Powerful Poppy Pictures For Remembrance Day

These poignant images showcase the symbol of Remembrance Day in a particularly meaningful way.

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Remembrance Day Pictures - Parliament Buildings Ottawa
Paula Brown

Remembrance Day Pictures From Across Canada

“The Poppy Drop on Parliament Hill is amazing,” writes Ottawa’s Paula Brown. “It is a digital light show featuring 117,000 virtual poppies representing each of Canada’s fallen since the beginning of the First World War.”

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Remembrance Day Pictures - Field Of Poppies
Mike Lane

In Flanders Fields…

Mike Lane’s incredible capture of a field of poppies instantly evokes Colonel John McCrae’s classic Remembrance Day poem.

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John Mccrae Birthplace
Christine Muchmore

Col. John McCrae Memorial Garden

A memorial garden has been planted at Col. John McCrae’s birthplace in Guelph, Ontario. It’s fitting that, as photographer Christine Muchmore discovered, poppies are among the plantings you’ll find there.

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Poppy Reflected In Mirror
Holly Rich

A Moment to Reflect

Holly Rich of Powassan, Ontario, snapped the reflection of a poppy in her grandfather’s WWI-commissioned pocket mirror.

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Thunder Bay Legion
Richard Main

Lest We Forget

Photographer Richard Main captured this powerful wraparound mural adorning a local legion branch in Thunder Bay.

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Remembrance Day pictures - Mounties in Red Serge
Gabor Dosa

Paying Tribute

Gabor Dosa of Surrey, B.C., shares this great shot that he captured at a Remembrance Day vigil in White Rock, B.C.

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Remembrance Day pictures - painted stones
Maryalice Wood

Painted With Love

“I snapped this pic on November 11, 2021, at the Douglas Park War Memorial in Langley, B.C., following the Remembrance Day ceremonies,” says Maryalice Wood of Langley, B.C.

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Family Remembrance Day Tribute
Eleanor Kendall

Family Tribute

“I made this wreath to honour my two uncles who served in World War II,” shares Eleanor Kendall of New Westminster, B.C. “My uncle, Sidney Oxenham, is pictured in his air force flying uniform and his dress uniform; he returned from war. At the time, I did not have a picture of my uncle, Larry Oxenham, who was in the 48th Highlanders and was killed in battle on October 17, 1944, in Italy. He was married and only 27 years old at the time. He is buried in the Cesena War Cemetery in Italy. The outline of a soldier (in photo below) represents Uncle Larry.”

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Remembrance Day Pictures - Poppies in field
Marianne Detmar

Vivid Blooms

“I came across these beautiful poppies growing in a front yard, while taking a stroll in nearby Port Dover,” says Marianne Detmar of Brantford, Ontario.

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Poppy at Toronto City Hall
Alan Chang

Iconic Symbols

“I captured this shot of the Maple Leaf and the poppy in front of Toronto City Hall,” writes Alan Chang of Scarborough. “Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the Remembrance poppy in Canada.”

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Remembrance Day painted stones
Karen Cook

With Thanks

“On Remembrance Day, I went down to the local legion to pay my respects and offer my thanks to those who gave all for our freedom,” writes Karen Cook of Kingston, Nova Scotia. “Nestled among the wreaths and fallen leaves were a collection of hand-painted rocks, made by local schoolchildren as tokens of thanks. I found the sight so moving—children of today honouring heroes of yesterday.”

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Poppy On Lapel
Kevin Wheeler

Vintage Lapel

“I took this photo at a Remembrance Day display in the nearby town of Chemainus, B.C.” shares Kevin Wheeler of Nanaimo, B.C.

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Poppies in chain link fence
Norma Keith

We Remember

This chain link fence in Cobourg, Ontario, doubled as a canvas for hand-crafted poppies on Remembrance Day. Thank you for sharing, Norma Keith—and for everyone else who contributed Remembrance Day pictures to this gallery.

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