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The Highest-Rated Movies on Netflix Canada, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Can't decide what to watch? Start with this list of guaranteed fresh flicks.

Best Casino Bonuses available in Canada (2024): Deposit Bonus Offers & Free Spins for CA Players

*All Casinos listed operate outside of Canada with the exception of Spin Casino and JackpotCity, which operate in Canada in...

Could You Really Be Jailed for Failing to Complete the Census?

If you’re tempted to “forget” to fill out the questionnaire, don’t.

Every James Bond Movie Ranked—From Worst to Best

We review and rank each of 007's globe-trotting adventures from worst to best.

Good News Stories From Around the World That Will Brighten Your Day

The most heartwarming and inspirational good news stories from across the globe.

The Best Thrillers on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch Right Now

From nail-biting murder mysteries to pulse-pounding capers, here are our most suspenseful picks.

Water Flooded His Basement Apartment As He Fought to Escape

In the middle of the night, Christian Fleischmann awoke to water rushing into his apartment. He had to escape—and fast.

Best Online Blackjack Sites Available in Canada: Top Canadian-friendly Blackjack Games

*All Casinos listed operate outside of Canada with the exception of Spin Casino and JackpotCity, which operate in Canada in...

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What You Need To Know Before Flying A Drone In Canada

Plus, more fascinating facts about unmanned aerial vehicles.

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25 Funniest Comedies on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch

From teen satires to buddy cop parodies, these comedy movies on Netflix are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

The Ultimate Guide to Royal Residences

Ever wondered where all the members of the British Royal Family live? When it comes to royal residences, Buckingham Palace...

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75 Hilarious Birthday Jokes That Are Guaranteed to Get a Laugh

"Statistics show that those who have the most birthdays, live the longest."

My Matryoshka Dolls Are More Than Just Child’s Play

These beautiful nesting dolls have taken on new layers of meaning in adulthood.

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Trick or Treat! You Need to Learn These 20 Corny Halloween Jokes

Need to tickle a skeleton’s funny bone? These corny Halloween jokes should do the trick.

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10 Funny Podcasts That’ll Have You Laughing Out Loud

We could all use a good laugh these days, and increasingly, Canadians are turning to podcasts for their daily dose...

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Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Yiddish Words?

You're probably familiar with klutz, chutzpah and schmear, but these are only the beginning.

Powerful Remembrance Day Quotes to Share on November 11

On Nov. 11, take a moment to reflect on the bravery and sacrifice of those who have served the True...

Best Online Gambling Sites available in Canada (2023): Top Canadian-Friendly Gambling Websites

*All Casinos listed operate outside of Canada with the exception of Spin Casino and JackpotCity, which operate in Canada in...

The Real Reason Halloween Colours Are Black and Orange

Here's why Halloween celebrants bedeck their homes in these contrasting colours.

Flight Training Facilities of WWII Still Dot the Prairie Landscape

Canada’s wide-open spaces away from enemy interference were ideal for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

Uncovering the Lost Story of a WWI Soldier

A visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier inspired this Edmonton man to learn as much as he could...

These Selfless Brothers Are Helping India’s “Poorest of the Poor”

Through the Veerji Ka Dera organization, Delhi's Premjit and Kamaljeet Singh work long days to provide meals and first aid...

This is Why We Celebrate Halloween in the First Place

Halloween wasn't always about candy and costumes...

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Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Halloween Terms?

As nights lengthen and a chill sets in, the time is ripe to share scary stories. Create a spooky atmosphere...

This High School Teacher Gives a Unique Lesson Each Remembrance Day

Mike McKay's students are given the opportunity to spend the night in a simulated trench for a taste of what...

War Forced My Father Into Manhood at an Early Age

Not having a birth certificate at the time of enlistment, he was unaware that he had joined up as a...

Why I Tell My Grandfather’s Story Every Remembrance Day

It’s not a matter of me being boring; it’s simply that I was and still am so very proud of...

This French Comic Strip Character Remains Highly Collectible, 120 Years On

Remembering “Bécassine,” the charming housemaid who made everyone smile.

I Fell For This Email Scam—And You Could Too

Even the most savvy among us can fall for a con and lose hundreds of dollars. I learned this first-hand...

The Real Reason Suit Pockets Are Sewn Shut

We finally unravel the mystery behind the stitches.

How Late is Too Late to Cancel Plans? 12 Tips From Etiquette Experts

From weddings to birthday parties to happy hour with friends, our experts share exactly what you need to know about...