If You’ve Never Seen a Baby Lynx Before, Get Ready to Say “Aww!”

Capturing a few photos of this adorable baby lynx on a weekend road trip was a thrill for these wildlife photographers.

My husband, Leroy, and I enjoy the outdoors and taking road trips. We often have our camera accessible to capture wildlife sightings. We have taken many photos of birds, butterflies, bears and mountain goats. These encounters have always been highlights of our journeys.

In the summer of 2019, we took a weekend road trip to Kenora, Ontario. At the B&B where we stayed, we saw a variety of small wildlife but the highlight of this trip was encountering a family of wild lynx on the roadside near Kenora. As we were driving, we first spotted an adult lynx strolling across the highway—the first time we’d ever seen a wild lynx! We were very excited and quickly pulled over to watch this beautiful cat. While watching her, we heard some “cat-like” crying in the bushes on the side of the road close to where we were parked. We realized there was a baby lynx calling for its parent. On the other side of the road on the rocky hillside, there were two additional medium-size lynxes watching and waiting.

The baby lynx was peeking in and out of the bushes and at one point came within ten feet of our vehicle, which provided us with a great photo op! The adult lynx (we assume the mother) crossed the road several times in front of our vehicle to check on the baby. The mother totally ignored us and seemed unconcerned with our presence. We watched this scene for at least 30 minutes, eventually deciding to leave, so the lynxes could proceed to their destination.

It was just an amazing experience to see this wildlife interaction. We were thrilled to get a few pictures of the baby lynx—this one is our favourite.

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Originally Published in Our Canada