Travel Advice

Before embarking on your next big trip, you need to plan. We’ve got some insider tips and tricks to help with packing, navigating the airport and flying the friendly skies.

50 Packing Tips to Memorize Before Your Next Trip

Travelling just got a little less stressful. This handy guide will ensure that you've packed all the essentials needed for the best trip ever.

What You Should Know Before Renting Your Home on Airbnb

Learn about hosting, housekeeping and protecting your most important asset: Your home.

Best Airport Advice for Seniors

These simple tips can help you fly the friendly skies relatively hassle-free and get the royal treatment you deserve.

Must-Have Travel Accessories For the Frequent Flyer

Elevate your next trip with compact, innovative travel accessories specifically designed to suit your frequent-flying needs.

You Won’t See These Things on Cruises Anymore

In a post-COVID-19 world, cruises will look very different from what they looked like before. Here's what to expect.

Test Your Knowledge of Aviation Terms

Take to the skies without leaving your chair by exploring these aviation terms.

What You Need to Know About Flying Budget Airlines in Canada

Thinking about booking a seat on Canada's budget airlines for a low-cost trip? Here's what you should know before you...

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Haven’t Travelled in a While? Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Next Trip

Chances are, you're a bit rusty when it comes to booking a vacation. These travel hacks can help.

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Questions Canadians Should Always Ask When Planning a Destination Wedding

Before you get swept up in the glossy resort brochures and Pinterest boards, ask yourself these easy-to-forget questions to see...

Why You Should Always Open Your Car Door With Your Right Hand

The so-called "Dutch reach" could save lives—so why don't we teach it in Canada?

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Your Vacation Online

Learning from these mistakes could save you money—and major headaches—on your next holiday.

Can You Get a Tax Credit For Your Staycation?

If you live in Ontario, you may be able to save money on that summer road trip or weekend getaway.

Why You Need to Book a Hotel Staycation This Summer

The best way to ease back into travel is a luxe hotel stay in your own backyard.

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What Hotel Stays Will Be Like When You’re Ready to Travel Again

Take a look at how the hotel industry is responding to the challenges of the pandemic, and implementing new measures...

What Airlines Losing Money Could Mean for You

Airlines have been hemorrhaging money in recent months, another casualty of COVID-19. How will airlines stay afloat and what does...

11 Things You Won’t Be Able to Do on Cruises Anymore

As cruises do their utmost to avoid a repeat of early 2020, the world of cruising will look quite a...

What Happens to Old Cruise Ships?

Like every other work of machinery in the world, cruise ships can't run forever.

The Right Way to Pick an Apple—and 8 Other Things to Know Before You Go Apple Picking

Leaves are starting to turn and the air is getting crisper—it's finally apple picking season! We spoke to experts to...

The Truth About Recirculated Air on Airplanes

There are plenty of justifiable reasons to be nervous about flying on an airplane—but this common myth isn't one of...

12 Things to Consider Before Booking Hotels Again

It’s not just about dates, availability, and amenities anymore.

13 Camping Mistakes Most First-Timers Make

Wait! Before you embark on an adventure in the great outdoors, follow this expert advice to avoid the newbie camping...

8 Things You Won’t Be Able to Do on Airplanes Anymore

In the long run, air travel might not change as drastically as you might think as a result of the...

10 Things Flight Attendants Won’t Be Allowed to Do Anymore

Between ongoing coronavirus infections and lingering fear, the pandemic is set to alter the way we fly, including what flight...

10 Things You Won’t See in Hotels Anymore—and 2 Things You Will

As hotels look to welcome guests in a post-coronavirus world, measures to improve cleanliness and limit contact are top of...

What Travel Could Look Like After COVID-19

Here's a look at how airplanes, the airline industry, and the act of flying to reach a destination may be...

I’m a Flight Attendant and This Is What It’s Really Like to Fly During Coronavirus

A day on the job for a flight attendant has been anything but ordinary during the COVID-19 pandemic as it...

Where to Sit on an Airplane to Avoid Getting Sick

Another reason why the window seat is the best seat on the plane.

I Love My Fat Cat. But When I Moved Cross-Country, I Dreaded Getting Him on a Plane

My husband and I were excited to start a new life in British Columbia. But first we had to figure...

12 Travel Disasters I’ve Actually Seen Happen

Being a tour leader is not the glamorous life you might imagine it to be.

How to Get a Refund If a World Crisis Forces You to Cancel a Trip

Afraid to travel due to the coronavirus, or any other world event? Here's how and when you can cancel.