Winter Fun: A Heartwarming Gallery of Canadians Enjoying the Great Outdoors

There's plenty of winter fun to be had across Canada—just take a look at these sweet shots of Canadians enjoying awesome outdoor activities!

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Outdoor winter activity
Photo: Dan Wever

Extreme sports

Dan Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta, caught this snowboarder using a giant slingshot to shoot him up partway on this silver sundial, and was able to take a picture of him on his downward trip. Perfect timing, Dan!

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Hockey game on a frozen pond
Photo: Sharon Peters

On frozen pond

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, captured this fantastic shot one of Canada’s definitive outdoor winter activities—hockey! The talented shutterbug snapped this shot on a mild and sunny Sunday afternoon at the local pond.

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Boy with bird outdoors in the Canadian winter
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

The bird whisperer

Winter fun cam also consist of quiet moments like this one captured by Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario. According to Isabelle, it took a few tries for her to get the perfect shot of her grandson feeding this cute chickadee. Your patience paid off, Isabelle!

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Snowshoeing in Magnetawan, Ontario
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

A bed of snow

Photographer Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ontario, sent in this shot of her favourite brand of winter fun: snowshoeing! Those heavy snow-laden branches look like something from a Christmas card… So pretty!

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Skiing and skating in Harrington Harbour, Quebec
Photo: Tammy Green

One February morning

Tammy Green of Harrington Harbour, Quebec, snapped this high-flying shot on the beautiful first day of February. She says, “A fun-filled winter day of sliding and skiing all in one photo here in Harrington Harbour.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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Father and son arriving at the bottom of a large hill
Photo: Joe Brander

Crash landing

If your idea of winter fun doesn’t include tobogganing, then this happy shot of father and son arriving at the bottom of a large hill will certainly change your mind. “I used a timer to capture this pic of me and my son LJ,” writes Joe Brander of Sarnia, Ontario. “Here we are at the base of a hill near the Bluewater Bridge in nearby Point Edward, Ontario.”

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Two Saint Bernard dogs playing with a ball on a snowy field
Photo: Kristi Kennedy

Two Saints

Photographer Kristi Kennedy of Prince George, B.C., says, “My two Saint Bernards playing ball in the backyard. The funny thing is they were playing completely by themselves. We didn’t throw them the ball—one of them found it and started playing with it.”

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Columbia Ice Fields near Jasper, Alberta
Photo: Sheri Emerson Sanders

Black and blue

A study in contrast, Sheri Emerson Sanders of Labrador City, Newfoundland, snapped this in the Columbia Icefield near Jasper, Alberta. She says, “My sweetheart took my daughter and me up to Jasper to see the stunning ice fields. The blue of the ice was incredible.”

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Sunset on snowy field
Photo: Tim Reich

Leaf on the lake

Tim Reich of Brookside, Nova Scotia, started this phenomenal tribute to Canada on Feb. 5, 2017, at McGrath Lake. He snapped this picture the next morning. Amazing work, Tim!

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Two families enjoying winter fun in the woods
Photo: Coleen Ramsay

Into the woods

“I snapped this fun-filled pic in March of 2016 in nearby Bass River, New Brunswick,” says Coleen Ramsay of Bathurst, New Brunswick. “Pictured are David Ellis (driving the ATV) and Dawn Thibodeau seated behind him, who are the parents of Jordyn (in pink) and Ashton. Along for the ride are friends Sandra Lavigne and Stephen Ellis in the red sled. The day was filled with tapping trees, collecting sap, reducing it on a wood stove and finally, enjoying the syrup poured on snow and scooped up on popsicle sticks!” shares Coleen.

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Polar Bear Swim in Queensborough, British Columbia
Photo: Dianne Reid

Fancy a dip?

Polar bear swims have become increasingly popular across Canada in recent years. To add to the fun, many of them are held on New Year’s Day! Dianne Reid of New Westminster, B.C., snapped this shot on the Fraser River in Queensborough, B.C.

