Cooking Tips

Want to take your culinary skills to the next level? These cooking hacks will save you time, money and effort in the kitchen.

The Best Apples for Apple Pie

Some apples are good for snacking, and others are better suited for baking. These are the best apples for apple pie (and other apple-packed bakes).

Can You Freeze Milk? Yes, and Here’s How

Don't waste another drop of dairy. We'll walk you through our best tips for how to freeze milk.

The Ultimate Tips for Cooking Fish Perfectly

Planning on making fish for dinner? Learn what not to do before you start cooking.

This is the Best Way to Store Ice Cubes

Never chisel ice cubes apart again. Use this tool to keep those little guys loose.

This Trick For Peeling Potatoes is Taking Over the Internet

Gone are the days of spending tons of time peeling a bag of potatoes.

6 Foods You Should Never Reheat in a Microwave

Certain foods can become downright toxic when reheated in the microwave—here's what you need to know.

10+ Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Sandwich

Tired of boring lunches? Here are 10 easy ways to upgrade your sandwich that offer a tasty twist on traditional...

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11 Pro Tips for Better Brownies

We all want to know how to make better brownies—you know the kind with the crinkly top and the fudgy...

20+ Tropical Desserts That’ll Brighten Up Your Day

Get the taste of an easy, breezy vacation with each bite of these amazing tropical desserts.

25 Sweet and Savoury Snacks For Your TV Marathon

Comfy chair: check. Remote control: check. Indulgent snacks: double check! For a night (or day!) of binge watching, you'll want...

25+ Quick Dinners to Make in 30 Minutes—Or Less!

Pressed for time? These tasty mains can be on your table in a half-hour!

How to Make Microwave Fudge

Calling all chocoholics! We'll show you how to make microwave fudge in just five easy steps.

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A 7-Day Meal Plan of One-Pot Meals

If you have just enough time to cook dinner but don't want to spend another 30 minutes doing the dishes,...

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30 Desserts That Start with Cake Mix

These great cake mix recipes use the store-bought mix as an ingredient, not an end point. Your gorgeous dessert will...

8 Easy Meals You Can Make in a Mug

Sure, you're using your microwave to make popcorn or warm up last night's leftovers, but there's so much more you...

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5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Food Waste

Find out how to prevent some of your expensive groceries from spoiling before you've even had the chance to enjoy...

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30 Small-Scale Christmas Dinner Ideas

Skipping the massive ham this year? Try these small-scale Christmas dinner ideas instead.

This Is the Real Reason Aluminum Foil Has a Shiny and a Dull Side

Finally! One of your most pressing cooking quandaries, answered.

People Are Making Blooming Marshmallow Flowers That Open in Hot Cocoa

These blooming marshmallows might be even more captivating than hot cocoa bombs.

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25 Chicken Soup Recipes That’ll Warm the Soul

Warm up cold nights with these chicken soup recipes from scratch. These soul-satisfying ideas for chicken noodle, Mexican chicken soup...

This Is How to Make Perfect Microwave Mashed Potatoes

Looking for the perfect side dish? These microwave mashed potatoes are a quick and easy answer.

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30 Winter Desserts That Will Make You Feel Warm and Cozy

Keep the winter blues away with these dessert recipes that will warm you from the inside out. Think bread pudding,...

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10 Brain-Boosting Breakfast Recipes

A balanced start to the morning gives your brain long-lasting fuel to sustain you. These 10 breakfast recipes will certainly...

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30 Best Low-Carb Dinner Ideas

These recipes may be low in carbs, but their flavours are off the charts! Feast your eyes on the best...

How to Make Store-Bought Pasta Sauce Taste Homemade

Made from scratch, marinara is a real treat—but also a real workout. Save yourself the effort with these easy upgrades...

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25 Holiday Cooking Tips Straight from Grandma

From the stuffing to the cranberry sauce, Grandma has all the top tips to cook the best holiday feast ever!

10 Christmas Turkey Recipes From Canada’s Top Chefs

Impress your guests this season with these holiday-inspired turkey dinner recipes from Canada's top chefs like Claudio Aprile and Lynn...

10+ Finger Foods for a New Year’s Eve Party

3...2...1...Happy New Year! Counting down has never been so fun—or delicious! Whip up these bite-sized apps, snacks and desserts the...

10+ One-Bite Appetizers for the Holidays

Level up your holiday snacks with these recipes that'll have everyone reaching for one—or five—more.