30 Delicious Desserts That Start With Cake Mix

Think outside the box! These tasty treats use store-bought cake mix as an ingredient, not an end point.

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Banana cream pie with cake mix crust
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Banana Cream Pie with Cake Mix Crust

Make dessert simple with these great cake mix recipes that’ll taste like you made it from scratch. “I added something special to the classic banana cream pie: A crunchy peanut-buttery streusel tops it off.” —Matthew Hass, Franklin, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Banana Cream Pie with Cake Mix Crust.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Poke Cake

“When my family is planning a get-together, I can count on three or four people asking if I’m bringing this chocolate peanut butter poke cake. If you don’t have a chocolate cake mix, use a white or yellow one and stir in 3 tablespoons of baking cocoa.” —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas

Get the recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Poke Cake.

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Cake Mix Brownies

“These cake mix brownies are a mash-up of two of my favourite desserts. A woman I worked with gave me a recipe for chocolate caramel brownies, and I have a recipe for yellow cake mix bars. I wondered what they would taste like together, so I tried it—and I’ve been making them ever since!” —Staci Mergenthal, Verdi, Minnesota

Get the recipe for Cake Mix Brownies.

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Dutch Oven Chocolate Dump Cake

“Looking for a quick dessert that will make people think you spent all day in the kitchen? This Dutch oven dump cake will wow your guests. Feel free to use your favourite pie filling in place of cherry.” — Rashanda Cobbins, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Dutch Oven Chocolate Dump Cake.

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Red Velvet Jar Cake

“I love to make these red velvet jar cakes for friends, family and teachers. Red velvet is my go-to during the holidays, but you can use your favourite cake and frosting flavours.” —Lillie Collier, Mobile, Alabama

Get the recipe for Red Velvet Jar Cake.

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Pumpkin Spice Cake

“We sometimes call this pumpkin spice cake ‘Thanksgiving Cake’ because it’s a tasty alternative to pie, but we don’t relegate it to just that holiday. I think you’ll agree it’s delicious any time of the year.”—Kathy Rhoads, Circleville, Ohio

Get the recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cake.

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Pistachio Quick Bread

“I love making many of these special loaves to give away for the holidays. They also freeze well so it is easy to pull out for unexpected guests.” —Judy Fischer, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Pistachio Quick Bread.

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Birthday Cake Fudge

“This decadent birthday cake fudge is the perfect thing to make your big day special. Or make it ahead and package it as a surprise gift for a friend.” —Rashanda Cobbins, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Birthday Cake Fudge.

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Rhubarb Custard Cake

“Rhubarb thrives in my northern garden and is one of the few crops the pesky moose don’t bother! Of all the desserts I’ve tried, this rhubarb custard cake is my first choice. It has old-fashioned appeal but is so simple to prepare.” —Evelyn Gebhardt, Kasilof, Alaska

Get the recipe for Rhubarb Custard Cake.

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Devil’s Food Whoopie Pies

“These mini cookie cakes were one of my favourite treats while I was growing up in Pennsylvania. We called them gobs because they are gobs of fun to eat! The recipe can make fewer or more, depending on how large or small you make the cookies. Place the finished chocolate whoopie pies in large cupcake liners for a professional look.” —Pamela Esposito, Galloway, New Jersey

Get the recipe for Devil’s Food Whoopie Pies.

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Angel Food Cake Roll

“There’s always room for dessert—especially when it’s this eye-catching angel food cake roll. We like strawberry yogurt in the filling, but different flavours work well, too.” —Joan Colbert, Sigourney, Iowa

Get the recipe for Angel Food Cake Roll.

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Pineapple Pudding Cake

“My mother used to love making this easy pineapple sunshine cake in the summertime. It’s so cool and refreshing that it never lasts very long!” —Kathleen Worden, North Andover, Massachusetts

Get the recipe for Pineapple Pudding Cake.

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Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls

“Turn a box of red velvet cake mix into this easy dessert—or breakfast! The icing tastes good and makes a pretty contrast with the rolls.” —Erin Wright, Wallace, Kansas

Get the recipe for Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls.

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Slow-Cooker Spumoni Cake

“I created this spumoni cake for a holiday potluck one year. It has become my most requested dessert. If you prefer, substitute semisweet chocolate chips for the white chocolate.” —Lisa Renshaw, Kansas City, Missouri

Get the recipe for Slow-Cooker Spumoni Cake.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Dump Cake

“It always seems like my rhubarb goes bad in a hurry, so I was looking for a simple way to combine two of my favourite flavours in an incredibly easy dessert. I added extra spices to enhance the flavour of this strawberry-rhubarb dump cake for a sweet treat my whole family loved!” —Jessica Bridge, Grand Junction, Colorado

Get the recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Dump Cake.

