Canada’s Most Popular Dog Names

Move over, “Fido”! When choosing names for their new furry friends, Canadian dog owners took inspiration from some truly original sources this year.

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Most popular dog names in Canada - Woman with dog sitting on sofa
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The results are in…

Luna or Lucy? Bentley or Buddy? When it comes to welcoming home a new pet, finding the perfect name can be the most daunting decision of all. With pet adoptions surging during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that this year has also seen some interesting trends in names. The folks at Rover, the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, scoured their database and released their annual report on the most popular dog names in Canada. The results might surprise you—but then again, it wouldn’t be 2020 without a few curveballs.

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Most popular dog names in Canada 2020 - Top 5 list
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Bella and Charlie reign supreme

Bella and Charlie take the number one spot across the country, as the most popular dog name for female and male dogs, respectively. This is Bella’s second consecutive year in the top spot, while Charlie overtakes Max, which drops down to #2 from 2019. Rounding out the top five female dog names are Luna, Lucy, Daisy and Molly. For males, Charlie and Max are by joined Milo, Cooper and Leo.

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Most popular dog names in Canada 2020 - Schitt's Creek names
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Canadian pet owners love Schitt’s Creek

It’s been a big year for the beloved Canadian comedy, which not only swept at the Emmy Awards, but inspired pet owners across the country to name their new fur babies after their favourite characters. The show’s colourful cast presented many popular options, but the trendiest is none other than secret-millionaire and Café Tropical proprietor Twyla, which went up 93 percent in popularity over 2019. The number two spot goes to Alexis, which rose 38 percent. Stevie, Johnny and David make up the rest of the top five Schitt’s Creek-inspired dog names. Wonder what Moira would say about this snub!

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Most popular dog names in Canada 2020 - Canadian celebrities
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Set the stage for these Canadian superstars

We sing their songs and dance at their concerts…is it any wonder we’re also naming our furry best friends after our favourite Canadian music stars? For both dogs and cats, the most popular Canadian musician-inspired names include Nelly (Furtado), Carly (Rae Jepsen), Drake, Shawn (Mendes) and Shania (Twain). While Nelly and Drake are slipping in the rankings, the other three are gaining more fans with each passing year.

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Most popular dog names in Canada 2020 - Top food-inspired names
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Sweet or savoury?

Dog owners seem to be craving something sweet after a year that’s left a bitter taste in many mouths. For the first time, Maple Syrup is a trending dog name. Other sweets-inspired popular dog names include Oreo, Honey, Mochi, Cocoa and Brownie. This trend seems to be specific to sweets, however, as food names on the whole are on a downward trend in 2020 (pity poor Poutine and Cookie, which have dropped 15 percent and 18 percent year over year, respectively). The exception? Dogs named Ketchup, which are up a whopping 51 percent. Perhaps Mustard and Relish will make the list next year?

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Most popular dog names in Canada 2020 - Top beverage-inspired names
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Come here, Mocha!

Your home might sound like a Starbucks order when you’re calling your dog in from the yard, but there’s no denying a coffee-inspired name can be pretty cute. Popular names related to everyone’s favourite hot beverage include Mocha, Cappuccino, Matcha, Latte and of course, Coffee. For those who prefer happy hour, the most popular alcohol-inspired dog names include Brandy, Scotch, Whiskey, Tequila and Pinot.

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