Back to the Farm: A Breathtaking Gallery of Barns Across Canada

Nostalgic for the wide open Canadian countryside? From freshly-painted, pristine structures to weather-beaten outbuildings that have seen better days, these beautiful barn pictures will take you back to the farm.

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Barn pictures - Barn in St. Paul County, Alberta
Photo: Rebecca Bromberger

Your Best Barn Pictures

An Ode to Rural Alberta

A weathered barn, rolling hills and a sky that goes on forever… Photographer Rebecca Bromberger captured the charm of rural Alberta in a single, stunning shot.

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Barn in Alberta
Photo: Laurel Baron

Storm Clouds

This barn may have seen better days, but set against a dramatic backdrop of storm clouds, it’s beautiful in its own right. This striking shot was captured by Laurel Baron of Brooks, Alberta.

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Barn Pictures - Barn under Northern Lights in Saskatchewan
Photo: Ryan Wunsch

Striking Silhouette

Ryan Wunsch snapped this old barn in Saskatchewan against a spectacular show of Northern Lights.

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Red barn in a field of yellow sunflowers
Photo: Linda Swance

Happy Hues

This red barn sure does pop amidst a field of sunflowers. Thanks to Linda Swance for sharing!

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Barn in Western Canada
Photo: Richard Main

Rustic Charm

Surrounded by swaying golden grasses, this battered barn maintains a sort of majesty. Richard Main of Thunder Bay, Ontario, snapped this photo on a road trip through the western provinces of Canada.

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Red barn in snowy landscape
Photo: Christy Turner

Country Strong

These horses have it made! Canadian barns don’t get much prettier than this snow-capped beauty snapped by talented shutterbug Christy Turner.

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Barn in Swan Lake, Alberta
Photo: Deb Sandau

Into the Woods

Photographer Deb Sandau stumbled upon this old barn in Swan Lake, Alberta. You can’t help but wonder who built it, and when it was last used… Definitely sparks the imagination!

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Benares Historic House in Mississauga
Photo: Karen Allin

Looking Good For 166

Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ontario, writes: “This is the barn at Benares Historic House in Mississauga. The house was built in 1857 and the barn was built around the same time.”

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Red barn in lavender field
Photo: Norma Keith

You Can Almost Smell It!

If you breathe deeply, you can almost catch a whiff of that glorious lavender! Thanks to Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, for sending in this lovely shot.

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Barn photography in snowy Alberta
Photo: Helen Rempel

Frozen Over

This shot makes us chilly just looking at it! Helen Rempel of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, writes: “While spending the weekend with my sister in Alberta, I couldn’t help but get this amazing image of her snapping pictures with a barn in the distance in the fog.”

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