Majestic Horse Pictures From Across Canada

It's been said that to ride on a horse is to fly without wings. This gallery of original photography captures the grace and power of these incredible animals.

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Horse Pictures - Horse In Front Of Barn
Photo: Karen Carley

Horse Pictures That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Here’s one of those horse pictures that just make you long for life on the farm. “Khan is always curious about the camera,” writes Karen Carley, whose shot uses that warm glow of sunset to spectacular effect. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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Horse Pictures - Horse Racing On Track
Photo: George Vanderberg

Photo Finish

“And it’s down to the wire!” writes George Vanderberg, who captured the pulse-pounding action at Lethbridge, Alberta’s Rocky Mountain Turf Club.

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Horses In Winter Pasture
Photo: Russ Hayes

Winter Wonderland

It looks as though Russ Hayes has the image for next year’s Christmas card lined up—this snowy scene near Racine, Quebec, would make the perfect season’s greeting! Russ says the horses gracing this winter wonderland are Haflingers, originating from Austria.

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Horse Pictures - Wild Horses Of Sundrie Alberta
Photo: Phil Klug

Wild and Free

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Sundre, Alberta, you might’ve caught a glimpse of the wild horses that call the region home. Phil Klug was among the lucky ones who not only got up close and personal with a wild stallion, but also managed to capture the magical moment on camera.

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Horse Pictures - Young Woman And Horse With Braided Hair
Photo: Marnie Bonnett

An Unbreakable Bond

“My daughter (above) had her first pony ride at age two, on Centre Island in Toronto, and that started a life-long love affair with horses,” writes Marnie Bonnett. “She rode from age nine until her early 20s, when her life got busy, and horses were put on hold. When the pandemic started, she began to work from home, and a small miracle happened in July 2020. She finally bought her first horse and started riding again. Thor is a beautiful Haflinger and it was love at first sight! He is 19 now, and they have become such a bonded pair—it is pure joy to see. He is her ‘heart horse,’ but everyone who meets him falls just a wee bit in love with him too.” Consider us smitten, Marnie!

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Holiday Horse Pictures - Horse In Gold Wreath
Photo: Jen St. Louis

Feeling Festive

If you thought Thor looked beautiful in braids in the previous pic, check out what a wreath does for his mane! His loving owner, Jen St. Louis, writes, “Thor is every little girl’s dream horse—he looks like a Barbie horse come to life. And he’s got a personality that draws people in—to meet him is to love him. I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to call him mine.”

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Horse Pictures - RCMP Musical Ride Norma Keith
Photo: Norma Keith

Ring of Red

Seeing the RCMP Musical Ride is a Canadian rite of passage, and one that Norma Keith captured beautifully in this image. The performance visits each province once every four years, so everyone gets a chance to enjoy the show!

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Horse Pictures - Horse Eating Hay Off Horses Back
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Hay, You!

“When is a horse not a horse? When it doubles as a dinner plate, of course,” jokes photographer Cathy Gauthier. It looks like dinner really is on him!

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Horse At The End Of The Street
Photo: Linda Sweeney

Winter Walks

This horse picture brings back happy memories for Linda Sweeney of Miramichi, New Brunswick. “My grandchildren would gather up a few apples and carrots and we’d head down for a walk to the end of the street. There, we’d find a beautiful horse waiting for some treats!”

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Horse In Buttercups
Photo: Cindy Mulvihill

Mellow Yellow

Cindy Mulvihill of Low, Quebec, caught Otis on a leisurely stroll through the buttercups.

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Horse Pictures - Work Horses in St. Jacobs, Ontario
Photo: George Vanderberg

Farming Traditions

In the days before tractors, horse-drawn plows were the only way to cultivate fields. George Vanderberg witnessed this traditional farming practice in modern-day St. Jacobs, Ontario, where Old Order Mennonites still rely on horsepower to get the job done.

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Horse Pictures - White Horse In Winter
Photo: Jen St. Louis

Vision in White

“I took this photo at a photography workshop several years ago, and it remains a favourite of mine,” writes Jen St. Louis. “We were fortunate to have had a lot of snow fall the night before, which made for some dramatic action shots.”

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Horse In Stable Window
Photo: Tim Fletcher


This friendly face peeped out at Tim Fletcher on his visit to the stable.

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Horse Silhouettes
Photo: Tara Lowry

Golden Hour

When it comes to taking great horse pictures, timing is key—a fact photographer Tara Lowry knows well. “I was wandering through my brother’s herd of horses at sunset and was rewarded with these delightful equine silhouettes,” she writes.

