Gorgeous Garden Photography From Across Canada

From lush landscaping to winged visitors, the colours in this gallery of Canadian garden photography are truly a feast for the eyes.

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Garden Pictures - Butterly On Flower
Photo: Brenda Mannings

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Flight of fancy

“While watering my flowers,” shares Brenda Mannings of Port Carling, Ontario, “I noticed this beautiful yellow butterfly, flitting about from garden to garden. I grabbed my camera and got a shot of it fanning its wings.”

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Garden pictures - Ruby-throated hummingbird
Photo: Desirée Rolfe

Sweet nectar

Desirée Rolfe of Winnipeg sent along this truly stunning shot of a ruby-throated hummingbird.

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Garden Pictures - Pastel Daisy
Photo: Carolyn Kicey

Pastel perfection

Carolyn Kicey of Blairmore, Alberta, shares this painterly shot of a daisy that bloomed in her garden last summer.

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Garden Pictures - Baltimore Oriole Apple Blossom
Photo: Marcia Streep

Sitting pretty

“One morning in May, while having breakfast in my kitchen, I glanced out my patio doors and spotted this beautiful Baltimore oriole perched in my neighbour’s apple tree,” writes Marcia Streep of Etobicoke, Ontario.

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Garden Pictures - Water Lilies
Photo: Rebekah Gurnett

Close to home

“This photo proves you don’t have to go far to see the beauty of nature—it’s all around us,” writes Rebekah Gurnett of Westlock, Alberta. “This is just one of the many beautiful flowers right here in Alberta.”

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Garden photography - front door greenery
Photo: Paula Brown

Impressive entrance

“My front garden makes me smile with its glorious colour,” shares Paula Brown of Ottawa. “I have such a good rapport with my plants.” There’s certainly no doubt about that, Paula!

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Ladyslipper plant
Photo: Kayla Cuddy

Sign of spring

“I simply can’t wait for all the flowers of spring to make their appearance,” writes Kayla Cuddy of Harlowe, Ontario. She snapped a shot of this delicate lady slipper orchid last spring.

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Purple leaf sand cherry blossoms
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Twice as nice

The scarlet foliage on the purple leaf sand cherry is gorgeous, but its blossoms are next-level beautiful. Thanks to Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario, for sending in this lovely photo.

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garden photography wish web
Photo: Vanessa Vincent

Catching wishes

Vanessa Vincent’s delicate photo of dandelion fluff caught in a spider’s web is nothing short of poetic.

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Sundial in a garden
Photo: Alan Cheng

Right on time

Alan Cheng snapped this stately sundial while strolling through the Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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garden photography monarch raindrop
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Caught in a drop

Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario, noticed a gorgeous Monarch butterfly in her garden and captured it in a thoroughly creative way: through a raindrop!

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garden photography blueberry robin
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

That’s one full beak!

Alexandra Fontaine snapped this shot during the time of year when the robins come to eat the berries growing along her fence in Mission, B.C.

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garden photography seedlings
Photo: Sharon Peters

Off to a late start…

“These seedlings are ready to be planted in my garden, if only the snow would stop falling,” writes Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta.

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garden photography apple tree blossom
Photo: Irene Bastian

Apple blossoms

Blossoming apple trees are truly a sight to behold! Irene Bastian was able to capture this magnificent specimen in full bloom in Okotoks, Alberta.

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garden photography butterfly bush buffet
Photo: Jen St. Louis

Winged wonder

Jen St. Louis caught this hummingbird feasting in Elmira, Yukon. Between the rich colours and the sharp focus of the hummingbird’s beating wings—never an easy thing to capture—this photo is a showstopper. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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garden photography green thumb
Photo: Ann Lane

Tiny hands

Ann Lane of Cobourgh, Ontario, sent in this sweet shot of a little one exploring the wonders of a garden, and developing an appreciation for the great outdoors.

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garden photography fiddleheads
Photo: Deb Sandau


Fiddlehead season is notoriously short, but shutterbug Deb Sandau managed to capture the furled fronds of this young fern at the perfect time.

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garden photography hatley castle
Photo: Anne Jarvis

Leafy greens

As evidenced in this photo from Anne Jarvis, the gardens at Hatley Castle National Historic Site in Colwood, B.C. are an oasis of lush green foliage.

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garden photography angel statue
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Angel of the morning

Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ontario, captured a peaceful moment in the shady corner of a garden.

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garden photography dog and bird house
Photo: Tammy Greene

Model behaviour

“Got my birdhouse out to get a few photos of the spring birds and Tucker was my first model,” writes Tammy Greene of Harrington Harbour, Quebec. “I’m pretty sure he wanted to get in on the action!”

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garden photography dandelion
Photo: Joyce Stolte

Dandelion in detail

One good gust is all it will take for this mature dandelion to shed its white fluff! Joyce Stolte’s shot is so close, you can almost touch it.

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garden photography bird of paradise
Photo: Fred Allin

Bird of paradise

Fred Allin captured this stunning flower at Centennial Park Greenhouse in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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garden photography cat
Photo: Heather Mcllravey

Curious cat

It’s not just humans who appreciate the beauty of a well-maintained garden! Heather McIlravey of Severn Bridge, Ontario, shared this shot of a flower loving feline named Eddie prowling amongst the petals.

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garden photography garden guardians
Photo: Tracy Miller

Garden guardians

Honeybees are essential to our ecosystem as they’re the most important pollinators of food and crops. Thanks to Tracey Miller of Barrie, Ontario, for sending in this beautiful reminder of the role honeybees—and butterflies!—play.

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garden photography red hibiscus
Photo: Paula Brown

Hawaiian punch

A striking red hibiscus brings a touch of the tropics to any garden! Thanks to Paula Brown for sending in this fantastic photo.

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garden photography rooting potato
Photo: Emiliano Joanes

So *that’s* what a sweet potato plant looks like!

This rooting sweet potato caught the eye of gardener (and shutterbug) Emiliano Joanes of St. Hubert, Quebec.

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garden photography lilies
Photo: Norma Keith

Lilies in abundance

The contrast between pink and lime green is always so striking. Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, captured the riotous combination of colours in these blooming lilies.

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garden photography alliums
Photo: Karen Allin

Zoo blooms

Karen Allin snapped these vivid purple alliums at the Toronto Zoo, one of her favourite places!

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Blue forget-me-nots flowers
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Truly unforgettable

These aptly-named forget-me-nots certainly make a lasting impression! They were among the showstoppers in Lynn Mabley’s Hinton, Alberta garden, captured on camera to enjoy all year round.

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Grape hyacinth flowers
Photo: Nicole Watson

Hyancinth bouquet

Nicole Watson’s pretty picture of grape hyacinth at the Barriefield Rock Garden in Kingston, Ontario, makes great use of depth-of-field. Nice capture!

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