10 Canadian Cooks Share Their Best-Ever Chili Recipes

Craving a steaming bowl of spicy chili? Indulge in the ultimate cold-weather comfort food with these best-ever chili recipes from some of Canada's top cooks.

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Green chicken chili recipe
Photo: Joanne Rappos, Olive & Mango

Green Chicken Chili

This recipe from food blogger Joanne Rappos uses shredded chicken in place of ground beef for a fresh take on classic comfort food. The use of chicken stock ramps up the flavour profile even further, enhanced by plenty of fresh pepper, herbs and spices. Trust us—this is one chili recipe that tastes as good as it looks.

Get the recipe for Green Chicken Chili.

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10 ingredient easy vegan chili recipe
Photo: Maria Koutsogiannis, Food By Maria

10-Ingredient Easy Vegan Chili

“This vegan chili recipe is a great recipe to pull together, especially when you’re short on groceries—it only takes 10 ingredients to make this baby!” —Maria Koutsogiannis

Get the recipe for 10-Ingredient Easy Vegan Chili.

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Homemade beer chili recipe
Photo: Kristy Gardner, She Eats

Homemade Beer Chili

If you’ve got a bottle of dark beer handy (think porter or stout), chances are, you’ve got everything you need to make this hearty homemade chili. Created by Vancouver food blogger Kristy Gardner, this easy chili recipe is guaranteed to please.

Get the recipe for Homemade Beer Chili.

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white chicken chili recipe
Photo: Ashley Fehr, The Recipe Rebel

White Chicken Chili

“This White Chicken Chili is ultra thick and creamy, with shredded chicken, white beans and corn and just the right amount of spice! Make-ahead and freezer-friendly, it’s perfect for pantry cooking.” —Ashley Fehr

Get the recipe for White Chicken Chili.

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Chocolate and jalapeno chili recipe
Photo: Manon Lapierre, La Petite Bette

Chocolate and Jalapeno Chili

Never thought to combine chocolate and jalapeno? You don’t know what you’ve been missing! This easy chili recipe from Manon Lapierre has a highly addictive flavour profile, and couldn’t be easier to make.

Get the recipe for Chocolate and Jalapeno Chili.

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Budget-friendly veggie chili
Photo: Nancy Bordeleau, Cinq Fourchettes

Budget-Friendly Veggie Chili

Hearty and filling, chili is a great way to stretch your grocery dollar. This budget-friendly chili recipe from blogger and cookbook author Nancy Bordeleau takes it one step further by relying on beans as its sole source of protein.

Get the recipe for Budget-Friendly Veggie Chili.

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White bean chicken chili recipe
Photo: Renée Kohlman, Sweet Sugar Bean

White Bean Chicken Chili

This is what comfort food looks like for cookbook author and blogger Renée Kohlman. In the unlikely event there are any leftovers after you’ve made her mouthwatering White Bean Chicken Chili recipe, she’s got tips on how to reuse them the following night as tostadas. Ta-da!

Get the recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili.

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Hawaiian chipotle chili recipe
Photo: by Jessica Wenzel from Whipped It Up

Hawaiian Chipotle Chili

Infuse your chili with a taste of the tropics! The addition of pineapple takes this comfort food classic out of its comfort zone, and into tasty new territory. Calgary-based food blogger Jessica Wenzel has a surefire winner on her hands with this delicious dish.

Get the recipe for Hawaiian Chipotle Chili.

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Vegan chili recipe
Photo: Chef Doug McNish

Black Bean, Jalapeno, Pineapple and TVP Chili

Chef Doug McNish presents another vegan chili option with this wholesome recipe that incorporates TVP—textured vegetable protein.

Get the recipe for Black Bean, Jalapeno, Pineapple and TVP Chili.

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Ned's famous beef pork Tabasco Chipotle and black bean chili recipe
Photo: Chef Ned Bell

Ned’s Famous Beef, Pork, Tabasco® Chipotle & Black Bean Chili

“This is a simple one-pot dinner. My kids love it, it’s very versatile and can be used for a number of other recipes and family meals.” —Chef Ned Bell

Get the recipe for Ned’s Famous Beef, Pork, Tabasco® Chipotle & Black Bean Chili.

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