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Brie & Leek Tartlets

Brie and leek tartlets

Impress your guests with these one-bite flaky pastry delights.

Endive Salad

Endive salad

Enjoy this tasty and fresh bowl of greens any time of the year!

Cranberry Short Ribs

Cranberry short ribs

Craving comfort food? Tuck into this easy recipe for remarkably tender short ribs.

Choco-Bananachino Smoothie


Flaxseed is full of lignans—phyto­estrogenic compounds that have been proven to help protect against certain kinds of cancers, especially breast, prostate and colon.

Aromatic Parsnip Soup

Aromatic parsnip soup

This fragrant soup has a yogurt creaminess and subtle spicing, with a sweet undertone of apple. It’s the perfect complement for any sunny day.

Olive Dip

Black and green olive dips

Your guest will rave about this easy-to-prepapre dish. Try it and make a change from your usual cheese dips – you will not be disappointed.

Herbed Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Herbed Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Sun dried tomatoes are the perfect addition for salads, sauces or as an appetizer. You can easily make your own and forego buying the more expensive brands in your grocery store.