20 Adorable Pets From Across Canada

We challenged you to photograph Canada's most adorable pets, and you delivered! Check out these "aww"-worthy shots of our four-legged friends from coast to coast.

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Little girl walking her pet sheep around family property
Photo: Sharon Peters

Pasture Time

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, writes: “Our granddaughter, Ella, walking Bathsheba, their pet sheep. Bathsheba enjoys the children and following the dogs, Colt and Cowboy, around their yard.”

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Two horses
Photo: Ann Lane

Reining It In

Cute pets aren’t always pint-sized! This photograph by Ann Lane proves that even fully-grown horses can make the heart swell.

Here’s what it’s like photographing wild horses in Alberta.

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Child with bearded dragon pet
Photo: Paula Brown

Lounge Lizard

Meet Pascal: the beloved bearded dragon belonging to photographer Paula Brown’s granddaughter, Emily. The two are the best of friends—apparently, Pascal really perks up when the camera comes out, too!

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Dog relaxing by the lake during summer
Photo: Carol Groeneveld

The Dogs of Summer

Carol Groeneveld of Tillsonburg, Ontario, snapped this picture of her dog, Ember, enjoying quiet time by the lake. Don’t you just want to tickle that little bearded chin?

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Dog digging in the sand on the beach
Photo: Debbie Wright

Can You Dig It?

According to Debbie Wright, Parker’s favourite beach activity has nothing to do with the water!

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Cute pets - German Shepherd in a blizzard in Newfoundland and Labrador
Photo: Greg Noel

Let It Snow

Greg Noel of Paradise, Newfoundland, snapped this wonderful shot of his 10-year-old German Shepherd during a blizzard.

These stunning shots showcase the beauty of the Canadian winter.

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Cute pets - dog posing next to window
Photo: Tammy Green

The Magic Word

According to Tammy Green of Harrington Harbour, Quebec, when this little guy hears the word “outside,” it always prompts this hilarious reaction!

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Close-up of cute cat
Photo: Evan Lane

Eyes on the Prize

Evan Lane’s gorgeous cat, Lucky, will take you on in a staring match—and win every time.

Here’s the purr-fect cat GIF for every occasion.

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Cute pets - Dog posing next to St. Lawrence River, Quebec
Photo: Russ Hayes

Top of the Rock

Russ Hayes captured this magic moment along the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

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Cute pets - Black cat watching bird through window
Photo: Rena Nixon

Purr-fect Strangers

“I believe the bird feels pretty safe on the outside of our window—so close, but not close enough for the cat,” writes Rena Nixon of New Minas, Nova Scotia. “We were looking after this cat for a short period of time and being an indoor-only cat, there were lots of temptations looking out our window!”

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Pet dog with his toy ball
Photo: Gillian Clarke

New Addition

Meet Scout: a rescue that Gillian Clarke and her family adopted in Edmonton. Obviously, Scout loves his toy ball! According to Clarke, he’s been settling in nicely as the newest member of the family, and has even played a hand in keeping them active.

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Cute dog wearing Christmas decorations
Photo: Alice Hill

Very Merry

Alice Hill’s festive fur baby thinks the holidays can’t arrive soon enough—we’re inclined to agree!

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Dog sleeping
Photo: Connie Herman

The Bare Necessities

“Blankie? Check. Elf? Check. Now, I can finally get to sleep!”

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Black dog having fun with winter weather
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

Winter Warrior

Alexandra Fontaine’s grand-puppy, Ellie, gets her family out enjoying the day no matter what the temperature is. (In case you were wondering, this photo was taken in -15 Celsius weather—with wind chill!)

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Cute pets - Chocolate labrador dog playing fetch with flying disc
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Picture Perfect

Either Lynn Mabley is a great throw, or her chocolate Lab really knows how to fetch: The “Canada” logo emblazoned on the front of that flying disc is perfectly oriented to camera!

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Cute pets - Dog wearing Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey
Photo: Candy Seifert

Roughrider for Life

As per family tradition, Ryder reps the Saskatchewan Roughriders, too!

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Cute pets - dog on sofa
Photo: Marianne Detmar

A Knowing Look

According to Marianne Detmar, this is Miley’s “Where are my treats?” face!

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Black cat sitting on stair rail
Photo: Jillian Manton

Balancing Act

Jillian Manton grabbed her camera when her 15-year-old cat, George, decided he wanted to hang out on the stair rail for the day. “As he lay there for quite some time, his sister played with his tail, which never seemed to bother him,” she writes.

These cat jokes are paws-itively hilarious!

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Japanese Shiba Inu
Photo: Laura-Lee Locheed

Calm, Cool and Collected

“This is Odayaka-Na, my Japanese Shiba Inu,” writes Laura-Lee Locheed of Vernon, British Columbia. “His name translates to ‘calm, cool and collected,’ and he’s also a proud daddy!”

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Cute cat with big eyes
Photo: Noella Shank

Cutest Christmas Tree Decoration Ever

Meet Grace: the newest member of Noella Shank’s family!

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