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  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Memory with Herbs and Supplements>>

    Finding yourself a little forgetful lately? Here are six herbs and supplements that will naturally boost your memory. >>

  • How to Treat and Cure Athlete’s Foot>>

    Despite the name, you don’t have to work out to get athlete’s foot. Here's how to kick this fairly common fungal infection.>>

  • 5 Homemade Cough-Taming Teas>>

    Cough remedies don't have to taste terrible in order to be effective! A cup of hot tea, for instance, can soothe your throat and tame your cough—if you brew it with the following ingredients.>>

  • 6 Homemade Cough Syrups>>

    Would you rather suffer through your cough than take that disgusting store-bought syrup? Try one of these homemade cough and sore throat remedies instead. >>

  • How to Drink Without Getting a Hangover>>

    Why wait for a hangover cure when you can prevent a hangover from happening altogether? Here are the best ways to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages without suffering the consequences the next day. >>

  • 25 Ways to Beat a Cold>>

    We can clone mammals, send a spacecraft to Mars, and invent fat-free cheesecake, but we still can’t cure the common cold. We can, however, make it a bit easier on ourselves by adopting these 25 cold-coping strategies.>>

  • 5 Life Lessons You're Never Too Old to Learn>>

    When it comes to relationship advice, it's healthy to take conventional wisdom with a grain of salt. Here are five truths most of us only learn the hard way. >>

  • 60-Second Health Checks>>

    Got a minute? That’s all you need to learn a surprising amount about your health with these at-home self exams.>>

  • Are These Health Care Treatments More Harm than Good?>>

    Think twice before agreeing to these five potentially harmful medical and diagnostic procedures: According to a recent study of Canada's health care system, they're over-prescribed and over-performed.>>

  • COPD in Canada: Your Questions Answered>>

    Answers to your most pressing questions about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).>>

  • How to Slow the Aging Process—in 7 Days>>

    By taking just a few small anti-aging steps every day, you’ll soon be cutting your risk for the diseases that speed the aging process, and also reversing—or at least minimizing—damage from health conditions you may already have. Here’s a seven day plan to slash your risk of age-related ailments.>>

  • 10 Natural Concentration-Boosters>>

    In our modern, fast-paced world, multi-tasking is concentration’s biggest foe. Slow down and follow some of these strategies to bring your thoughts into clearer focus. >>

  • How to Perk Up Eyes: 6 Quick Fixes>>

    Need to know how to perk up eyes that always look tired? Here are some simple fixes to refresh your peepers—and you've likely got all of the ingredients you'll need at home.>>

  • 10 Beauty Tricks that Turn Back the Clock>>

    Why look your age when you can look even younger?  With these simple beauty tricks, you’ll not only improve your appearance, but feel better too.>>

  • How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast>>

    Hiccups come at the most inconvenient times, and when you're in public, you might need to use some very subtle methods to control them. Here are seven time-tested techniques for stopping hiccups.>>

  • Is Your Diet Giving You Headaches?>>

    What you eat (or skip) as you diet can cause migraine headaches. Adopt these healthy eating strategies for instant relief.>>

  • 10 Beauty Tips that are Better than Plastic Surgery>>

    Plastic surgery is increasingly popular, decidedly expensive, and almost instantly effective. But if going under the knife seems more risky than rewarding, check out these 10 simple (and painless) beauty-boosting alternatives.>>

  • Aphrodisiacs: What Are The Best Foods to Boost Your Sex Life?>>

    Eating healthy foods rich in protein and vitamins are great for boosting your libido and studies show that having sex more often is beneficial to your health. Find out which are the best aphrodisiacs and the best foods, from healthy snacks to tasty treats, that can help boost your sex life.>>

  • The Best Weight-Loss Tips in the World>>

    From Brazil to Thailand to Germany, we share ways to whittle our waists from all over the globe. Here are the 9 best weight-loss tips from all over the world. >>

  • Emergency First-Aid Kit Essentials>>

    A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you take effective action in an emergency situation. Here are the specific items that you should stock in first-aid kits for your home, your car and the great outdoors.>>

  • 3 Expert Opinions on Boosting Your Libido>>

    Is your libido out-of-whack with your spouse's? Our experts share three quick fixes for a low sex drive.>>

  • Stomach Pain: When to See a Doctor>>

    Is that stomach ache down to something you ate, or could it be more serious? Check our symptom sorter to find out if the pain in your gut is more than just common cramps.>>

  • How to Tell if Someone is Lying>>

    Think someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Look for these six telltale signs you're dealing with a liar.>>

  • 12 Secrets to a Deeper Sleep>>

    Tired of being tired all the time? Our sleep experts share 12 strategies for getting the deep, restful sleep of your dreams.>>

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