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If You Don’t Eat a Banana Every Day, This Might Convince You to Start

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Not so much. Try this fruit instead.

What to Eat to Prevent Ulcers

Find out which foods can aid in healing and preventing ulcers.

This Is Why Canadian Butter Isn’t as Soft as It Used To Be

If you’ve noticed that your butter is harder than usual, you're not alone.

What You Need to Know About Beets

Beets are packed with healthy nutrients but they can also have some surprising side effects.

This is the Proper Way to Serve Baileys and Coffee

Baileys and coffee is a cold weather classic, but have you been getting the measurements right this whole time?

The Ultimate Moose Burger Recipe

Chef Katie Hayes of Newfoundland’s Bonavista Social Club shares her ultimate moose burger recipe.

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt: Which is Better for You?

Let's talk about sea salt vs. table salt. You may have heard the minerals in sea salt make it healthier....

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25 Holiday Cooking Tips Straight from Grandma

From the stuffing to the cranberry sauce, Grandma has all the top tips to cook the best holiday feast ever!

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30 Small-Scale Christmas Dinner Ideas

Skipping the massive ham this year? Try these small-scale Christmas dinner ideas instead.

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99 Genius Tips That Will Make Your Holidays So Much Better

From grocery shopping to cooking to using up the leftovers, we've assembled expert tips to help you through the holiday...

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60 Greatest Christmas Cookie Recipes of All Time

Planning a Christmas cookie exchange? Here are the recipes for our all-time favourite festive baked treats, sure to get the...

10+ Vintage Christmas Dessert Recipes That’ll Make You Nostalgic

Add an old-school touch to your holiday dessert table with one of these vintage Christmas dessert recipes. From sugarplum cake...

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20 Secret Cake Baking Tips We Learned From Grandma

Because grandma always knew the best tips and tricks to bake luscious layer cakes, bundt cakes and more.

Sugarplum Cake

"Family and friends are surprised to hear this simple cake gets it moist flavour from a jar of baby food....

Old-World Ricotta Cheesecake

"I reconstructed this dessert based on an old recipe that had been in the family for years but was never...

Caramel Nut Logs

"It’s a good thing this recipe makes a lot—the wrapped logs never stick around long! They take a bit of...

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

"The classic Sticky Toffee Pudding is a traditional dessert in the United Kingdom. I love that I can just stay...

Grandma’s Pecan Rum Bars

"My grandmother handed down the recipe for these gooey bars that we all love. The candied cherries are a must."...

Pulled Taffy Candy Canes

"My grandmother always made these at Christmastime and said her mother did, too. The soft and chewy canes have a...

Tiny Tim’s Plum Pudding

"In A Christmas Carol, everyone claps for plum pudding. Our family has made this pudding our own tradition, and it...

Almond-Filled Stollen

"I’ve been making this during the holiday season for nearly 50 years. When we flew to Alaska one year to...

Italian Holiday Cookies

"Many of our holiday traditions centre around the foods my mother made while I was growing up. These cookies, which...

Marzipan Yule Logs

"For an extra-special treat at Christmastime, I shape these little candies using homemade almond paste. The chocolate-coated logs have cute...

Baked Cranberry Pudding

"This is an old-fashioned pudding that's a cranberry lover's delight. Serve warm topped with whipped cream for an elegant look,...

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20 Foods You’re Spoiling By Putting in the Refrigerator

It may be second nature to stash everything in the fridge, but this produce actually stays fresher at room temperature.

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25 Healthy Winter Soups That’ll Fill You Right Up

It's officially soup season! These healthy winter soups prove that your favourite comfort foods can be good for you, too.

10+ Vintage Christmas Cake Recipes That’ll Take You Back to Your Childhood

Whether you bake up a vintage holiday layer cake or a beautiful Bundt, these old-fashioned Christmas cakes will impress everyone—even...

Upside-Down Fruitcake

"I get tired of people bad-mouthing holiday fruitcakes. It's one of my favorite holiday flavours and I look forward to...

Gingerbread with Fig-Walnut Sauce

"I experimented with aniseed this past holiday season and fell in love with the licorice flavour. It really enhances the...

Mint Swirl Fudge Cake

"Mint pairs with a silky, mild chocolate flavour for this colourful, beautiful cake that will be the talk of the...