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15 Hilarious Dog Memes You’ll Laugh at Every Time

If you've ever had a furry friend or you just love the animal, these dog memes will have you cracking up.

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Dog memesPhoto: Jan Dix/Shutterstock

Star student

Honour roll here I come!

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Dog memesPhoto: Ekaterina Brusnika/Shutterstock

Happy husky

And a little cute too.

For more laughs, check out these funny photos of dogs working from home.

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Dog memesPhoto: JIFF/Shutterstock

Show those teeth

Good boys get lots of treats.

Don’t miss these adorable pictures of dogs dressed for work.

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Dog memesPhoto: Little Moon/Shutterstock

Let’s play fetch

If I don’t see the ball leave your hand, I’m leaving the dog park.

You definitely need these funny animal pictures in your life!

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dog relaxing memePhoto: B.Stefanov/Shutterstock

Busy schedule

I’m too tired to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Can you spot the animals camouflaged in these photos?

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dog pumpkin memePhoto: Jenn_C/Shutterstock

Say cheese!

Who bought this ridiculous hat? And why haven’t I gotten any treats?

Every owner will be able to appreciate these dog quotes.

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dog vacuum memePhoto: Igor Normann/Shutterstock

Spring cleaning

I thought I did a successful job scaring this monster away last time.

Think these dog memes are funny? You’ll want to watch these hilarious cat videos.

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dog meme vet petPhoto: Monika Vosahlova/Shutterstock

Annual check up

I was lied to.

If you’re a dog owner, these hilarious dog cartoons will make you chuckle.

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dog breakfast memePhoto: Tomislav Pinter/Shutterstock

Rise and shine

I don’t care if it’s 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday.

Learn about these cute tiny animals from around the world!

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dog cat memePhoto: Christian Mueller/Shutterstock

Take the blame

They’ll never know it was me.

Discover the most popular puppy names in the world.

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dog selfie memePhoto: Javier Brosch/Shutterstock


Make sure to get some drool in there too.

This gallery of strange-looking dog breeds will melt your heart.

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dog smell memePhoto: Ksenia Raykova/Shutterstock


Mmmm, I’m going to smell so good.

These adorable pug pictures will make you want to adopt one!

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dog math cat memePhoto: Billion Photos/Shutterstock

The cat has got to go

I’m just trying to keep you on budget.

Take a look at these hilarious photos of pets acting like people.

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dog meme fashionPhoto: Otsphoto/Shutterstock

Shades on

Blocking out that bright sun.

We answer the age-old question: why do dogs tilt their heads?

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dog meme face plantPhoto: Ekaterina Brusnika/Shutterstock

Apply the breaks

Slow down!

After you’ve stopped laughing at these dog memes, check out these awesome dog breeds you’ve never heard of.

Originally Published on Reader's Digest