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Winged Wonders: 15 Beautiful Canadian Birds Captured on Camera

Whether they're perched at the backyard feeder or soaring high in an azure sky, our fine feathered friends always make beautiful subjects for photography. Check out these winged wonders snapped by Our Canada readers.

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Types of birds in Canada - black-capped ChickadeePhoto: Brenda Doherty

Types of Birds in Canada: Black-Capped Chickadee

Talk about “a bird in the hand”! While hiking in Hendrie Valley in the Hamilton area, Brenda Doherty of Ariss, Ontario, snapped this great shot of a black-capped chickadee feeding from a woman’s gloved hand.

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Types of birds in Canada: RedpollPhoto: Rene Wagner

Types of Birds in Canada: Redpoll

Rene Wagner of Sceptre, Saskatchewan, writes, “As I was sitting down for a bite to eat, I glanced out my window and noticed this pretty little redpoll. It had been eating out of a feeder I’d set up and now seemed to be looking for something to drink. Luckily, there was fresh snow on my deck. I grabbed my camera and captured a pic of this little beauty.”

The common redpoll is a member of the finch family. They can be spotted year round in the Northwest Territories, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador. Their distinctive red foreheads are—you guessed it—where their name is derived from.

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Types of birds in Canada: Steller's jayPhoto: Rhea Hayes

Types of Birds in Canada: Steller’s Jay

Rhea Hayes of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, writes, “The bright blue colour of this steller’s jay showed up beautifully against the white of the winter snow.”

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Types of birds in Canada: Northern CardinalPhoto: Karen Cook

Types of Birds in Canada: Northern Cardinal

Karen Cook of Kingston, Nova Scotia, says, “This female northern cardinal looked so lovely with ice and snow coating her exquisite face.”

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Types of birds in Canada: Bohemian WaxwingPhoto: Duane Larson

Types of Birds in Canada: Bohemian Waxwing

Duane Larson of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, writes, “I see these beautiful birds in my front yard all the time, but I had never photographed any. One day last winter, I decided to grab my camera and attempt to capture some pics. This is my first photo of a Bohemian waxwing.”

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Types of birds in Canada: CardinalPhoto Brenda Doherty

Types of Birds in Canada: Cardinal

Does this handsome cardinal look familiar? He’s the cover model for the December/January 2019 issue of Our Canada magazine! Brenda Doherty of Ariss, Ontario, snapped this wonderful shot while walking in nearby St. Jacobs, Ontario, on a beautiful winter morning.

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Male Eastern bluebirdPhoto: Nicole Watson

Types of Birds in Canada: Eastern Bluebird

Nicole Watson of Kingston, Ont., snapped this gorgeous shot of a male eastern bluebird. The colourful thrushes breed throughout Ontario (with the exception of the Hudson Bay lowlands) and often appear in Canadian folk art as a symbol of springtime. Look out for them in apple orchards and the boreal forest!

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Hummingbird at feederPhoto: Francis Parker

Types of Birds in Canada: Hummingbird

Francis Parker of Deloraine, Man., captured this hummingbird at a nearby feeder. These tiny creatures can beat their wings up to 80 times per second, and need to consume one-and-a-half to three times their body weight each day. There are two species of hummingbirds in the Canadian Prairies: ruby-throated and rufous.

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Two sparrows on a fall dayPhoto: Karen Allin

Types of Birds in Canada: Sparrow

Photographer Karen Allin snapped these two sparrows on a fall day in Toronto, Ont. Up to 25 species of the Emberizidae sparrow family can be found in Canada; if you hear a sparrow singing, it’s most likely a male one.

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Blue jay about to eat a peanutPhoto: Raymond St. Jean

Types of Birds in Canada: Blue Jay

Found throughout southern Canada, it’s no wonder these passerine birds are the name of a Toronto ball club. Blue jays are loud and aggressive birds who use their cries to warn other creatures. Thanks to Raymond St. Jean of Scarborough, Ont. for sharing this awesome pic!

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Bald eaglePhoto: George Vanderberg

Types of Birds in Canada: Bald Eagle

The only eagle species exclusive to North America, most of Canada’s bald eagle population can be found British Columbia‘s Pacific Coast, as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. George Vanderberg of Lethbridge, Alta. spotted this particular eagle near B.C.’s Surveyor’s Lake.

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Cedar waxwingPhoto: Vickie Emms

Types of Birds in Canada: Cedar Waxwing

Photographer Vickie Emms stumbled upon this cedar waxwing in her own yard in Anola, Man. Known for their pointed wings and black mask, these small birds can be found in an orchard or woodland near you!

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Blue heronPhoto: Dianne Reid

Types of Birds in Canada: Great Blue Heron

Did you know that more than 1,000 great blue herons nest on La Grande Île in Lac Saint-Pierre near Montréal each year? With an average height of one metre, this is the largest heron species in North America. Dianne Reid of New Westminster, B.C., captured one particular blue heron looking, dare we say, grouchy?

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NuthatchPhoto: Norma Keith

Types of Birds in Canada: Nuthatch

How lucky was photographer Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ont., to be able to feed this cute creature and snap a pic? Red-breasted nuthatches (pictured) can be found throughout Canada, while the white-breasted nuthatch can only be spotted in select parts of southern Canada.

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Baby owlPhoto: Christy Turner

Types of Birds in Canada: Owl

Did you know that 16 of the world’s 146 owl species can be found in Canada? Photographer Christy Turner beautifully captured these baby owlets near her home in Calgary.

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