This is What Love Looks Like Across Canada

Love really is all around! Whether it's a kiss between sweethearts, or a cuddle with the family pooch, this heartwarming gallery celebrates love in its various forms.

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Heart-shaped cloud
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Love is in the air!

Love is everywhere if you simply stop for a moment to take a look around, like Lynn Mabley of Hinton, Alberta did last May. “I was enjoying the beautiful sunny day and quickly snapped a picture of this heart-shaped cloud before it disappeared,” she writes.

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Two girls walking in a snowy woods
Photo: Paula Brown

Family ties

Is there a stronger bond than that shared by siblings? Paula Brown took this sweet photo of her granddaughters enjoying a snowy walk in the woods. “It’s so heart-warming to see them together,” she writes.

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Dog and kissing booth
Photo: Kelly Roy

Puppy love

“Best 25 cents ever spent!” says Kelly Roy of Cobourg, Ontario. “Nothing like the love of your sidekick.” We totally agree—who could resist smooches from our furry best friends?

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Mother duck and ducklings
Photo: Kayla Cuddy

Ducks crossing

“Nothing shows love more than a mother mallard showing her precious ducklings the way to the pond,” writes Kayla Cuddy of Arden, Ontario, who captured this precious picture.

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Painting of heart
Photo: Sharla Evans

Ode to love

This bold and colourful interpretation of love by nine-year-old artist Nova Evans is worthy of a gallery exhibition! Thanks to Sharla Evans of Stanstead, Quebec, for sharing the lovely piece.

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Two horses in a snowy field
Photo: Isabella Marozzo

Muzzle nuzzle

Isabella Marozzo of Norland, Ontario, was driving when she noticed these horses in a field. Struck by their displays of affection, she pulled over and took this spectacular photo. What a fantastic shot!

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Couple kissing in front of two parrots
Photo: Melanie Corbin


What a milestone! Melanie Corbin of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, shares this holiday snapshot of her and her sweetheart celebrating 20 years together. Here’s to many more years to come!

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Mother and son hugging before wedding
Photo: Dan Wever

Oh, happy day!

“Love is spending that cherished time in the hotel room with your son before he gets married! This is a picture of my wife, Vivian, just after she gave our son a keepsake necklace she held for years for this occasion. This is just what memories are made of!” writes Dan Wever of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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Cow and kitten on a farm
Photo: Paul Barber

Friends at the farm

Paul Barber from Brantford, Ontario, captured this absolutely adorable moment in the barn. Judging by their total ease with each other, we can tell that these two are BFFs!

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"Bob Loves Erika" written in the sand on Tofino Beach
Photo: Erika Foley

Written in the sand

The great thing about love is that there’s no limit to how it can be expressed, and this sweet message at Tofino Beach put a grin on our faces. Thanks to Erika Foley of Wainwright, Alberta for submitting this photo!

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A black and white photo of a pregnant stomach
Photo: Ann Lane

A mother’s love

This beautiful portrait taken by Ann Lane of Cobourg, Ontario is sure to be cherished for years to come.

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Silhouette of a girl and horse at sunset
Photo: Evan Lane

A tender touch

“We love every moment spent with horses,” writes Evan Lane of Cobourg, Ontario. And we love the use of silhouettes in this photo!

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