Buying Guide

Car buying guides to help you find the best deals on new cars, used cars, car loans, car financing, car insurance and car leases. Our car reviews will also help you navigate the new and used car market.

This is the Best Time to Buy a Car

How much does timing matter when buying a new car? A lot, it turns out! We reveal the best time to buy a new car—a strategy that could save you thousands of dollars.

This Is What Happens to Unsold Cars

Here's a tip for getting an older model at a discount.

How Much Do Car Dealers Make?

We show you how to obtain a vehicle cost report to break down the cost of your new car.

Car Dealer Tricks You Need to Know

Use these tips to leave the new car lot with the ride of your dreams and money left over.

These Are the Most Popular Car Colours in Canada

Canada’s top car manufacturers to reveal their best-selling colours—the results may surprise you.

The Truth About New Car Incentives

Learn how to choose the ones that best cater to your needs.

This Trick Will Get You a Better Price on Your Trade-In

If you want to get the best value for your trade-in when you buy a new car, you need to...

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Always Do This Before Buying a Used Car

Considering buying a used car? Follow this four-step inspection program to determine the vehicle's reliability, condition and value.

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5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Looking for ways to lower your car insurance premium? Here are five tips on how to save big without sacrificing...

What Canada’s Electric Car Targets Will Mean For Canadians—and the Environment

By 2025, Canada's government wants one out of every 10 new car sales to be an electric vehicle (EV). We...

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10 Surprising Things Your Car Says About Your Personality

Is your ride giving subtle clues about its driver? From your choice of paint job to bumper stickers, find what...

Here’s How the Colour of Your Car Affects Your Chances of Getting Into an Accident

Next time you're in the market for a car, you may want to keep this colour in mind.

The Scary Truth Behind That New Car Smell

A lot of people love that new car smell, but they don’t realize how harmful it can be for their...

What Happens to Your Car When You Trade It In

When you trade in your old car for a brand new model, one of three things can happen.

Here’s Why Car Windows Have Those Little Black Dots

No, they're not just for decoration.

Why Don’t All Cars Have Gas Tanks on the Same Side?

The position of a car's fuel door (if you can actually remember where it is) remains one of the greatest...

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15 Cars That Owners Keep the Longest

Looking for a long-term relationship with your next set of wheels? These popular models could be your best bet.

The Problem with Hybrid Cars That No One Is Talking About

Hybrid cars are increasingly popular, as they will often save the driver a good bit of money in fuel costs....

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How to Get Rid of an Old Car: 7 Smart Strategies for Offloading a Clunker

Considering the scrapyard? Here are seven smarter ways to offload a set of wheels that have seen better days.

All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive: What’s the Difference?

When buying a car, all of the different engine types, makes, models and built-in features can get confusing. Four-wheel drive...

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Tips For Buying a New Car You Can Actually Afford

There are more than monthly car payments to consider when calculating the cost of a new car. Here’s some invaluable...

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10 Things That Will Kill Your Car’s Resale Value

Everyone wants to get top dollar when selling a car. But these red flags stand out to potential buyers—and can...

5 Car Insurance Myths—Busted!

Ever heard that red cars cost more to insure? Our auto expert sets the record straight on five of the...

7 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim Could Be Denied

It turns out insurance companies may be fully within their rights to deny your car insurance claim in certain scenarios....

Restarting Your Car Does Not Use More Fuel Than Idling—Here’s Why

The verdict is in! You’re actually wasting money by leaving that car idle.

8 Expensive Mistakes That Devalue Your Car

Are you devaluing your car without even realizing it? Avoid these eight car maintenance mistakes, which can send the resale...

10 Cars You Should Buy Used—and 4 You Shouldn’t

Whether it's your teen's first car or a necessity because of a tight budget, at some point most car buyers...

How to Spot a Good Car Salesperson—Or a Bad One

Before you choose the right car, make sure you choose the right car salesperson.

This Is the Best-Selling Car of All Time

It's been on the market for more than 50 years, but this car is still holding strong.

5 Ways to Save on Your Next Car Rental

Looking to cut some costs on your upcoming vacation? These budget-friendly car rental tips could save you a bundle.