63°C.

The Best Winter Hiking Trails in Every Province

From family-friendly favourites to trickier routes designed to test your mettle, these gorgeous winter hiking trails are worth adding to...

I Spent Decades Searching for My Birth Mom and It Felt Like a Miracle When We Reconnected

When I found out about my adoption, I began to have dreams about my birth mom. After years of searching,...

20 Dazzling Night Sky Photos from Across Canada

From wondrous constellations to stunning displays of the northern lights, this gallery of night sky photography from across Canada will...

20 Striking Photographs that Showcase Rustic Canada

Are you a little bit country? You'll love the results of our Theme Pic Challenge, which was to capture the...

Why Newfoundland is the Kindest Province

When this vacationing family found themselves in need of a car in Newfoundland, a local's random act of kindness left...

My Hometown: Midland, Ontario

The picturesque and welcoming four-season town of Midland, Ontario rests at the heart of gorgeous Georgian Bay.

Exploring Canada’s Arctic Through Wildlife Photography

Capturing stunning shots of wildlife in the Arctic was a bone-chilling but worthwhile endeavour for photographer and naturalist Brian Burnett.

These Giant Snow Sculptures Celebrate the Joy of Winter

Matt Morris of Waterloo, Ontario has created more than 100 snow sculptures over the years—and is sharing his creative talents...

This Podcast Remembers What Life Was Like on a Saskatchewan Canadian Forces Station

The podcast CFS Dana is bringing a shared history back to life with crowdsourced memories of the former military base...

Discover the Unique Art of Duck Decoys With This Impressive Collection

Over the past four decades, Steven Lloyd of Thomasburg, Ontario has built...

This Wildlife Photographer Captures Incredible Candid Shots of Moose

High school teacher-turned-wildlife photographer Jason George of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, shares his candid shots of these mighty creatures and beloved...

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The 10 Worst Snowstorms in Canadian History

Buried cars, power cuts, whiteouts, slippery roads and vicious winds—Canadian snowstorms can hit hard. Here are the 10 blizzards that...

Riding the Rails: In Praise of Trains

Despite changes over the years, train travel still holds great appeal.

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40 Incredible Things To Do in Calgary

Calgary’s got more to offer than cold winters and cowboys. In fact, the largest city in Alberta boasts some of...

15 Amazing Places You’ve Taken Our Canada Magazine

Money, boarding passes, passport, a copy of Our Canada magazine... Have you packed the essentials for your far-flung destination? These...

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The Best Bird-Watching Spot in Every Province

Canada's most avid bird-watchers reveal 10 locations where our feathered friends can be found in abundance.

Exploring the Beauty of Western Canada in an RV

Carolyn Meldrum and her husband Dave used to talk about the idea of visiting western Canada. They finally found the...

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What Being Canadian Means to Me

Five of Canada's most celebrated figures attempt to answer the age-old question, "What does it mean to be Canadian?"

10 Picture-Perfect Moments Onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Venturing deep into the some of the most stunning scenery in the world, a journey onboard the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer...

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8 Magical Drive-Through Christmas Light Displays Across Canada

The best places to enjoy this cherished holiday tradition from the safety of your own car.

6 Winter Sleigh Rides in Ontario You Can Visit Right Now

Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Celebrate everything that the season has to offer with horse-drawn sleigh rides that’ll...

A Close Encounter With a Coyote

Often maligned by governments and farmers, coyotes serve a valuable purpose in nature.

Welcome to Argyle, Manitoba: Home to the Canadian Flag Collection

Thought to be the second largest collection of flags in the country, the Canadian Flag Collection in Argyle, Manitoba, boasts...