Do You Know What These Wordle Answers Mean?

A good vocabulary helps when playing Wordle, the internet sensation that gives players six guesses to identify a five-letter word. The same goes for this quiz, which features past Wordle answers. Will you want to share your success on social media—or erase your stats?

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Wordle Answer - Aphid
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Wordle Answer Quiz

What does aphid mean?

a) Sap-sucking insect
b) Algae-eating fish
c) Flowering shrub

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Wordle Answers Aphids Photo
nechaevkon /

Answer: a) Sap-sucking insect

As in, “Drought conditions led to an aphid infestation that threatened the potato crop.”

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Wordle Answer - Egret
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What does egret mean?

a) Bad decision
b) Small cove
c) White heron

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Wordle Answers Egret Photo
Karel Bartik /

Answer: c) White heron

As in, “From the shore, Luis watched the egret catch multiple fish in the shallows.”

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Wordle Answer - Smite
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What does smite mean?

a) Strike sharply
b) Secure with rope
c) Ascend

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Blacksmith striking metal
Drpixel /

Answer: a) Strike sharply

As in, “The knight brought his sword down to smite the beast.”

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Wordle Answer - Leery
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What does leery mean?

a) Intoxicated
b) Wary
c) Poorly made

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Woman with doubtful facial expression on yellow background
Roman Samborskyi /

Answer: b) Wary

As in, “Sandro was leery of Terry the cat, who always seemed ready to pounce.”

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Wordle Answer - Tapir
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What does tapir mean?

a) Velcro-like fastener
b) Nocturnal mammal
c) Ceramic cookware

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Two tapirs standing in water
Lucas Leuzinger /

Answer: b) Nocturnal mammal

As in, “During her hike in Patagonia, Freya saw a rare tapir munching leaves just off the trail.”

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Wordle Answer - Duchy
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What does duchy mean?

a) Land of duke or duchess
b) Savoury puff pastry
c) Motorized bicycle

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Plot of land aerial shot
Bself /

Answer: a) Land of duke or duchess

As in, “The Duchy of Cornwall includes land and business interests worth more than $1 billion.”

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Wordle Answer - Tilde
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What does tilde mean?

a) Whirlpool
b) Accent used in Spanish
c) Tiered fountain

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Tidle key on keyboard
joelpc /

Answer: b) Accent used in Spanish

As in, “Ava would have aced the exam but for a missing tilde on the word señor.”

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Wordle Answer - Axiom
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What does axiom mean?

a) Bridge support beam
b) Subatomic particle
c) Established truism

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Child in front of blackboard
Kiselev Andrey Valerevich /

Answer: c) Established truism

As in, “The axiom that a large fire can come from a tiny spark proved true when Max’s cigarette caused an inferno.”

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Wordle Answer - Biome
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What does biome mean?

a) Biogeographical unit
b) Group of stars
c) Couples’ yoga

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Caribou in tundra
Ana Flasker /

Answer: a) Biogeographical unit

As in, “The tundra biome is home to woodland animals such as caribou.”

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Wordle Answer - Whelp
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What does whelp mean?

a) Scar
b) Puppy
c) Slap

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Woman holding puppy
eva_blanco /

Answer: b) Puppy

As in, “At the sound of the train, the whelp retreated behind its mother in fear.”

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What does abase mean?

a) Defend
b) Remove
c) Humiliate

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Man covering face
RealPeopleStudio /

Answer: c) Humiliate

As in, “Stephano refused to abase himself, so he quit the demeaning job after one day.”

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What does moult mean?

a) Shed feathers or skin
b) Move lethargically
c) Enter a state of disarray

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Hand holding white feathers
kon /

Answer: a) Shed feathers or skin

As in, “Blue jays moult roughly once a year.”

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What does grimy mean?

a) Uninviting
b) Covered with dirt
c) Pained

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Grimy Photo
Bespaliy /

Answer: b) Covered with dirt

As in, “The cottage was grimy, but the teens didn’t mind.”

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What does agate mean?

a) Arched doorway
b) Sour berry
c) Ornamental stone

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Agate stones
Daniele De Vivo /

Answer: c) Ornamental stone

As in, “The multicoloured agate statuette took pride of place on the mantle.”

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Wordle Answer - Rebus
Lenka_X / /

What does rebus mean?

a) Riddle that uses pictures
b) Twin
c) Male crow

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People solving a puzzle
Ekaterina Soldatenko /

Answer: a) Riddle that uses pictures

As in, “Zoltan made the scavenger hunt trickier by using rebuses for the clues.”

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