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How Canadian Youth Can Find a Fulfilling, Lucrative Career

The Let’s Talk Careers Competition helps high schoolers discover new opportunities in a fun, gamified way, so they can find...

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10 Tweets About Driving That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

How to parallel park: Step 1 - Park somewhere else.

I Took a Computer Course in the ’80s—Here’s What It Was Like

I'd have to deal with a major glitch before I could toss out my typewriter for good.

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Text Slang Decoded: Find Out What These Common Text Abbreviations Really Mean

Come across an abbreviation in a text or on social media that's left you scratching your head? We've got you...

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Can You Pass This Quiz of 4th Grade Spelling Words?

No peeking at a dictionary—or Google!

Why the Plural of Moose Isn’t “Meese”

It's a wild grammatical moose chase.

Meet the Woman Who’s Saving Asia’s Elephants

Lek Chailert started with a humble goal: rescue one abused bull. Now, she's the head of an international non-profit with...

If You’ve Ever Provided Tech Support For Your Folks, You’ll Relate to This Hilarious Story

Helpful (and hilarious) hints for troubleshooting your parents' IT issues.

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Word Power Quiz: Can You Define These Common Crossword Puzzle Answers?

These crossword puzzle answers will be familiar to anyone who solves puzzles regularly, but do you know what they actually...

If You Think Your House Pests Are a Problem, Try Living in Australia

In the Land Down Under, not even dancing can keep the creepy-crawlies at bay.

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This Is What Happens When You Get Struck by Lightning

There’s a nine in 10 chance you’ll survive. But what are the lasting effects of being exposed to hundreds of...

The Fascinating Reason Old Postage Stamps Were Sometimes Perforated With Initials

Collector Jon Johnson has spent a lifetime chasing these "stamps full of holes."

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook

When tensions run high on Facebook, you may get blocked. Here's how to tell if someone has blocked or unfriended...

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10 Sequels That Are Better Than the Original

The greatest movie sequels take the original story in exciting directions while breathing new life into the characters we love....

How This Former Teacher is Helping to Combat Shark Fishing

A snorkelling trip inspired Kathy Xu's innovative solution to the shark fishing crisis: Ecotourism.

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Put Your Vocabulary to the Test With Our Word Power Challenge

Can you match these words with their proper definitions?

23 Chicken Jokes That Are Anything But Fowl

Get ready for some eggs-citing quips and test your hen-durance with these cluck-worthy chicken jokes.

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The Real Reason There’s an “R” in “Mrs”

...And more mind-blowing facts about the English language.

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Never Do This When Ordering at a Drive-Thru

If these behaviours sound familiar, you could very well be the customer who's always holding up the line...

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80 Funny Jokes to Start Your Day With a Smile

Whether you're celebrating National Tell a Joke Day (August 16), April Fool's Day, or simply need a reason to smile,...

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5 Women’s Soccer Players Inspiring the World

Women's soccer is flourishing as never before. More than a billion people watched the 2019 Women's World Cup, and this...

The Year Canada Didn’t Have a Summer

The fascinating story of how a natural disaster on the other side of the world made the summer of 1816...

10 Times Degrassi High Was the Best Thing on Television

If you were a child of the '80s, these moments are burned onto your brain.

These Families Are Providing a Home—And Hope—For Refugees

People who welcome the world's displaced take a giant, generous leap of faith. Here are three of their stories.

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Do You Know What These Wordle Answers Mean?

A good vocabulary helps when playing Wordle, the internet sensation that gives players six guesses to identify a five-letter word....

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If You’ve Ever Wanted to Throw Your Computer Across the Room, You’ll Relate to These Hil...

"My computer just gave me an 'Error 404' message, which can’t be right because I know I’ve made way more...

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Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Ocean Terms?

Any leaks in your vocabulary? Set sail with this quiz of ocean words and find out.

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Hilarious Dog Memes That Are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

Having a ruff day? These funny pups are the perfect pick-me-up!