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Hi All – hope you are doing well and that the new Covid-19 environment is not too hard on you, for my part I am just happy we can again see family and friends even if we must keep our distance!

I have a bit of news for you concerning our promotions and the new Sweepstakes being offered to you. Read on for more information.

Marisa Orsini, Administrator
Reader’s Digest Sweepstakes and Contests


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    S. Kulchyski

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    R. Ackley
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    Januus Kimsto

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    B. & A. Lessard
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    K. & L. Penney
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    J. & D. Alai
Since 1962, we have awarded over 28 million dollars to more than 108,000 winners across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: WHY DOES READER’S DIGEST OFFER ENTRY TO SWEEPSTAKES IN THEIR PROMOTIONS?A: The fact is, when Reader’s Digest first started offering Sweepstakes, it was to set us apart from everyone else. It made us unique. We realized they were fun and people got excited about the possibility of winning prizes. And of course, it’s an ideal way to showcase our products and encourage consumers to get to know more about Reader’s Digest.

We have now partnered with a leading independent judging organization from the U.S. called Ventura Associates International LLC, as well as another marketing partner (National Magazine Exchange) allowing us to offer new and bigger sweepstakes to our customers.

As of June 1st, 2020 Reader’s Digest Canada will be offering access to 2 different North American sweepstakes.

Entry is free and each participant’s chances are as good as anybody else’s who participates to either one of the Sweepstakes below: Strike It Rich XII Sweepstakes: Close date July 29, 2022
Prizes: Grand Prize of $1,400,000.00 Canadian – offered either as a lump sum of $650,000.00 or 30 annual annuities of $46,667.00.

Live Your Dream Giveaway: Close date is January 19, 2021
Prizes: A Grand Prize of $32,000 Cash; A 1st Prize of $2,500.00 cash; A 2nd Prize of $1,250 Cash; 25 3rd Prizes of $120.00 cash each and 250 4th Prizes of a watch valued at $92.00 each
There is also an Early Bird prize of $3,000.00 cash when offered.
In our promotions the amounts are displayed in CAD funds but the prizes will be paid to winners in US funds.

Rules for both of these sweepstakes are in all our promotions.

Q: CAN YOU ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES WITHOUT ORDERING A PRODUCT?A: Of course. Your chances of winning are equal whether you purchase a product or not. All our promotions make it clear that Sweepstakes are free to enter and you are always given identical options whether you answer YES (order and entry) or NO (entry only).



Q: CAN I ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES MORE THAN ONCE?A: By all means! Each entry you receive guarantees you another chance to win. In fact, some entries include additional prize entries…and more entries means more opportunities to win.



Q: HOW CAN I TELL THE SWEEPSTAKES IS FOR REAL?A: Unlike others, who try to deceive, you will never be asked for money to enter Sweepstakes or to win or receive any prizes. It is important that you stay vigilant about the possibility of being scammed. You do not have to send any amount of money to claim a prize. You should never have to send money to win money! The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) is a government agency that monitors and identifies marketing fraud across Canada. Should anyone contact you that raises your suspicions, contact the CAFC at 1-888-495-8501 right away.
Here is one example of a fraudulent letter going around right now – if you receive this letter do not call these people back – this letter often comes with 2 false cheques and they ask you to deposit those cheques in your account and send them one of your cheques for the same amount. Notice the stamp that says INT’L LOTTERY BOARD this is particular to this fraudulent letter.



Q: WILL I REALLY RECEIVE MY PRIZE?A: Yes, absolutely! A Letter of Guarantee was deposited to the regulatory body which oversees Sweepstakes and contest activities. This Letter ensures that funds will always be available to pay out all the prizes that are publicized and hence ensures that all winners will actually receive their prize monies.



Q: WHO REGULATES THE SWEEPSTAKES?A: The rules were registered with a government authority and ensure complete compliance with all Canadian regulatory requirements. All the information is readily available to you in the rules. Look for them on any package you receive from us.

Q: WHY IS READER’S DIGEST OFFERING SWEEPSTAKES FROM THE U.S.?A: Reader’s Digest has partnered with American companies because they are giving us the opportunity of giving our customers a chance of winning over 1 million dollars in prizing.



Q: I THOUGHT THAT THE READER’S DIGEST SWEEPSTAKES WERE ONLY CANADIAN?A: There is a Canadian Sweepstakes being offered with a Grand Prize of up to $100,000.00 which will be drawn on September 21, 2021. And at the same time there is a North American Sweepstakes being offered by Reader’s Digest Canada on behalf of a company called National Magazine Exchange which gives our Canadian customers a chance of winning a prize that could go as high as $1,400,000 Canadian dollars in the Strike It Rich XII Sweepstakes and among over $ 60,000.00 worth of prize in the Live Your Dream Giveaway offered by Ventura Associates International LLC. Because these Sweepstake are offered in Canada, they have been registered at the regulatory body established by the government of Quebec to legally run contests in all of Canada. This regulatory body will oversee the legitimacy of these sweepstakes.
However, Reader’s Digest will always continue to offer its own Canadian Prize activities such as the $1,000.00 Monthly Payout and the $40,000.00 Thank You Prize contest to name a few.

Q: WHERE CAN WE FIND THE RULES FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN SWEEPSTAKES?A: Rules for the North American Sweepstakes can be found in all of our promotions where it is offered. Within the rules there is a special section for our Canadian residents.

Q: WHERE IS MY INFORMATION GOING IF I ENTER THESE NORTH AMERICAN SWEEPSTAKES?A: Just your name and contact detail is going to be held by Reader’s Digest and before the draw the information will be passed over to the Ventura Associates International LLC judges and shortly after the draw that information will be destroyed.

the Strike It Rich XII Sweepstakes and Live Your Dream Sweepstakes, please write to:

Reader’s Digest Association (Canada) ULC
300-5101 Buchan St
Montreal QC H4P 1S4

For additional information, please click on the following:

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