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The 50 Funniest Town Names Across Canada

From "Snafu" in the Yukon to Newfoundland's "Happy Adventure," these funny Canadian town names often have fascinating origins.

Visiting Ontario’s Waterloo Region: 10 Must-See Stops!

Known both for its urban technology hubs and rural wide-open spaces, Waterloo Region provides visitors with many unique opportunities to...

50 Reasons You’ve Got Winnipeg All Wrong

The capital of Manitoba is an overlooked gem that sparkles with a lively arts scene and destination eateries.

The 10 Most Haunted Places in Canada

From gothic hotels to gruesome battlefields, these spooky sites are the most haunted places in Canada.

10 Must-Try Canadian Dishes (and the Best Places to Find Them)

From centuries-old soups to decadent desserts, here are the must-try iconic Canadian dishes.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Canadian

Canadians have a reputation for being polite and easygoing, but don't make these faux pas.

Can You Really Be Jailed For Picking Trilliums in Ontario?

Law or urban legend? We got to the bottom of this provincial mystery once and for all.

Canada’s Most Beautiful Lighthouses

We challenged you to capture Canada's most beautiful lighthouses on camera, and you delivered! From instantly recognizable landmarks to humble...

8 Dazzling Walk-Through Christmas Light Displays Across Canada

’Tis the season to celebrate! Get into the festive spirit with a visit to these impressive light displays.

What It’s Like to Photograph Ottawa in the Day and Night

This Ottawa-based photographer explains the fascinating psychological effect of seeing the same scene in daylight and then at night.

Yukon Gold: Exploring the Best Part of the Yukon

For this traveller, the contrast between two wildly different landscapes—Emerald Lake and the Carcross Desert—was the best part of the...

A Tribute to William Pope, Norfolk County’s Naturalist

Naturalist and artist William Pope championed conservation through his paintings and documentations of the birds of Ontario.

Check Out This Canadian’s Impressive Rare Pin Collection

For this Edmonton native, road-tripping south of the border and conversing with a stranger trigged a deep passion for pin...

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas in Canada

Do you know Rudolph's Canadian connection? Or how many turkeys get devoured at Canadian dinner tables?

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The Best Christmas Markets Across Canada

From the snow-capped peaks of Banff to Charlottetown's winter wonderland, here's where you'll find the most magical Christmas markets in...

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Top 20 Places to Spend Christmas in Canada

From festive Santa Claus parades to can't-miss holiday markets, we're counting down the best places to celebrate Christmas in Canada.

Common Newfoundland Sayings, Decoded

Newfoundlanders have developed their own unique dialect, including certain turns of phrase that first-time visitors will likely find a little...

Capturing The Beauty of the Eastern Townships in Winter

When the landscape is covered by a blanket of fresh snow, Russ Hayes sets out to photograph the grand arrival...

This Man Travelled 13,000 Kilometres Across Canada—By Zamboni

In 2002, this "Iceman" drove a Zamboni through 69 Canadian communities in support of grassroots hockey and our Olympic hockey...

Road Trip Diaries: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip Across Scotland With My Daughters

We were ready for anything when we set out across Scotland by car—except the roads, other drivers and maps!

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8 Magical Drive-Through Christmas Light Displays Across Canada

The best places to enjoy this cherished holiday tradition from the safety of your own car.

50 Problem Solving Presents Under $50: The Great Canadian Gift Guide

Tired of giving gifts that end up collecting dust on the shelf? These thoroughly practical presents are guaranteed to please...

10 Unique Things to Do in Niagara Falls

Figure you’ve seen everything Niagara Falls has to offer? Think again! Here are 10 hidden gems that are well worth...

25+ Responsible Ways to Explore the Magic of Vancouver Island

From nature tours to craft distilleries, these unforgettable things to do on Vancouver Island put the focus on local ingredients,...

This Family Created a Quilt to Preserve Memories of the Pandemic

The story of how one family's quest to document their experience of the pandemic for future generations brought them closer.

The Journey to Capture the Perfect Shot of Banff’s Peyto Lake

Capturing a stunning photo of Peyto Lake in Banff National Park was just one of the highlights of this couple's...

How This Anishinaabe Artist Is Changing the Way We Think About the Environment

Using wood, stone and copper, Michael Belmore's work explores our connection to Canada's ever-changing landscape.

Photography Tips You Should Always Follow When Shooting in Black and White

Professional shooter Clive Branson shares expert advice on taking stunning black-and-white photos in and around your hometown.

In One Hour, the Temperature in This Alberta Town Rose 40 Degrees

The Chinook wind on January 10, 1962, set the stage for the most extreme temperature change in Canadian history.

Remembering to Honour Those Who Gave Their All

When the pandemic put a pause on gathering for Remembrance Day ceremonies, Deb Sandau found a new way to honour...