25 Sweet and Savoury Snacks For Your TV Marathon

Comfy chair? Check. Remote control? Check. Tasty, easy-to-make treats? Coming right up!

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Snack TV ideas - Nacho Tots
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The Best Homemade TV Snack Ideas

Nacho Tots

Get ready for a fun night in with these snack ideas for your TV marathon. “This is an easy, versatile party appetizer that everyone loves. If you can’t find chorizo, ground beef or ground chicken are wonderful, too. Top with anything you like!” —Connie Krupp, Racine, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Nacho Tots.

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Snack TV ideas - Super Chunky Cookies
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Super Chunky Cookies

“Chocolate lovers will go crazy over these cookies that feature loads of chocolate! When friends ask me to make ‘those cookies,’ I know exactly what recipe they mean.” —Rebecca Jendry, Spring Branch, Texas

Get the recipe for Super Chunky Cookies.

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Snack TV ideas - Favourite Banana Split Smoothies
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Favourite Banana Split Smoothies

“I try to get as many fruits and veggies into our menus as possible. A smoothie is a great way to load up on nutrients. This banana one is a favourite!” —Tiffany Van Zee, Pella, Iowa

Get the recipe for Favourite Banana Split Smoothies.

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Apple-Gouda Pigs in a Blanket

“For New Year’s, I used to make beef and cheddar pigs in a blanket, but now I like apple and Gouda for an even better flavour celebration.” —Megan Weiss, Menomonie, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Apple-Gouda Pigs in a Blanket.

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Mustard Pretzel Nuggets

“This quick and fun snack is similar to the mustard pretzels you can buy at the store, but you can make it for a fraction of the price. It’s a killer recipe for all kinds of parties and football gatherings.” —Sarah Mathews, Ava Missouri

Get the recipe for Mustard Pretzel Nuggets.

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Chocolate-Mint Popcorn

“I wrote a book called 20 New Ways to Enjoy Popcorn. When I poll friends, they favour this recipe, a delicious treat for after-dinner coffee.” — Polly Brunning, Thaxton, Virginia

Get the recipe for Chocolate-Mint Popcorn.

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Chicken Fries

“Kid-friendly and quick, these crunchy oven-baked chicken fries are coated with a mixture of crushed potato chips, panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Dip them in ranch dressing, barbecue sauce or honey-mustard sauce.” —Nick Iverson, Denver, Colorado

Get the recipe for Chicken Fries.

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Zesty Snack Mix

“This crisp snack mix is a mouthwatering combination of sweet and spicy. I’ve taken it to numerous gatherings. Make a bowlful when the munchies hit.” —Jeanette Grantstein, Wichita, Kansas

Get the recipe for Zesty Snack Mix.

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Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich Minis

“My husband absolutely loves ice cream sandwiches and snickerdoodles, so I combined them into one fun treat. Here’s how we build this cool dessert.” —Heather Pilon, Winslow, Maine

Get the recipe for Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich Minis.

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Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese Shells

“I created this deep-friend mac and cheese recipe for my husband, who loves mac and cheese. He describes this recipe as ‘unbelievably delicious’ because of the crispy deep-fried coating and the creamy richness on the inside.” —Shirley Rickis, Lady Lake, Florida

Get the recipe for Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese Shells.

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BBQ Chicken Waffle Fries

“This is one of those dishes that sounds so wrong but tastes so right! Trust me—barbecue chicken leftovers are fantastic with the fries. We like it with lettuce, tomato and pickle, but you can add almost any toppings you like.” —Janet Telleen, Russell, Iowa

Get the recipe for BBQ Chicken Waffle Fries.

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Wyoming Whopper Cookies

“These big country cookies are made to travel—in fact, I came up with this recipe while trying to match a commercial cookie that was good, but too crumbly to carry.” —Jamie Hirsch, Powell, Wyoming

Get the recipe for Wyoming Whopper Cookies.

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No-Bake Cornflake Cookies

“I grew up on a farm where we hand-milked cows and had plenty of milk and cream to use for cooking. Sometimes we’d substitute light cream for the evaporated milk in this recipe. We’d rarely let these cookies cool before sampling them, and a batch never lasted a day!” —Denise Marnell, Hereford, Texas

Get the recipe for No-Bake Cornflake Cookies.

