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Deck the Halls: 20 Holiday Decorating Ideas From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture the prettiest holiday decorating ideas on camera, and you delivered! Here's how Canadians deck the halls, from coast to coast.

The Frozen Bubbles Under This Alberta Lake Are Absolutely Breathtaking

Photographer Carmen Therriault captures this awe-inspiring winter wonder on camera.

What a Country Christmas Was Like in the 1950s

After the chores were done, family fun, lots of food and good cheer took centre stage.

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Winged Wonders: Beautiful Canadian Birds Captured on Camera

Whether they're perched at the backyard feeder or soaring high in an azure sky, our fine feathered friends always make...

Powerful Poppy Pictures For Remembrance Day

These poignant images showcase the symbol of Remembrance Day in a particularly meaningful way.

Awe-Inspiring Northern Lights Photography From Across Canada

Capturing the beauty of the aurora borealis on camera.

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This Ghoulish Gallery Captures the Spirit of Halloween

From pets in full costume to frightfully creative fall decor, these photos provide a fun-filled glimpse of what Halloween looks...

Hauntingly Beautiful Photography: 20 Shots That Showcase Canada’s Spooky Side

We asked our contributors to share their most frightening Canadian photography, and they rose to the challenge! From fog shrouded...

Harvesting in the Canadian Heartland

Canadian photo buffs reap what they sow with these stunning shots of harvest time's golden fields and blue skies.

Abandoned Nova Scotia: Haunting Photography of Deserted Structures

People sometimes say, "If these walls could talk," but if you listen, the walls do speak.

This is the Best Place to See Fall Foliage in Canada

Considering a road trip this fall? Aglow in autumnal oranges, reds and yellows, the scenery doesn't get more spectacular than...

A Quiet Place: Photographing the Wildlife of Southwestern Ontario

It's observing interactions like this one that brings London, Ontario's Cheryl Dumoulin so much joy as a photographer.

A Week Out West

This Manitoba couple embarked on a celebratory vacation through Western Canada’s peaks and valleys.

Incredible Bird Photography From Across Canada

Bird’s the word! We challenged Canadians from coast to coast to share their adventures in avian photography, and you...

Western Splendour: A Photographic Tour of the Canadian West

Celebrating the natural beauty of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

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These Rarely Seen Princess Diana Photos Are Absolutely Stunning

Although we lost her 25 years ago, the Princess of Wales is still on the mind—and in the hearts—of many.

Revisiting My Late Grandfather’s Vintage Camera Collection

He loved his cameras—and now they're a family treasure.

Why I Keep Coming Back to Jan Lake

Over the years, many wonderful memories have been made in this charming resort community in central Saskatchewan.

Amazing Hockey Photos That’ll Make You Want to Grab Your Skates

Capturing the magic of hockey, Canada's favourite winter sport.

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These Beautiful Butterflies Will Take Your Breath Away

This colourful gallery features winged wonders from across the country, both in the wild and in conservatories. It'll send you...

Striking Architectural Photography From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture Canada's most impressive architecture on camera. From glittering steel skyscrapers to charming granite lighthouses, here...

The Most Beautiful Places in Canada

We challenged you to photograph the most beautiful places in Canada, and you delivered! From pretty prairies to magnificent mountains,...

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Wildly Funny Photos From the Great Outdoors

Sometimes wildlife photography has its hilarious moments!

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These Funny Photos Are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

From animals striking curious poses to riotous family reunions, these crazy captures will brighten your day. Enjoy!

Seeking the Great Grizzlies of Prince Rupert, B.C.

Bears, bald eagles and beautiful scenery made this journey to Prince Rupert, B.C., an excursion to remember.

Making a Splash: Spectacular Splash Photography From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture subjects making waves in Canada's lakes, rivers and pools, and you delivered! Check out this...

How Photographing Alberta’s Wild Horses Changed My Life

The horses of Williams Creek are born wild and free, and deserve to always remain so.

Macro Photography: Garden Life in Extreme Close-Up

Through macro photography, this Quebec resident captures a fascinating world hidden right in his own backyard.