Tumeric powder in a white bowl

5 of the Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Certain foods may offer some protection from cancer or help the body cope with cancer treatments. Here are five cancer fighting foods worth adding to your diet.

The word Canada in sparklers in time lapse photography as part of Canada Day celebration

4 Ways To Celebrate Canada Day

On July 1st, we toast Confederation by painting the town red and white. Here are some ideas for how to mark this occasion, whether you’re hitting the road or hanging out in your backyard.

Dalmatian Coast at Dubrovnik

20 Things To Do in Dubrovnik

Once Croatia’s best-kept secret, Dubrovnik is rapidly rising in the ranks of European vacation destinations. Our checklist of 20 things to do in Dubrovnik is the perfect place to start planning your trip to this gem of the Dalmatian Coast.

Raw vegetables and fruits are suitable at every meal

11 Eating Habits To Help You Lose Weight

If you’re trying to drop a few pounds, don’t overhaul all your eating and exercise habits at once. Pick up some of these tricks to get you started, and then add as you go.


9 Tips to Fix a Troubled Lawn

If you want the lush, beautiful lawn of your dreams, it’s crucial to catch lawn problems early and to address them properly. Here’s how to fix a troubled lawn in nine easy steps.



Crisp Finger Sandwich

Although this recipe for a crisp English cucumber sandwich makes a refreshing lunch for one, you can easily whip up a batch for anniversaries and showers using a small party loaf of whole wheat or sourdough bread.


Gluten-Free Chickpea-Chocolate Cake

Here’s a gluten-free cake that’s just as rich as your regular flour-based recipe—and guaranteed to have your whole clan clamouring for a slice.

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