Hauntingly Beautiful Photography: 20 Shots That Showcase Canada’s Spooky Side

We asked our contributors to share their most frightening Canadian photography, and they rose to the challenge! From fog shrouded forests to creepy abandoned cottages, these striking shots celebrate the spooky side of the Great White North.

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St. Paul's Church in British Columbia
Photo: Bob Wall

In the Dead of Night

Photographer Bob Wall of Terrace, British Columbia, writes: “St. Paul’s Church under a starry night. This church originated in 1882 and is located at a small native community at Kitwanga, B.C. It has a separate bell tower in front of the church.” Thanks for sharing this hauntingly beautiful image, Bob!

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Spooky storm clouds over Newfoundland
Photo: Sheri Sanders

Lightning Crashes

This menacing electrical storm conjures up the perfect Halloween mood! Thanks to Sheri Sanders of Elkford, British Columbia, for sharing this hauntingly beautiful photo.

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Owl sitting on caution sign at night
Photo: Norman Dyrvik

Caution, Indeed!

This nocturnal prowler was the last thing photographer Norman Dyrvik of Sherwood Park, Alberta, set out to capture on camera. “When you’re trying to take photos of the start of the Aurora, hear a noise and switch on your flashlight and see this guy less than ten feet away.” This would startle us too, Norman!

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Black and white photo of farmhouse and tree
Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Last Outpost

Kim MacDonald Cameron of Bow Island, Alberta, captured this hauntingly beautiful shot of an abandoned farmhouse near Highway 879. The spooky silhouette is enhanced in eerie black-and-white.

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Edmonton cemetery at dusk
Photo: John Pelechosky

A Quiet Place

This shot by John Pelechosky of Edmonton is the perfect showcase of how cemeteries can be both beautiful and spooky.

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Black crow on Poplar tree
Photo: Kim Goslin

Bad Omen?

Photographer Kim Goslin of Burns Lake, B.C., stumbled upon this lone bird on a gnarled old poplar tree during one of her autumn walks. Spooky, indeed!

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Old home long abandoned and falling apart
Photo: Mel Diotte

State of Decay

Mel Diotte of LaSalle, Ontario, writes: “Old home long abandoned. This home is a bit scary as the wild flowers growing around the home brings thoughts of the long lost souls that use to live here many years ago—or are they still there?” We hope not, Mel!

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Scary spider on spiderweb
Photo: Mel Diotte

Itsy Bitsy Spider

There are millions of people around the world who suffer from arachnophobia—the fear of spiders. The prolific Mel Diotte captures one of 40,000 known species of creepy-crawlies. We’ll try not to have nightmares tonight…

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Abandoned farmhouse
Photo: Mel Diotte

House of Dark Shadows

In this beautifully composed photo, Mel used a time exposure to capture both the abandoned old farmhouse and the stars in the night sky above.

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Low clouds over North Saskatchewan River
Photo: Joyce Stolte

The Fog

Joyce Stolte of Edmonton captured these low-flying clouds near the North Saskatchewan River. They may look beautiful from afar, but we wouldn’t want to drive through them!

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Casa Loma - Legends of Horror
Photo: Brett Walther

Haunted Castle

Toronto’s Casa Loma takes a terrifying turn at Halloween with the arrival of the Legends of Horror experience, which combines creepy lighting with live performances. (Definitely not for the faint of heart!)

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Lady in the window
Photo: Deb Sandau

The Watcher

This dilapidated farmhouse captured by Deb Sandau of Red Deer, Alberta, seems abandoned. But look a bit closer and you’ll find it’s anything but. Brrrr!

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Spooky tree
Photo: Deb Sandau

Vision in Greyscale

Here’s another submission by Deb Sandau, who proves with this photo that even the most harmless-looking trees can take a sinister turn in black and white.

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Coaticook, Quebec at the Forest de Lumiere
Photo: Beverly Lafortune

Ghost Light

Photographer Beverly Lafortune of Kanata, Ontario, writes: “This picture was taken in Coaticook, Quebec, at the Foresta Lumina. Magical things happened as you walked through the forest of light. This was a holographic of a woman dancing around.” Thanks for sharing, Beverly!

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Spooky rays beaming down
Photo: Linda Sweeney

Fright Night

Through photographic skill and some neat post-production trickery, Linda Sweeney of Miramichi, New Brunswick, composed this image worthy of a Hollywood horror film. Yikes!

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Mist and the Moonlight
Photo: Shelagh Quinn

The Mist and the Moonlight

We can’t decide what’s spookier in this photo by Shelagh Quinn of Kamloops, British Columbia. Is it the eerie moonlight, or what may or may not be lurking in that vast foggy field? (You can’t blame us for our overactive imagination—we just read these 13 creepy facts about Canada.)

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Man walking through woods in Collingwood, Ontario
Photo: Heather Loewen

Into the Fog

This shot proves that a forest can be creepy even during daylight! Heather Loewen captured this hauntingly beautiful photo during a walk in the woods in Collingwood, Ontario.

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Storm clouds over home
Photo: Norma Keith

Take Shelter

Norma Keith captured an angry sky over Baltimore, Ontario. Batten down the hatches!

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Hauntingly beautiful - Niagara on the Lake mansion
Photo: Brett Walther

Haunted Mansion

The approach to this grand estate in Niagara-on-the-Lake was overgrown and a bit ominous when Brett Walther visited in summer 2020.

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Deep foggy morning
Photo: Kelly Roy

Mysterious Island

Kelly Roy of Cobourg, Ontario, captured this extremely eerie photo on a very misty morning. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

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