A Quiet Place: Photographing the Wildlife of Southwestern Ontario

It's observing interactions like this one that brings London, Ontario's Cheryl Dumoulin so much joy as a photographer.

White tailed deer in a cemetery - wildlife of Southwestern OntarioPhoto: Cheryl Dumoulin

Photographing nature and wildlife is an extension of my lifelong passion for spending time outside in the natural world; it inspired me to pursue a career photographing the beauty I encounter during my hikes.

I began taking photographs professionally around two and a half years ago, and when I held my camera for the first time, I knew there was nothing else I’d rather do—I had found my true calling in life.

My primary focus as a photographer is the wildlife I find during my exploration of trails and conservation areas, mostly in southwestern Ontario. I often go out in search of a particular animal, but end up encountering something I have never seen before. I love this element of surprise. The photograph shown here was taken this past fall in a local cemetery, which a healthy population of white-tail deer frequently visits. I was able to capture this unique moment when a mature buck was approached by a juvenile male whose antlers had barely begun to break through.

It is observing interactions like this one that brings me so much joy as a photographer. I am truly grateful for each and every moment I spend out in nature. When you are in the presence of wildlife, and get the opportunity to glimpse animals’ daily lives up close, it truly is a privilege.

My work allows me to share these experiences with my followers on social media and on my website. Many people may never have the chance to view these animals in person and it is nice to know that I can connect with them by sharing a piece of the natural world.

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Originally Published in Our Canada