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5 Family-Friendly Day Trips From Toronto on One Tank of Gas

Whether you have a fuel-efficient car or an old clunker, you’ll be able to reach these five wallet-friendly day trips from Toronto on just one tank of gas.

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Take day trips from Toronto with the new Ford FusionPhoto: Ford Motor Company

5 Great Day Trips from Toronto

Summer is the season for road trips with family and friends, but the cost of gas is an important factor when choosing your destination. The new generation of fuel-efficient cars, however, can expand your options well beyond the hustle and bustle of the city and let you reconnect with the great outdoors. Based on average gas mileage, attractions and scenery, here are the five best day trips from Toronto you can set off on at sunrise and be back to the city before bedtime—all on a single tank of gas.

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Day trips from Toronto to Algonquin National ParkPhoto: Shutterstock

1. Algonquin Provincial Park

Want a short road trip with a spectacular payoff? Your best bet is Algonquin Provincial Park. Just a three-hour drive from Toronto, Algonquin Provincial Park features some of the most stunning and serene wilderness in Ontario, if not Canada. Prepare yourself for an array of activities, from hiking and camping to catching glimpses of wolves, bears and deer. And if you’ve got a roof rack for the canoe, then you’re in luck—Algonquin Provincial Park features some of the best waterways in the country.

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Flowerpot Island in Bruce Pensinsula National ParkPhoto: Bruce Anchor Cruises

2. Bruce Peninsula National Park

Just outside Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula National Park is an exciting destination that won’t hurt your wallet. Only four hours away from Toronto on Highways 401 and 10, the destination features gorgeous coves for swimming, cliffs, beaches and excellent walking trails. Got a green thumb? Be sure to check out the park’s rare orchids. The main attraction, however, is the so-called Flowerpot, a vase-shaped pillar of rock surrounded by water so blue, it’s almost luminous.

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Day trips from Toronto to 1000 IslandsPhoto: Shutterstock

3. 1000 Islands, Gananoque

When it comes to day trips from Toronto, it rarely gets as impressive as 1000 Islands in Gananoque. Located along the St. Lawrence River, it’s just a quick trek east on the Highway 401 towards the 1,864 islands. Visitors can fish, hike, cycle on the waterfront, relax on the beach or take a guided boat tour.

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Mazinaw Rock in Bon Echo Provincial ParkPhoto: Shutterstock

4. Bon Echo Provincial Park, Addington Highlands

Only four hours away from Toronto, Bon Echo is one of Ontario’s most popular provincial parks, and one of the most family-friendly. Its hiking trails range from 1 km to 17 km, and the site is also great for canoeing, camping and sandy beaches. Bon Echo’s main attraction, however, is Mazinaw Rock, a 100-metre high cliff. More than 260 native pictographs dating back to the early 19th century can be found all over the rock, so be sure to bring your camera to take in the sights.

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Hiking trail in CanadaPhoto: Shutterstock

5. Rock Dunder, Kingston

Interested in a three-hour road trip that ends with hiking, rock climbing and incredible views? That’s where Rock Dunder comes into play. This Kingston destination includes three wildly different trails. The first, Cabin Trail, is a 1.3 km walk through mixed forest. The second, Morton Bay Loop, is a steep hike to an outlook over Morton Bay. The last, Summit Loop, is a 3.9 km climb that offers a panoramic view of the Rideau Waterway. Not too shabby for a tank’s worth of gas.

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