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Cake mix recipes - Margarita Cake
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Margarita Cake

“This margarita cake is perfect for a picnic on a warm day. You’ll be surprised at how closely it tastes like the real thing.” —Dawn Lowenstein, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Margarita Cake.

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PIneapple upside down dump cake recipe
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Pineapple Upside-Down Dump Cake

“This dump cake recipe is wonderful topped with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. It works well with gluten-free and sugar-free cake mixes too.” —Karin Gatewood, Dallas, Texas

Get the recipe for Pineapple Upside-Down Dump Cake.

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Birthday cake pancakes recipe
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Birthday Cake Pancakes

“I try to make special foods for my kids, especially on their birthdays. To transform plain ol’ pancake mix, I add cake mix and sprinkles. Frosting closes the deal.” —Dina Crowell, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Get the recipe for Birthday Cake Pancakes.

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Black Forest upside-down cake recipe
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Black Forest Upside-Down Cake

“The divine flavours of this simple Black Forest cake will impress your guests and leave you with many requests for the recipe!” —Kimberly Campbell, Wheeling, West Virginia

Get the recipe for Black Forest Upside-Down Cake.

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Chocolate dipped ice cream cone cupcakes recipe
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Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

“I created this recipe based on our family’s love of chocolate-dipped ice cream cones. Red heart-shaped sprinkles make them fun for Valentine’s Day. Vary the colour to match the occasion.” —Jennifer Gilbert, Brighton, Michigan

Get the recipe for Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

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Giant buckeye cookie recipe
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Giant Buckeye Cookie

“I’m from Ohio, and we love our buckeye candy! Buckeyes are a delicious combination of peanut butter and chocolate, which is exactly what this cookie is. All you need is a box of cake mix, a few common pantry ingredients, and voila—you have a tasty dessert ready for family and friends in under an hour. You can customize it, too, by substituting other mix-ins for the chocolate chips. We serve it warm with ice cream or whipped cream.” —Arianna Harding, Cincinnati, Ohio

Get the recipe for Giant Buckeye Cookie.

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Double butterscotch coconut cake recipe
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Double Butterscotch Coconut Cake

“I got this recipe for coconut cake from a co-worker years ago, then I changed it up a bit by adding a family favourite: butterscotch. It’s super easy to throw together and it makes a perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea.” —Marina Castle Kelley, Canyon Country, California

Get the recipe for Double Butterscotch Coconut Cake.

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake recipe
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Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

“I prepare this colourful dessert quite often in the late spring or summer when fresh rhubarb is abundant. I make this rhubarb cake with cake mix and take it to church potlucks. People actually line up for a piece.” —Bonnie Krogman, Thompson Falls, Montana

Get the recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake.

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Angel Macaroons
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Angel Macaroons

“These chewy coconut cookies start with a boxed angel food cake mix.” —Renee Schwebach, Dumont, Minnesota

Get the recipe for Angel Macaroons.

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Raspberry Cake recipe
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Raspberry Cake

“Jazz up plain cake with raspberry gelatin and frozen berries. Spread with a light, fruity whipped topping, the festive results make a cool and refreshing dessert.” —Marion Anderson, Dalton, Minnesota

Get the recipe for Raspberry Cake.

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Hazelnut cake squares recipe
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Hazelnut Cake Squares

“When one of my daughters is asked to bring a dish to a church function, a birthday party or any special occasion, they ask me for this recipe. It is so easy to prepare because it starts with a cake mix. It doesn’t need icing, so it is great for bake sales, too.” —Brenda Melancon, McComb, Mississippi

Get the recipe for Hazelnut Cake Squares.

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Pumpkin spice cookies recipe
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Pumpkin Spice Cookies

“These big, soft spice cookies created by our staff have a sweet frosting that makes them an extra-special treat. Enjoy!” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Get the recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cookies.

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Cherry Dream Cake recipe
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Cherry Dream Cake

“I serve this cherry cake for holidays because it’s so festive and easy. No one will know your secret is adding a package of cherry gelatin to a boxed cake mix!” —Margaret McNeil, Germantown, Tennessee

Get the recipe for Cherry Dream Cake.

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Root beer float cake
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Root Beer Float Cake

“I add root beer to both the cake batter and fluffy frosting of this summery dessert to get that great root beer float taste. Serve this moist cake to a bunch of hungry kids and watch it disappear!” —Kat Thompson, Prineville, Oregon

Get the recipe for Root Beer Float Cake.

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Mocha Truffle Cheesecake

“I went through a phase when I couldn’t get enough cheesecake or coffee, so I created this rich dessert. Its brownie-like crust and creamy mocha layer really hit the spot. It’s ideal for get-togethers because it can be made in advance.” —Shannon Dormady, Great Falls, Montana

Get the recipe for Mocha Truffle Cheesecake.

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