30+ Stunning Sunset Pictures That Will Take Your Breath Away

If you’re a fan of one of the greatest spectacles nature has to offer, finish (or start!) your day with this gallery of amazing sunset pictures from across Canada.

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Sunset pictures - Saskatchewan river at sunset
Photo: Holly Howat

Life is a flyway

This sunset-soaked river in Saskatchewan is a major migration route for birds. “They head to our boreal forest just north of Prince Albert to their breeding grounds,” writes Holly Howat of Saskatoon. “I feel that this photo is a moment frozen in time on a warm prairie evening in the land of the living skies.”

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Sunset pictures - dog in field at sunset
Photo: Alexandra Fontaine

Dog days

“Out for a walk one summer evening with my grandpuppy Ellie, I took this shot of her and the beautiful sky just prior to the sun going down behind the hill,” writes Alexandra Fontaine of Mission, B.C. The sunset certainly seems to have captured Ellie’s attention!

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Sunset pictures - Train tracks leading off to sunset
Photo: James Katan

Peace train

No trains a-chuggin’, and sometimes that’s just the way we like it. James Katan of Campbellton, New Brunswick, happened upon this meditative moment near the railroad.

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Sunset pictures - Canada flag at sunset
Photo: Beth Robinson

Flagging a gorgeous sunset

Beth Robinson of Middleton, Nova Scotia, treats us to a breathtaking photo that is about as on theme as it gets.

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Bow River sunset picture
Photo: Cat Taylor


“Sunset from my window on the Bow River in Calgary,” writes Cat Taylor. “I take a picture of it almost every night and email it to my mom to send her a nice goodnight message.” What a beautiful idea!

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Sunset pictures - blueberry field at sunset
Photo: Maryalice Wood

Blueberry fields forever

Maryalice Wood of Langley, B.C., treats us to the sweet sight of a December sun setting on a blueberry field. Gorgeous!

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Sunset picture from the Vancouver ferry to Nanaimo
Photo: Russell Hayes


Photograph or Group of Seven masterpiece? Russell Hayes found the right moment to snap this setting sun over Vancouver Island on the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

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Dog in Slave Lake - Sunset pictures
Photo: Dan Wever

Doggy paddlin’

“I was all set up to capture the sunset when a man started to throw a stick out in the lake for his dog to fetch,” writes Dan Wever of Grand Prairie, Alberta, who took this photo along the southeastern shores of Lesser Slave Lake. The result: photo bomb!

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Grand Prairie sunset pictures
Photo: Dan Wever

Grand Prairie skies

This one comes from Dan Wever’s backyard in Grand Prairie, Alberta. You could almost imagine the lone tree in the foreground as the source of those fiery skies!

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Sunset pictures - horseback riding
Photo: Ann Lane

Horsin’ around

“… till the sun goes down!” This photo comes from Ann Lane of Cobourg, Ontario. Looks like a nice way to end the day!

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Sunset pictures - prawning in Saanich BC
Photo: Tricia Parker

Prawn till dawn

Can you still prawn when the sun is gone? Even if this is the last catch of the day, it makes for a beautiful moment. We’re glad B.C.’s Tricia Parker was on hand to capture it (from a canoe!) in the Saanich Inlet.

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Sunset pictures - trees in Sarnia Ontario
Photo: Russell Hayes

Peachy keen scene

Russell Hayes of Sherbrooke, Quebec, captured these peachy hues from behind the branches of a tree. Gorgeous!

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Sunset at Burnaby Totem Park
Photo: Nancy Gerber

Artistic impression

We just had to share this striking shot submitted by Nancy Gerber of Surrey, B.C. The silhouette of the Kamui Mintara (Playground of the Gods) installation against the Burnaby Mountain sunset makes for an incredibly powerful image. Thank you so much for sharing this moment, Nancy.

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Sunset pictures - couple celebrating anniversary
Photo: Donna Guenther

Love and light

On the shores of Lake Ontario, these two celebrate their 732nd sunset as a couple. Donna Guenther of Goderich, Ontario, sends in this photo of a lovely moment during a second anniversary.

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Sunset pictures - person standing silhouetted by sunset
Photo: Dale Matthies

Contemplative Canadian

There’s no telling what’s on the mind of this thoughtful-looking man, but we can be certain he’s enjoying the view from the shore ice on which he stands. This photo comes from the lens of Dale Matthies of Goderich, Ontario.