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Barred owl in Rattray Marsh, Mississauga, Ontario
Photo: Karen Allin

What a hoot

Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ontario, went birdwatching in Rattray Marsh and got to see this barred owl. Check out more of Karen’s fantastic wildlife photography from Rattray Marsh.

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Hockey tournament in Morinville, Alberta
Photo: Frank Koenig

Shinny time

Frank Koenig of Morinville, Alberta, captured this three-on-three pond hockey tournament at Heritage Lake during Family Day weekend.

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Young girl on sled
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Taking flight

Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ontario, says, “No big hill needed! Just a small ramp and an uncle willing to pull Avery around the yard gave them hours of winter fun!”

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Skating at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto
Photo: Joan LeVasseur

Skating at City Hall

Of the many locations to go ice skating in Toronto, Nathan Phillips Square might be the best. Photographer Joan LeVasseur of Dorval, Quebec, shows why!

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Kicksleding on Family Day at the N.V.C.A.
Photo: Casey Hooymans

Getting a kick out of kick-sledding

Casey Hooymans of Angus, Ontario, snapped this calm moment before all the fun began!

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Snowboarding outdoors in winter
Photo: Marge Wolfe

Sticking the landing

Marge Wolfe of Cadogan, Alberta, says, “Lacing up the boots, strapping on the board and hitching a ride to the top of the world to carve your way back down again—that’s freedom!”

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Little boy playing hockey himself on frozen river in Miramichi, New Brunswick
Photo: Linda Sweeney

Consummately Canadian

Linda Sweeney of Miramichi, New Brunswick, took this sensational shot on the Miramichi River. Winter, ice and skating with a hockey stick in hand—what’s more Canadian than that?

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Snow angel
Photo: Deb Sandau

Snow angels

Contrary to popular belief, snow angels are not just for kids. Just ask Deb Sandau of Red Deer, Alberta! “This is the first one I’ve done in years. Now how do I get up?”

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Fred the Snowman in Nova Scotia
Photo: Rosa Cross

Team effort

Rosa Cross of Tancook Island, Nova Scotia, says, “Fred the Snowman was built by our island group so he could be viewed by the whole world via webcam!”

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Young brothers playing on snow hill
Photo: Gertrude Welder

Brothers in action

Few childhood memories are as fun as playing on a freshly-made snow bank. Thanks for sharing, Gertrude!

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Hiking through the Malinge Canyon at Jasper National Park in Alberta
Photo: Bob Wall

The great wall

Bob Wall of British Columbia hiked through the Maligne Canyon at Jasper National Park in Alberta. This particular beautiful frozen waterfall stretches 150 feet down the inside of the canyon wall!

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Three young boys posing for photo next to River Bank in Laurier, Manitoba
Photo: Tricia Campbell

Picture time

Tricia Campbell of Laurier, Manitoba, says, “My three sons were sledding down the river bank right by our house. I made hot cocoa for them so they took a quick break. There was a big dump of snow, and very mild outside.” Great photo, Tricia!

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Tree covered in frozen snow in winter
Photo: Grace Matthies

Winter landscape

According to photographer Grace Matthies of Coaldale, Alberta, winter fun involves taking walks, camera in-hand, and capturing those spectacular moments when nature wraps the world in white. We couldn’t agree more!

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Sunburst in Chilliwack, British Columbia
Photo: David Lee


This sunburst, photographed by David Lee of Chilliwack, B.C., is so beautiful you forget that there’s also 80 centimetres of snow on that street!

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Winter fun - girls on seesaw
Photo: Bruce Raby

Playful chums

“I snapped this photo of my oldest granddaughter Oksana (left) and her friend Lara at Parc Omega just north of Montebello, Quebec,” shares Bruce Raby of Perth, Ontario. “After driving around the park taking in the various animal exhibits, we stopped at one of only two locations in the park where you are allowed to exit your car. There was a play area for kids, which on this day the girls had to themselves. We were waiting for the wolf demonstration to begin, so they decided to try out the seesaw.”

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