Relics From Roads Less Travelled

More often than not, the most fascinating subjects for photography are the ones we encounter off-the-beaten-path.

I always enjoy taking a fairweather country drive, because you just never know what you’ll find along all the scenic rural routes and off-the-beaten-path backroads that crisscross my region of Ontario.

Last summer, I discovered some rather unique old vehicles that were no longer in use but still beautiful in their own way. Oh, the stories these road relics would tell if they could, I’m sure!

Road Relics - Rusted Orange TruckPhoto: Marianne Detmar

I came across the orange pickup truck, which had apparently embarked upon a new career as a flower box, outside of Creemore near Collingwood, Ontario.

Road Relics - Rusted Workhorse Truck abandoned in fieldPhoto: Marianne Detmar

I discovered the old blue one—once a real workhorse by the looks of it but now permanently retired—just sitting there in a ditch near the Kitchener-Waterloo Airport.

Road Relics - Old rusted Volkswagen Bug for FBPhoto: Marianne Detmar

And I happened upon the derelict Volkswagen Bug sitting pretty alongside a trail on the Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery Farm in Norfolk county.

Can’t wait to see what turns up during my driving excursions this year!

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Originally Published in Our Canada