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Waffle Fry Nachos

“My husband and two grown sons really enjoy these fun nachos—they can devour a platter of them in no time. They’re also fun to make when friends come over.” —Debra Morgan, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Get the recipe for Waffle Fry Nachos.

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Garlic-Cheese Flatbread recipe
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Garlic-Cheese Flatbread

“Unless you plan to make two, don’t count on leftovers. As an appetizer or side, this cheesy flatbread will be devoured in less time than it takes to bake. And that’s not long!” —Suzanne Zick, Maiden, North Carolina

Get the recipe for Garlic-Cheese Flatbread.

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Ginger Maple Roasted Pecans recipe
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Ginger-Maple Roasted Pecans

“Use these spiced nuts as a snack, in a salad or as a coating for fish. They’re a smart ingredient to keep on hand.” —Angie Thanopoulos, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Get the recipe for Ginger-Maple Roasted Pecans.

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Sweet Chipotle Pretzels recipe
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Sweet Chipotle Pretzels

“Pretzels are a great snack food. I love this recipe because it is sweet as well as spicy, but not too spicy. It’s a great combination for munching.” —Geraldine Saucier, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Get the recipe for Sweet Chipotle Pretzels.

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Thick Strawberry Shakes recipe
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Thick Strawberry Shakes

“Cool off with a thick and rich treat that will remind you of a malt shoppe! Nothing can beat this strawberry shake recipe.” —Kathryn Conrad, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Thick Strawberry Shakes.

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Lick The Bowl Clean Hummus recipe
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Lick-the-Bowl-Clean Hummus

“Everyone loves hummus, but I enjoy the garlic and onion types so much that I decided to let them shine in this homemade version. I get so many compliments when I serve it!” —Sarah Gilbert, Beaverton, Oregon

Get the recipe for Lick-the-Bowl-Clean Hummus.

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Mocha Pumpkin Seeds recipe
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Mocha Pumpkin Seeds

“Roasted pumpkin seeds are a classic fall snack. Kick them up a notch with instant coffee and cocoa powder for a mix that’s mocha genius at any time of year.” —Rebekah Beyer, Sabetha, Kansas

Get the recipe for Mocha Pumpkin Seeds.

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Brownie Batter Dip recipe
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Brownie Batter Dip

“I’m all about the sweeter side of dips, and this brownie-batter variety fits in with my life’s philosophy: Chocolate makes anything better. Grab some fruit, cookies or salty snacks and start dunking.” —Mel Gunnell, Boise, Idaho

Get the recipe for Brownie Batter Dip.

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Chili Lime Snack Mix recipe
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Chili-Lime Snack Mix

“Why buy a pricey bagged snack mix when you can easily make a better-tasting one at home? Create a Southwestern sensation with chili powder, cayenne pepper and a twist of lime.” —Julie Beckwith, Crete, Illinois

Get the recipe for Chili-Lime Snack Mix.

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Hot Buttered Rum Party Mix recipe
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Hot Buttered Rum Party Mix

“A spicy mix of crisp cereal, soft marshmallows and rum extract make this a delicious treat to nosh on with friends, while studying or when watching a movie.” —Susan Tite, China, Michigan

Get the recipe for Hot Buttered Rum Party Mix.

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Cheddar Pecan Crisps recipe
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Cheddar-Pecan Crisps

“Lots of holiday treats are sweet. For a change of pace, I fill goodie bags with my cheese crackers. The recipe has a large yield, but you can freeze the dough logs to bake later.” —Heather Necessary, Shamokin Dan, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Cheddar-Pecan Crisps.

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Thyme-Sea Salt Crackers recipe
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Thyme-Sea Salt Crackers

“These homemade crackers are decidedly light and crispy. An addictive snack on their own, they also pair well with a sharp white cheddar.” —Jessica Wirth, Charlotte, North Carolina

Get the recipe for Thyme-Sea Salt Crackers.

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