Striking Perspective Photography From Across Canada

These artfully shot photographs prove that perspective is everything.

Gorgeous Green-Hued Photos From Across Canada

From moss-covered forests to the colours of a hummingbird’s plumage, check out these green-themed photos captured by Our Canada shutterbugs.

Our Canada Theme Pic Challenge: On the Move

Your mission was to capture Canada "on the move," and you rose to the challenge! Enjoy these 20 photos of...

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20+ Beautiful Blue Jay Photos That Will Inspire You to Invest in a Backyard Feeder

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15 Photos of Unique Handmade Objects From Across Canada

Are you looking for some arts and crafts inspiration? Then you'll love this gallery showcasing unique and quirky handmade objects.

20 Dazzling Night Sky Photos from Across Canada

From wondrous constellations to stunning displays of the northern lights, this gallery of night sky photography from across Canada will...

20 Striking Photographs that Showcase Rustic Canada

Are you a little bit country? You'll love the results of our Theme Pic Challenge, which was to capture the...

This Wildlife Photographer Captures Incredible Candid Shots of Moose

High school teacher-turned-wildlife photographer Jason George of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, shares his candid shots of these mighty creatures and beloved...

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A Body Language Expert Analyzes 13 Iconic Photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Find out what signals the doomed royal couple were secretly sending for years.

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Hot Wheels: A Gallery of Great Canadian Car Photography

We asked you to share your best Canadian car photography, and you rose to the challenge! Here are our favourite...

10 Picture-Perfect Moments Onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Venturing deep into the some of the most stunning scenery in the world, a journey onboard the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer...

A Close Encounter With a Coyote

Often maligned by governments and farmers, coyotes serve a valuable purpose in nature.

Winter Fun: A Heartwarming Gallery of Canadians Enjoying the Great Outdoors

There's plenty of winter fun to be had across Canada—just take a look at these sweet shots of Canadians enjoying...

Larger Than Life: 15 Incredible Photos of Big Things Across Canada

We asked you to capture the country’s biggest things—and you delivered. From super-sized roadside attractions to enormous rock formations, these...

How to Take Stunning Silhouette Photos in the Wild

Working with available shade will help you to create some stunning silhouettes when photographing nature, especially when optimal light conditions...

A Photographer’s Journey Through Saskatchewan

Photographing Saskatchewan's terrain and historic buildings helps preserve precious memories.

20 Heartwarming Photos of Canadian Christmas Traditions Across the Country

From New Brunswick to British Columbia, Our Canada readers showed us how they celebrate the most wonderful time of the...

This Random Act of Small Town Kindness Will Warm Your Heart

After a photo negative was found in a secondhand suitcase, the residents of Almonte, Ontario, stopped at nothing to get...

These Magical Photos of Frozen Bubbles Will Take Your Breath Away

Creating beautiful bubbles of ice and capturing them in photographs makes for a magical winter pastime.

This is What a Northern Ontario Winter Looks Like

Photographer Richard Main of Thunder Bay, Ontario, digs deep to discover the hidden joys of winter.

Nature’s Most Spectacular Light Show: What It’s Like to See the Aurora Borealis

Yellowknife is one of, if not the best, location in the world for viewing the Northern Lights.

This is What It’s Like Photographing Wildlife in the Dead of Winter

A dedicated shutterbug shares his experiences enduring the cold to photograph wildlife in its natural habitat.

Band on the Run: Photographing the Wild Horses of Alberta

For more than 250 years, Sundre, Alberta, has been home to roaming wild horses, known as “the Wildies.”

This Is What It’s Like Photographing Baby Seals in the Magdalen Islands

Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) is the perfect spot to observe harp seals in winter.

Exploring Lake Superior’s Slate Islands

From a truly spectacular show of the Northern Lights to its charming lighthouse, the Slate Islands reward the adventurous traveller...

Canada’s Most Beautiful Lighthouses

We challenged you to capture Canada's most beautiful lighthouses on camera, and you delivered! From instantly recognizable landmarks to humble...

What It’s Like to Photograph Ottawa in the Day and Night

This Ottawa-based photographer explains the fascinating psychological effect of seeing the same scene in daylight and then at night.

Yukon Gold: Exploring the Best Part of the Yukon

For this traveller, the contrast between two wildly different landscapes—Emerald Lake and the Carcross Desert—was the best part of the...

Capturing The Beauty of the Eastern Townships in Winter

When the landscape is covered by a blanket of fresh snow, Russ Hayes sets out to photograph the grand arrival...