The Coolest Snowman Pictures From Across Canada

What better way to beat winter's chill than to build a snowman? Check out this sweet gallery of Frosty and friends, captured on camera!

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Snowman pictures - Snowman With Bird Perched On Arm
Photo: Daryle Friesen

Snowman Pictures That’ll Put a Smile on Your Face

Ice to Meet You!

Daryle Friesen of St. Laurent, Manitoba, found this snowman serving double-duty as a perch for a feathered friend.

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Snowman Pictures - Row Of Snowmen
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Warm Reception

Thanks to Rhonda Beirnes for sharing this impressive shot she’d taken a few winters back. “The school children near Donegal, Ontario built hundreds of snowpeople that stretched for a country block in the winter of 2020,” Rhonda writes. “Folks came from miles around to see them!”

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Snowman Pictures - Giant Snowman
Photo: Paula Brown

Towering Achievement

We Canadians love our super-sized roadside attractionseven those that don’t make it through the spring thaw! Paula Brown and her husband encountered this mammoth snowman in Ottawa a few years back, and captured the impressive spectacle on camera.

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Snowman pictures - Snowman Family
Photo: Gloria Pawliuk

Family Affair

Do you think these three could possibly be related? Gloria Pawliuk snapped this sweet family portrait in Pense, Saskatchewan.

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Snowman Pictures - Mini Snowman And Snowdog
Photo: Tracey Jeror

A Pint-Sized Pair

Here’s a snowman (and snowpup!) picture that’s sure to put a smile on your face! Tracey Jeror of Arnprior, Ontario, was walking along a trail and came across these two miniature creations perched along the railing. What they might lack in size, they more than make up for in charm!

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West Coast Snowman - Before
Photo: Nancy Gerber


West coast snowmen of this size are relatively rare, but Nancy Gerber managed to captured one on camera! This particular specimen, spotted in Surrey, B.C., has bottle-cork buttons, eyes repurposed from an old crafting project, and a pipe-cleaner mouth that’s fixed in a grin that’s positively contagious. Fun fact: According to Weather Atlas, Surrey gets an average of just 14 snow days each year!

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West Coast Snowman - After
Photo: Nancy Gerber

…And After!

Here’s the same snowman after an overnight dumping of snow!

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Snowman Pictures - Viking
Photo: Keith Shelefontiuk

Two Thumbs Up!

According to photographer Keith Shelefontiuk of Castelgar, B.C., this shaggy-looking fellow goes by the name of “Oskar the Great.” “Oskar was built to welcome the 2023 Troll Loppet to our 61st annual cross country ski event,” he writes. With that warm welcome and gesture of encouragement to the participants, we’re sure the event was a huge success!

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Huge Snowman
Photo: Tom Chalmers

Large as Life

Selwyn, Ontario’s Tom Chalmers is an artist whose medium happens to be snow! Just check out the scale of this flawless Frosty he created last January… He’s immense!

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Snowman Pictures - Rena Nixon
Photo: Rena Nixon

Precious Memories

This droopy-nosed snowman holds very happy memories for Rena Nixon of New Minas, Nova Scotia. “About seven years ago, our grandchildren had a snowman kit which included the hat, scarf, eyes, mouth, nose and buttons,” Rena writes. “Outside I went on this snowy afternoon to build our friend the snowman with my grandchildren. It was fun creating this frosty fella and then we coasted on the hill.” Sounds like the perfect winter day!

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Snowman And Snowdog Melting
Photo: Russ Hayes

…Before I Melt Away!

With the amount of lawn that’s starting to peek through, it looks like these two are on borrowed time! Photographer Russ Hayes managed to capture the sweet scene while it lasted. “We had recently moved into our neighbourhood when I noticed this snowman and its pet dog across the street from us…so cute!” he writes. “It is actually a great representation of their dog!”

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Sad Snowman In The Forest
Photo: Gabor Dosa

Winter Blues

Is it just us, or does this snowman look like he’s having a rough day? Maybe it’s just a case of the winter blues! Gabor Dosa snapped this fantastic photo in British Columbia’s Shannon Falls Provincial Park.

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Rainbow Ralph Snowman
Photo: Rosa Cross

Snowy Sentinel

Come winter, the population of Nova Scotia’s Tancook Island increases by one. “Rainbow Ralph, with his starfish buttons and propeller belly button, watched over our harbour on Tancook Island while showing his Canada pride,” writes resident Rosa Cross.

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Double Act Snowmen
Photo: Tammy Green

Double Act

Don’t you wish these two would let you in on their joke? “I can’t stop laughing,” writes photographer Tammy Green. “These guys literally look like they are having a good laugh!” The comedy double-act was the work of Tammy’s creative grandsons.

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Classic Snowman With Broom
Photo: Suzanne Martin

All Decked Out

“When two ’70-somethings’ go out to play in the snow, you never know quite what to expect,” writes Suzanne Martin of Kazabazua, Quebec. One thing’s for certain: this chic snowman’s team of stylists deserve a round of applause. From the floppy brimmed hat to the sophisticated specs, the accessories are on point!

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