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After the Rain: Your Best Rainbow Photography

The best part of a summer thunderstorm? The chance of a spectacular rainbow after it passes! Here are seven breathtaking shots snapped by Our Canada readers.

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Rainbow across open fieldPhoto: Sharon Peters

Pretty in Pink

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alta., says, “One evening last summer, I noticed this beautiful sunset and rainbow out my window. I grabbed my camera and headed to the edge of town to snap this photo.”

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Rainbow photography at football gamePhoto: Wanda Harron

A Good Luck Omen

Wanda Harron of Estevan, Sask., says, ”Years ago, after just purchasing a camera, I was anxious to try it out at a Saskatchewan Roughriders game. The game was delayed due to a thunderstorm that later produced this beautiful double rainbow just beyond Taylor Field in Regina. I dubbed the photo ‘God must love the Riders!’”

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Rainbow across St. Lawrence RiverPhoto: Will Nalley

A Heavenly Plea

Will Nalley of Ottawa writes, ”I captured this shot on the mighty St. Lawrence River last spring. My brother Omar seems to be asking the Heavens to provide a bounty of topwater fish action!”

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Rainbow in Olds College, AlbertaPhoto: Veronica Reist

Western Skies

“I was visiting the horses at Olds College here in town, which has an equine horse program for students,” shares Veronica Reist of Olds, Alta. ”A rainstorm was passing through, so I snapped a photo.”

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Rainbow over hay farm in AlbertaPhoto: Susan Riley

A Stunning View

Susan Riley of Medicine Hat, Alta., writes, ”My husband Kevin and I were driving to Coronation, Alta., to visit family, when I spotted this rainbow. It had the most vibrant colours I’d ever seen; I had to stop and snap a pic.”

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Rainbow in northern Cape BretonPhoto: Brenda MacDonald

On Her Doorstep

Brenda MacDonald of St. Joseph du Moine, N.S., says, ”This pic was taken from my front lawn one summer, right here in northern Cape Breton.”

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Rainbow at Lake Riley in Gravenhurst, OntarioPhoto: Marilyn Kingsley

Double Your Pleasure

Marilyn Kingsley of Garson, Ont., sent along this great shot that she captured on Lake Riley in Gravenhurst, Ont. Pictured are Marilyn’s nephew Deegan (left) and daughter Maddison.

Originally Published in Our Canada