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Horse Nose
Photo: Ann Lane

Wintry Whiskers

Ann Lane’s detail of a horse’s muzzle is so crisp, you can make out the individual hairs in her velvety smooth coat. Don’t you just want to reach out and give her a pet?

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Horse Pictures - Ya Ha Tinda Ranch
Photo: Marie Nylund

Wild, Wild West

It’s a testament to Marie Nylund’s photography skills that we initially mistook this incredible image for a painting. From the stampeding horses to the sprawling landscape, it could easily pass for a Remington! Marie snapped this epic shot at Ya Ha Tinda Ranch in Banff National Park.

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Horse At Fence
Photo: Rebecca Bromberger

That First Click

This fantastic photo has special significance for Rebecca Bromberger of Barrhead, Alberta. “I had just gotten a new camera for Christmas, so I drove around the backroads looking for things to take pictures of. This beauty was standing in the perfect spot with the frost-covered fence in front and the ice fog in the background.” You set a high bar for the photographs to follow, Rebecca!

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Horse Pictures - Pair Of Horses Pulling Wagon
Photo: Russ Hayes

A Fair Pair

The Lansdowne Fair east of Kingston, Ontario, is one of Canada’s oldest rural fairs. Among the attractions keeping visitors coming back year after year are the magnificent farm animals, including these handsome work horses photographed by Russ Hayes.

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Horse In Winter Coat
Photo: Paula Brown

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Ottawa’s Paula Brown wasn’t the only one feeling winter’s chill when she took this shot. We hope you were bundled up too, Paula!

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Horse Pictures - Two Horses
Photo: Andrew Campbell

Biking Buddies

“I pass a large old estate-style property on my bike ride to get to the Thames River here in London, Ontario,” writes photographer Andrew Campbell. “If I stop, often times the horses that live there come over to the fence to say, ‘Hi’ and maybe investigate me to make sure I’m not trouble. It’s always nice to see them year round. In colder weather, they have their ‘sweaters’ on.”

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Foal In Field
Photo: Paul Sinclair

Foaling Around

Don’t worry little one, you’ll grow into those legs! Thanks to Paul Sinclair of Lindsay, Ontario, for sharing this sweet shot.

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Horse pictures - Sleigh Ride in Storybook Gardens
Photo: Brian Jones

A Storybook Dream Come True

What could be more magical than a winter sleigh ride? How about a sleigh ride through a beloved London landmark! Brian Jones snapped this charming scene at Storybook Gardens, which has been delighting Ontario families since 1958.

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Icelandic Horse Pictures - Horse And Foal
Photo: Marnie Bonnett

A Unique Breed

“Icelandic horses are special,” writes Marnie Bonnett, who snapped this adorable shot of an Icelandic mare showing her new spring foal the ropes. “A pure breed for over a thousand years, these sturdy, strong, small horses are spirited but have a gentle temperament. Their unique five gaits make them a dream to ride. Having no natural predators, they are very friendly and curious, and often seem to seek out human connection.”

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Horse Eye
Photo: Deb Sandau

A Reflective Mood

“I wanted to capture the gentle soul of this horse,” writes photographer Deb Sandau. “I also got my own reflection shining back at me!”

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Horse Pictures - Two Little Ponies
Photo: Caroline Cole

Say Aww!

Horse pictures don’t get cuter than this submission from Caroline Cole. Those dainty little hooves! Those fuzzy faces! It’s enough to have you considering a stable in your own backyard. (It’s not as if they’d take up much room, right?)

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Black Beauty Horse
Photo: Heidi Sanita

Black Beauty

Caution, thoroughbred crossing! While en route to Foxfire Farms, photographer Heidi Sanita caught the farm’s co-founder Shari Bryant out for a ride.

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Horse pictures - Calgary Stampede
Photo: Maria Powell

Whoa, There!

It’s with good reason the Calgary Stampede is known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Local shutterbug Maria Powell captures the bucking bronco action in this fantastic photo.

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Horses Running
Photo: Brenda Snape

Giddy Up

Did someone ring the dinner bell? Brenda Snape of Aurora, Ontario, caught these magnificent horses kicking up some serious dust.

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Two Miniature Ponies
Photo: Paul O'Toole

Fringe Benefits

Paul O’Toole captured this darling duo on a trip to Newfoundland. “No idea what breed they are, but I liked the bangs on the left one,” Paul says. It does indeed look like someone’s just been to the barber!

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Silhouette Horseback Riding
Photo: Alan Cheng

Fade to Black

Alan Cheng’s beautiful composition could pass for the final shot in a western.

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