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Sunset pictures - barn and farmhouse silhouette
Photo: Helen Rempel

Barn setting

“A hauntingly beautiful sunset scene with an old house and barn left behind and forgotten,” writes Helen Rempel of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, who took this photo this photo while visiting her sister in Alberta.

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Sauble beach sunset picture
Photo: Kim Leaman

Sauble sunset

Kim Leaman of Hamilton, Ontario, was treated to more than just a beautiful sunset when she took this picture: she was treated to a beautiful sunset at her favourite place to be—Sauble Beach!

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Sunset pictures - garden angel
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Golden hour tableau

Robbie Gorr’s own backyard in Petawawa, Ontario, provided the inspiration for this sunset picture. Between the lens flare, lush landscaping and garden statuary, the results are heavenly!

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Sunset pictures - pier sunset
Photo: Nancy Gerber

Crossing the horizon

B.C.’s Nancy Gerber took this photo of the White Rock Pier soon after it reopened following major damage from a windstorm. This sunset’s hopeful hues allude to happy days ahead.

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Sunset pictures - Manitoba church
Photo: Richard Main

Heavenly sight

Richard Main of Thunder Bay, Ontario, chose the right moment to photograph the Union Point United Church in Ste. Agathe, Manitoba. The building was nearly torn down in 2005, but it was purchased for one dollar and has been preserved by volunteers, according to the Manitoba Historical Society.

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Sunset pictures - stand up paddleboarding silhouette
Photo: Sean Donnelly

Drifting away’

Calm waters, warm sun. You can almost hear the rippling water. Sean Donnelly of Sarnia, Ontario, shares this serene moment in paddleboarding.

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Sunset pictures - reflection in office buildings
Photo: Russell Hayes

City of glass

You know you’re lucky when there’s a beautiful sunset wherever you look. Russell Hayes opted for this crystal-clear reflection of the real deal when choosing where to point his lens in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Sunset pictures - Alberta rays of light
Photo: Cat Taylor

Sunset ranch

“There’s a cabin I love to rent occasionally at Old Entrance Ranch, just north of Hinton, Alberta,” writes Cat Taylor. “It’s precisely for moments like this that I find it such a special place to stay.”

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Sunset pictures - motorcycle silhouette
Photo: Debra Hoddinott

Riding off into the sunset

Debra Hoddinott of Delta, B.C., shares this photo of ride’s end. End of the ride, end of the day. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than this.

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Sunset pictures - Gulf Islands during sunset
Photo: Nancy Gerber

Golden hour

“Girls’ weekend in the Gulf Islands,” writes Nancy Gerber of Surrey, B.C. “We were treated to a beautiful sunset!”

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Sunset pictures - bird in clouds
Photo: Tricia Parker

Cloud nine

Tricia Parker spotted a big, beautiful bird as she enjoyed the sunset in Saltair, B.C. Can you find it?

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Kinky Lake sunset pictures
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Camp fiery sky

Kinky Lake looks like a lovely spot to set up camp, and that’s just what Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alberta, had done when she snapped this photo of the sun setting in the sky—and on the water. Beautiful!

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Old farm at sunset - sunset pictures
Photo: George Vanderberg

Sunset farm

“Sometimes the sky is just as interesting when looking away from the setting sun,” writes George Vanderberg. “This abandoned farm near Vulcan, Alberta, has interesting colours in the sky when looking east, opposite the setting sun.”

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Beaubears Island at sunset
Photo: Linda Sweeney

See you in a while, sunny isle

Need more evidence that the water makes any sunset twice as nice? Linda Sweeney offers this lovely view of Beaubears Island from the shores of Nelson-Miramichi in New Brunswick.

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Prairie grain bins silhouette against sunset
Photo: Cindy Herbert

Twin peaks

The setting sun steals the show in this prairie landscape, creating a stunning silhouette that imbues us with peaceful feelings. This one comes from Cindy Herbert of Welland, Ontario, who was treated to this sight while on a drive from Winnipeg to Moose Jaw.

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Sunset pictures - couple on lakeshore watching sunset
Photo: Paula Brown

Sunshine of your love

“This couple was very happy to have their picture taken on this spectacular evening,” writes Ottawa’s Paula Brown of her visit to Petrie Island. Photos like this remind us that the best things in life are free.

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Dandelion at sunset
Photo: Deb Sandau

Make a wish!

Did you know blowing on a dandelion as the sun sets makes your wish more likely to come true? Okay, we made that up—but it’s worth a shot!

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