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Awe-Inspiring Northern Lights Photography From Across Canada

Capturing the beauty of the aurora borealis on camera.

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Northern lights photographyPhoto: Sabine Cane

The Allure of Northern Lights Photography

“Heading out on gravel roads late at night, in the middle of nowhere, can be a little daunting,” writes Sabine Cane of Tawatinaw, Alberta. “When faced with the possibility of seeing ‘Lady Aurora’ make such a wonderful appearance, however, who can refuse?”

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Northern lights photography AlbertaPhoto: Steve Mumert

Awesome Auroras

“Where is nothing quite as awe-inspiring as standing beneath an aurora storm, watching the northern lights dance!” writes Steve Mumert of Hythe, Alberta. “They’ve always been one of my favourite subjects to photography. This image was taken on the third consecutive night of an aurora storm back in August 2017.”

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Northern Lights photography - Spray ValleyPhoto: Christy Turner

Private Performance

“While my boyfriend and I were camping in Spray Valley Provincial Park in early fall, we’d just gone to bed when I looked over his shoulder and saw the sky exploding in colour!” writes Christy Turner of Calgary. “Having a little inlet in the Spray Lakes area all to ourselves, we stood there for hours watching the aurora borealis dance and reflect over the water. It was a truly Canadian moment!”

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Northern Lights photography - Bents, SaskatchewanPhoto: Amanda Dalglish

Eerie Image

“This pic of the northern lights above an old granary was captured in the ghost town of Bents, Saskatchewan,” says Amanda Dalglish of Saskatoon. “Here in Saskatchewan, the old Prairie granaries are becoming scarce—very few exist anymore.”

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Northern Lights Photography - Whitesand Lake, OntarioPhoto: Richard Main

Stunning Light Show

“I captured this spectacular display of the aurora borealis above Whitesand Lake in Schreiber, Ontario,” writes Richard Main of Thunder Bay.

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Originally Published in Our Canada