The Most Beautiful Places in Canada

We challenged you to photograph the most beautiful places in Canada, and you delivered! From pretty prairies to magnificent mountains, you went above and beyond to showcase the majestic landscapes our country has to offer.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Murray Harbour Range Front Lighthouse
Photo: Brian Lambert

Lonesome Lighthouse

Let’s start off strong with Brian Lambert’s lovely lighthouse shot. With the sprawling beach and trees stretching off to the horizon, PEI’s Murray Harbour Range Front Lighthouse certainly deserves a place in our roundup of the most beautiful pictures of Canada.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada Bench At Jasper National Park
Photo: Sandy Sinclair

Place to Ponder

Sandy Sinclair’s peaceful photo has us wishing we could teleport through our screens. Taken near the townsite of Jasper, Alberta, this bench is the perfect place to read a book, contemplate life’s big questions, and admire the reflection of the Rockies mirrored in the calm lake.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Parc Des Quatre Pins
Photo: Russ Hayes

Spectacular Stroll

There’s no better place for an autumn stroll than Parc-des-Quatre-Pins in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Russ Hayes’s shot is so vivid, you can practically feel the crunch of the red maple leaves under your feet as you breathe in the crisp fall air.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Brasd'or Lakes Sailing
Photo: Ruth Boudreau

Good Things on the Horizon

“Nothing more beautiful than the Bluenose sailing the Bras d’Or Lakes around beautiful Cape Breton Island,” writes photographer Ruth Boudreau. A bike ride along the legendary Cabot Trail is an unforgettable way to explore Nova Scotia’s magic and soak up these picture-perfect sea views.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Laurentians In Fall
Photo: Russ Hayes

Free Fall

Russ Hayes snapped this fall landscape from the open door of a helicopter. This thrilling view of the Laurentians, Quebec, is straight out of an impressionist painting, with its vibrant red, orange, yellow, and green trees helping the lone cottage play peekaboo.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Fundy Trail Parkway
Photo: Brian Lambert

Feeling Foggy

This breathtaking beach was a quick stop for photographer Brian Lambert as he made his way along the coast of the Fundy Trail Parkway in New Brunswick. “The sun kept trying to shine but the fog was never far away,” he writes.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Puffins In Elliston
Photo: Brian Lambert

Birds of a Feather

How cute are these delightful puffins playing around by the water? This candid shot by Brian Lambert spotlights Elliston, Newfoundland’s funny feathered friends and stunning natural beauty.

If you’re a fan of wildlife photography, you’ll love this gallery showcasing the birds of the Okanagan Valley.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Qu'apelle Valley
Photo: Gloria Pawliuk

Little Church in the Valley

Gloria Pawliuk’s quaint Qu’Appelle Valley view is certainly among the most beautiful pictures of Canada. The epitome of peaceful country living, the red-roofed Kennell Anglican Church in southern Saskatchewan is a sight for sore eyes.

Take a moment to admire this photographer’s journey through Saskatchewan.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Strathcona Provinical Park
Photo: Erica Henault

Lakefront Landscape

The sunset peeking through the clouds makes Erica Henault’s shot from Strathcona Provincial Park all the more inspiring. This is one of many stunning lakefront landscapes crowned by snowcapped mountains that you can visit at the oldest provincial park in British Columbia.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Edith Lake
Photo: Sheri Skocdopole

Pre-Sunrise Kayak

Sheri Skocdopole captures the serenity of a pre-sunrise kayak expedition on Edith Lake in Jasper National Park. “The early mornings are a wonderful time to enjoy time on one of the beautiful lakes in Jasper. The glassy water gives you incredible reflections as the loons and grebes call into the silent daybreak. It’s pure heaven!”

Here are 10 shots that will have you packing your bags for Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Bowron Lakes
Photo: Erica Henault

Happy Place

To Erica Henault, the most beautiful place in Canada is the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit in British Columbia. “This 116km chain of 12 lakes, waterways and connecting portages takes us through diverse, picturesque, breathtaking wilderness areas,” she writes. “Tranquil, stunning scenery, swimming with moose… my happy place!”

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - SK Sunset
Photo: Gloria Pawliuk

Land of the Living Skies

Gloria Pawliuk’s snap of the Saskatchewan sunset is undeniably one of the most beautiful pictures of Canada. With striking silhouettes against backdrops like these, it’s no wonder Saskatchewan is known as the land of the living skies!

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beautiful pictures of canada - lookout squamish
Photo: Gabor Dosa

Sea to Sky

This spectacular view of the Rockies was captured by Gabor Dosa from the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola ride in Squamish. The snowy peaks and bundled travellers secure this a spot in our gallery of the most beautiful pictures of Canada.

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Beautiful Pictures of Canada - Autumn At Grand Pre
Photo: Karen Cook

Brewing Storm

“The crowds of visitors have left for another season, but the beauty of Grand Pré is year round,” writes Karen Cook, of Kingston, Nova Scotia. “Even on a day when the sky was ominously dark with an approaching storm, the autumn colours surround the church.”

