After the Rain: Gorgeous Rainbow Photography From Across Canada

The best part of a thunderstorm? The chance of a spectacular rainbow after it passes! Check out this awe-inspiring gallery of rainbow pictures from coast to coast.

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Rainbow pictures - Silverdale Creek Wetlands rainbow
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

Awe-Inspiring Rainbow Pictures

Capturing rainbow pictures is all about being in the right place at the right time—a fact Alexandra Fontaine knows well, having snapped this stunning shot in her hometown of Mission, B.C.. “The rain stopped, the sun broke through, and this beauty appeared over the golden grasses of the Silverdale Creek Wetlands,” she writes.

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Rainbow pictures - cloud iridescence
Photo: Russ Hayes

Living skies

This beautiful effect—known as “cloud iridescence“—was caught on camera by Russ Hayes as he was driving the Lac Des Nations Pathway, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Thanks for sharing, Russ!

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Rainbow pictures - ferry in Duke Point, B.C.
Photo: Annie Keeble

Enchanted ferry

Ever wondered what you’d find at the end of the rainbow? Photographer Annie Keeble of Nanaimo knows—she caught it striking the B.C. Ferry leaving Duke Point!

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Rainbow pictures - southern Alberta prairies rainbow
Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Home on the range

“Storm clouds bring rain, and rain brings the rainbows,” writes Kim MacDonald Cameron, who took some fantastic rainbow pictures on her farm in Southern Alberta. It’s enough to make even the most hardened city slicker yearn for a slice of the countryside…

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Rainbow pictures - shasta daisies and rainbow
Photo: Paula Brown

Aim high

Paula Brown’s shasta daisies seem to be reaching for the rainbow in this striking low-angle shot.

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Rainbow pictures - southern Alberta prairies rainbow
Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Branching out

Framed by a gnarled branch, and softened with an artistic depth of field, this rainbow remains the focus of Sean Donnelly’s spectacular shot.

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Rainbow pictures - Prince George, B.C. rainbow
Photo: Tammy Bouwman

After the storm

On June 6, 2020, a storm swept through Prince George, B.C., and Tammy Bouwman was there to capture its glorious aftermath. You can almost smell the rain on the hot pavement!

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Rainbow pictures - boat spray rainbow
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Making a splash

Sometimes the best show on the boat isn’t at the bow, but at the stern! That’s where shutterbug Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alberta, snapped this pretty rainbow picture.

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Rainbow pictures - treetops in Winnipeg
Photo: Douglas DeClercq

Somewhere under the rainbow

Douglas DeClercq of Winnipeg snapped this rainbow just touching the treetops. Even the sky seems kissed with its soft colours!

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Rainbow picture in Jasper National Park
Photo: Dorothy Bartel

That’s one low ‘bow

Just how massive are the Canadian Rockies? The curious position of this rainbow in Jasper National Park really puts the height of the mountains into perspective! This remarkable phenomenon was captured by Dorothy Bartel of Saskatoon.

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Rainbow picture - wake boarding and boat rainbow
Photo: Wendy Erlendson

Summer in a nutshell

Open lake? Check. Wake board? Check. Throw in a crisp, colourful rainbow, and you’ve got the consummate summer shot. Thanks to Wendy Erlendson of Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba, for sharing this shot.

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Rainbow pictures - Grande Prairie Stompede
Photo: Pamela Wilcox

Light show

Pamela Wilcox captured this beautiful rainbow at the Grande Prairie Stompede back in May 2019. “The lights of the rides and the beauty of the rainbow make this really eye-catching,” she writes.

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Rainbow pictures - Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls
Photo: Norma Keith

Postcard perfect

Although the Maid of the Mist has been retired from duty, it remains synonymous with Niagara Falls, having delighted generations of visitors with unparalleled views of this natural wonder. Norma Keith snapped this fantastic photo—complete with postcard-perfect rainbow—during the venerable ship’s heyday.

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Niagara Falls In Winter - Rainbow
Photo: John Busch

All-seasons attraction

Fast-forward a few months from Norma’s photograph, and although the weather has changed, the majestic Falls and its ever-present rainbow remain as awe-inspiring as ever!

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Rainbow photography - double rainbow at Wood Lake
Photo: Vivian Gouliquer

Seeing double

Sometimes you’ve just got to switch your camera to panoramic mode. Vivian Gouliquer of Lake Country, B.C., used the horizontal crop to spectacular effect in capturing this double rainbow.

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Best rainbow photography - spider web rainbow in white flower
Photo: Russ Hayes

Macro rainbow

Master of macro photography Russ Hayes captured the full spectrum of colour in these filaments of a spider’s web. Proof—if any be needed—that it’s always a good idea to stop and smell the flowers!

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Rainbow across open field
Photo: Sharon Peters

Pretty in pink

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alberta, says, “One evening last summer, I noticed this beautiful sunset and rainbow out my window. I grabbed my camera and headed to the edge of town to snap this photo.” We’re glad you did, Sharon—what a shot!

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Rainbow pictures - cloud rainbow
Photo: Dan Wever

Calm after the storm

“I shot this very rare ‘cloud rainbow’ as a distant rain storm passed over Grande Prairie,” writes photographer Dan Wever. The colours actually seem to be woven into the wisps of the cloud… Breathtaking!

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Rainbow across St. Lawrence River
Photo: Will Nalley

A heavenly plea

Will Nalley of Ottawa writes, “I captured this shot on the mighty St. Lawrence River last spring. My brother Omar seems to be asking the Heavens to provide a bounty of topwater fish action!”

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Rainbow in Olds College, Alberta
Photo: Veronica Reist

Western skies

“I was visiting the horses at Olds College here in town, which has an equine horse program for students,” shares Veronica Reist of Olds, Alberta. “A rainstorm was passing through, so I snapped a photo.”

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Rainbow over hay farm in Alberta
Photo: Susan Riley

A stunning view

Susan Riley of Medicine Hat, Alberta, writes, “My husband Kevin and I were driving to Coronation, Alberta, to visit family, when I spotted this rainbow. It had the most vibrant colours I’d ever seen; I had to stop and snap a pic.”

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Rainbow in northern Cape Breton
Photo: Brenda MacDonald

On her doorstep

Brenda MacDonald of St. Joseph du Moine, Nova Scotia, says, This pic was taken from my front lawn one summer, right here in northern Cape Breton.”

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Rainbow photography - Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa with rainbow
Photo: Paula Brown

O Canada!

“After stormy weather on Parliament Hill, we were treated to a spectacular rainbow,” writes Paula Brown, who snapped this jaw-dropping shot in our nation’s capital.

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Best rainbow photography - Kananaskis Highway rainbow
Photo: Heidi Sanita

Hit the road

Looking for road trip inspiration? If Heidi Sanita’s incredible photo is anything to go by, the Kananaskis Highway is worth adding to your bucket list.

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Rainbow photography at football game
Photo: Wanda Harron

A good luck omen

Wanda Harron of Estevan, Saskatchewan, says, “Years ago, after just purchasing a camera, I was anxious to try it out at a Saskatchewan Roughriders game. The game was delayed due to a thunderstorm that later produced this beautiful double rainbow just beyond Taylor Field in Regina. I dubbed the photo ‘God must love the Riders!’”

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