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50 Packing Tips to Memorize Before Your Next Trip

Travelling just got a little less stressful. This handy guide will ensure that you've packed all the essentials needed for the best trip ever.

What You Should Know Before Renting Your Home on Airbnb

Learn about hosting, housekeeping and protecting your most important asset: Your home.

Best Airport Advice for Seniors

These simple tips can help you fly the friendly skies relatively hassle-free and get the royal treatment you deserve.

Must-Have Travel Accessories For the Frequent Flyer

Elevate your next trip with compact, innovative travel accessories specifically designed to suit your frequent-flying needs.

You Won’t See These Things on Cruises Anymore

In a post-COVID-19 world, cruises will look very different from what they looked like before. Here's what to expect.

Test Your Knowledge of Aviation Terms

Take to the skies without leaving your chair by exploring these aviation terms.

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7 Great Things to Do in Banff on Your Next Vacation

Considering a trip to one of the highest towns in Canada? Soaring peaks, shimmering lakes and abundant wildlife make the...

How Well Do You Know the Canadian Rockies?

From dramatic fingers of granite reaching skyward to majestic snow-capped summits, the Canadian Rockies boast some of the most picturesque...

Canadian History on Camera: A Gorgeous Gallery of Treasures From the Past

We challenged you to capture Canadian history on camera, and you delivered! From charming covered bridges to heirloom artifacts, check...

Historical Places You Need to Visit in Every Province

A cross-country trip isn’t complete without a visit to these historical Canadian landmarks.

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What It’s Like Kayaking with Humpback Whales in the Johnstone Strait

Whitewater kayaking is even more exhilarating when you share the adventure with your dad.

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Calvert Island: Welcome to the Canadian Caribbean

British Columbia's remote Calvert Island is a jewel in the nation's crown.

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Gorgeous Garden Photography From Across Canada

From lush green foliage to vibrant pink petals, the colours in this gallery of Canadian garden photography are truly a...

A Pivotal Point: The Fascinating History of Pointe Claire, Quebec

From early settlement and quaint village to prosperous town and city, Pointe Claire, Quebec, is rich in Canadian history.

Hiking the Haliburton Highlands

Admiring sculptures, Inuksuks and a view of the falls is all part of the allure of this area.

A Love Letter to the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse

This iconic beacon draws visitors from around the globe.

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10 Bucket List Experiences on Canada’s East Coast

Famous for its warm hospitality, rich culture and rugged natural beauty, Canada's east coast proves an irresistible draw to visitors...

Welcome to St. Martins, New Brunswick

Jane LeBlanc takes us on a tour of her adopted hometown—this charming village on the beautiful Bay of Fundy.

Check Out This Amazing Souvenir Spoon Collection

Marilyn Helmer first began collecting spoons in 1962—and she hasn't looked back since.

I Took the Train Across Canada—For $150

When Via Rail Canada offered youths tickets to take the train across Canada for just $150, these adventurous 20-year-olds jumped...

10 Stunning Shots From a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cross-Canada Trek

Photographer Zach Baranowski of Toronto travelled from coast to coast with camera in hand, capturing stunning images of our country...

Hope and Light: The Art of Kevin Pee-Ace

From his residential school upbringing to the early days of reconciliation, artwork and family continue to be sources of strength...

Why You Should Always Open Your Car Door with Your Right Hand

The so-called "Dutch reach" could save lives—so why don't we teach it in Canada?

My Hometown: Crofton, British Columbia

Find out why contributor Jean Ballard refers to Crofton, B.C., as a “chicken soup” sort of town.

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Heartwarming Animal Photos That Celebrate a Mother’s Love in the Wild

This gallery celebrating the bond between mother and child in nature will brighten your day.

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Fundy Trail Memories: Exploring New Brunswick’s Famous Coastal Route

Whether you're walking, hiking or biking, New Brunswick's legendary Fundy Trail offers magnificent tides, breathtaking coastline and endless adventure.

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The Best Cup of Coffee in Every Province

Canada's best coffee shops have everything from fair trade brew and mouthwatering treats to atmospheric interiors and majestic views.

Grandpa’s Tour of St. Marys, Ontario

Grandpa Millson’s family tour of St. Marys leaves no room for doubt: there really is no place like home!

10 Wild Weather Photos That Show the True Power of Mother Nature

Mother Nature can often be beautiful, but she can also be windy, stormy and wet. From tornadoes to blizzards, check...

Ontario’s Most Famous Ghost Town Might Disappear Soon

Located about four hours east of Toronto, the town of Balaclava has rightfully earned its place in Canadian ghost town...