Taking care of yourself both inside and out is the key to a healthy life. Discover the best beauty tips for hair treatments, effective home remedies and skincare secrets. 

Homemade Face Mask Recipes That Actually Work

The secret to great skin is as close as your kitchen! Pamper yourself with these simple homemade face mask recipes using ingredients that are good enough to eat.

8 Highly Effective Home Remedies for Blackheads

Use these DIY treatments to get rid of blackheads and clear up your complexion.

Top Ingredients You Should Avoid in Beauty Products

Find out which potentially harmful ingredients you should swap out and why.

Must-Try Home Remedies to Fix Damaged Hair

Turn dried out locks into healthy hair with these inexpensive tricks.

The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Eat (and drink!) your way to a gorgeous complexion with our dietitian’s top skin-boosting foods.

30+ Great Tips for Skin That Naturally Glows

Find out how to make your skin glow naturally with these expert tips.

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13 Polite Habits Hairdressers Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

Sometimes trying to do all the right things at the salon can backfire. Here’s what to avoid when getting your...

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Showering Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Is your daily shower taking a toll on your skin?

Still Using a Plastic Toothbrush? Try This Low-Waste Alternative Instead

Ready to green-up your grooming routine? Swap out your old standbys with these eco-friendly alternatives.

What Your Hair Colour Reveals About Your Health

Your hair colour can provide important clues about your overall health, from vitamin deficiencies to your cancer risk.

How to Choose the Best Moisturizer For Your Skin This Winter

Overwhelmed by the options on the drugstore shelf? Our buying guide takes the mystery out of moisturizer.

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Always Do This If You Want to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

Protect your skin against the ravages of cold weather by following these simple tips.

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Healthy Hair Secrets You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

A six-step plan for the lustrous locks of your dreams.

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Style Secrets We Learned From Downton Abbey

Anna Robbins is the force behind Downton Abbey’s stunning, period-appropriate costumes. Here’s what we learned from chatting with her (and...

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10 Secrets to Healthy Skin That Glows

Beauty, as the saying goes, is only skin-deep—but the importance of skin goes a lot deeper. Here are 10 glowing...

My Curly Hair Once Made Me Feel Like an Outsider. Here’s How I Came to Embrace It

For most of my life, I was a curly lone wolf. Then, two years ago, I saw her.

I Tried Natural Deodorant for a Month—This is What Happened

Real talk: Transitioning to natural deodorant stinks. Here's what helped get me through it.

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What You Should Know Before Trying to Cut Your Own Hair

Considering cutting your own hair during the lockdown? These practical tips from a pro barber could save yourself from making...

The Reason Why Princess Diana Got Her Iconic Short Haircut

From her outfits to her hairstyles, the People's Princess really set a precedent for style. Here's the story behind Princess...

7 Innocent Habits That Practically Guarantee Your Acne Will Scar

First you had to deal with acne, and now the scar won't let you forget. Here's how to stop that...

What to Expect When You Get a Mole Removed

After having a few moles removed, I was surprised by how long the scars took to heal. Here's what I...

Why I’m Embracing Grey Hair During COVID-19

None of us can make it to the hair salon right now. But self-quarantine may be the perfect time to...

10 Things You Never Knew About Your Belly Button

When was the last time you gazed at your navel? The belly button deserves more attention thanks to all the...

7 Surprising Things Your Outfit Colour Says About You

Here's why yellow might be off-putting and blue could land you the job.

14 Tips to Get Healthy, Gorgeous Nails

Who knew that diet, and filing habits had such an effect on your nails?

Men, Being Bald Makes You Sexier—According to Science

Depending on your genetics, going bald may be inevitable. There are ways to slow the progression, but you may just...

How Cutting Your Nails Wrong Could Lead to Infection

Yes, you've been doing it all your life—or having someone do it for you—but there's a right way and a...

5 Ways to Wear a Dark Lip With Confidence

Throw off your beauty shackles and embrace a look that's a little vamp, a little daring and a whole lotta...

How Princess Diana’s Hats Were a Secret Window into Her Life

Princess Diana was a true style-setter, so much so that many of her iconic looks were copied during her lifetime...

12 “Healthy” Hygiene Habits That Are Actually Bad for You

You may think you're doing everything you can to improve your health and appearance, but these common hygiene habits do...

Everything You Need to Know About Adult Acne (But Didn’t Want to Ask)

Here's what causes adult acne—and what you need to do to get rid of it now.