Here’s what you’ll discover along Nova Scotia’s Evangeline Trail.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Waterfoul Lake
Photo: Dan Wever

Lake Views

It’s easy to lose yourself in the awesomeness of the Rockies, and Dan Wever conveys their overwhelming scale beautifully in this shot taken at the Waterfowl Lakes in Banff National Park. He writes that the stretch of scenic highway from Banff to Jasper is one of his favourite areas to photograph for Our Canada!

Here are seven great things to do on your next trip to Banff.

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Beautiful Pictures Of Canada - Lunenburg
Photo: Dan Wever

Pop of Colour

“We toured the beautiful town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia a few years back,” writes Alberta native Dan Wever. “I fell in love with all the colourful buildings, shops and homes in the town! I decided to book a sailing trip on the Bluenose II and caught this photo as we returned to port from the ocean.”

Find out what happened to the original Bluenose, the most famous ship in Canadian history.

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Iceberg In Battle Harbour
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

The Tip of the Iceberg

“To me anywhere with an iceberg is beautiful!” writes Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ontario. After feasting our eyes on this incredible shot taken near Battle Harbour, Newfoundland, we’d certainly be inclined to agree!

Here’s why Newfoundland is the kindest province.

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mountains in gros morne national park
Photo: Ashley Detillieux

Gorgeous Gros Morne

“While hiking in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, we came upon this majestic view of the mountains,” writes Ashley Detillieux. What a perfect photo opp to stumble across!

Did you know that Gros Morne is also home to one of Canada’s most beautiful waterfalls?

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Grasslands National Park
Photo: Ashley Detillieux

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Ashley Detillieux dazzles us again with this lovely shot of a country road in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. She calls the endless fields the “epitome of untouched beauty.” Ashley, we couldn’t agree with you more!

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National Gallery Of Canada
Photo: Paula Brown

Spidey Senses

The looming spider outside of the National Gallery seems to sense that this building is home to some of the most beautiful pictures of Canada! Paula Brown captures the scene with a deep purple sky, adding to the drama of the gorgeous architecture.

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Surfs up at Westerman Beach
Photo: Gabor Dosa

Surf’s Up

Westerman Beach in Tofino is one of the best places to catch a wave and take in nature at its finest. Gabor Dosa perfectly captures the colourful surf boards and summer fun!

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fraser valley in winter
Photo: Gabor Dosa

Snowy Peaks

Another winner from Gabor Dosa showcases the magic of winter on the southwest coast of the Fraser Valley. “With daytime temperatures hovering around -11C, the landscape is one of beauty, awe and wonder.”

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AY Jackson Lookout
Photo: Alan Cheng

Autumn Rocks

Alan Cheng had the same idea as famed Group of Seven painter A.Y. Jackson by snapping a stunning shot of these white water rapids. Named for Jackson, who painted “Spring on the Onaping River” after laying his eyes on this view, the A.Y. Jackson Lookout is northwest of Sudbury, Ontario, and now inspires even more gorgeous art and photography—Alan’s included!

You’ll find more of Alan’s awesome captures in this gallery of candid photography.

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Petrie Island Sunrise
Photo: Paula Brown

Mirrored Sunrise

This magnificent sunrise is pure serenity! With the brilliant hues of orange and pink reflected on the lake, photographer Paula Brown shows us the best of Petrie Island, Ottawa.

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Chesterman Beach Tofino
Photo: Maria Powell

Ripple in Time

When someone from Tofino says they’re going to “the beach,” it’s Chesterman Beach they’re referring to. Maria Powell caught this calming oceanfront scene in a moment of solitude. The mesmerizing ripples will have you staring for hours.

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Okanagan Lake Sunset
Photo: Nicole Adair

Winter Wonderland

For Nicole Adair, the early bird most certainly gets the worm! This sunrise over Okanagan Lake is worth the pre-dawn wake-up with its sprawling snowy mountains and bright orange highlights.

Don’t miss Canada’s most magical winter resorts to explore more chilly beauty.

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Eva Lake
Photo: Nicole Adair

Hidden Hiking Gem

Eva Lake in Mount Revelstoke National Park has it all: crystal clear water, towering trees for shade, and impressive snowcapped mountains in the distance. Nicole Adair took this photo on her first hike to an alpine lake, which certainly did not disappoint.

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Oyama Sunset
Photo: Nicole Adair

Flower Power

Another excellent shot from Nicole Adair shows a spectacular sunset over Oyama, B.C. The flowers in the foreground add to the already magnificent view from atop a mountain. Mind if we move here?

Here are more striking sunset pictures that will take your breath away.

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Spirit Island
Photo: Rebecca Bromberger

The Majesty of Spirit Island

“One of the most beautiful sights in Canada is Spirit Island, nestled in the mountain with teal water surrounding it,” writes photographer Rebecca Bromberger. We’re with you on that one, Rebecca.

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trans-canada highway views
Photo: Gabor Dosa

Life is a Highway

“Driving on the Trans-Canada highway, west of the Canadian Rockies, the landscape can be described as God’s Country,” writes Gabor Dosa. “It’s nothing short of majestic, dramatic, breathtaking, and mesmerizing.”

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