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How Well Do You Know the Flags of the World?

How well do you know the flags of the world? With nearly 300 flags to choose from, this...

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25 Powerful Anti-Racism Quotes From History’s Most Inspiring Activists

These insightful quotes about racial injustice still ring true today.

48 Short Riddles That Will Still Stump You

Try out these quick, bite-size riddles—some are easy, and some are still pretty tricky!

25 Inspiring LGBTQ Quotes to Celebrate Pride Every Day

These are some of the words that have shaped and inspired generations—and remind us how far the LGBTQ community has...

Facebook Messenger Scams Are on the Rise—Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Facebook Messenger scams are "rare," according to Facebook. Our experts say otherwise. Whichever is true, falling for one can be...

The 25 Best Canadian Movies Ever

If you fancy yourself a cinephile, this rundown of great Canadian movies—listed in alphabetical order by film critic Linda Barnard—will...

The Year Canada Didn’t Have a Summer

The fascinating story of how a natural disaster on the other side of the world made the summer of...

How to Listen to Podcasts for Free

If you’re new to podcasts, we’ll help get you listening in no time.

My Mother Married an Astronaut

While he may not have been to space, this new dad was truly out of this world.

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50+ Famous Facts You’ve Always Believed That Are Actually False

Napoleon wasn't short? Bananas don't grow on trees? Here, the world's most contagious myths and misconceptions—debunked.

10 Interesting Facts About Learning a New Language

Millions of people around the world have been learning new languages ​during the pandemic. If you're aiming to join them,...

How I Struck Up An Incredible Friendship With a Wild Black Bear

While hiking in remote British Columbia, I was approached by a black bear. I offered him a fish. He offered...

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12 Biggest Mysteries Surrounding the British Royal Family

From disappearing heirs to dubious bloodlines, these royal family mysteries remain unsolved to this day.

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50+ Things Everyone Had in Their House in the ’90s

Remember running to Blockbuster on Friday nights for the latest VHS release?

The Gem in the Royal Crown That’s Said to Be Cursed

It's breathtakingly beautiful, but you might not want this jewel for yourself.

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How Much the British Crown Jewels Are Actually Worth

The Crown owns a great deal of property, including The Crown Jewels: a collection of crowns, rings, scepters, vestments, and...

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30+ Things Everyone Had in Their House in the ’80s

Who can forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

10 Great Canadian Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Whether you want to be entertained while exercising or simply want to learn something new, these 10 must-listen Canadian podcasts...

These Royal Family “Rules” Are Complete Myths

Are royals really forbidden to shut car doors on their own? And does the Queen consider wedge heels an...

25 Knock Knock Jokes That Are Genuinely Funny

It's no surprise the knock knock joke has lasted nearly 100 years—its countless set-ups and punchlines have made people laugh...

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75 Mind-Blowing Facts You’ll Think Are Made Up (But Aren’t)

Polar bears aren't white, strawberries aren't berries, and the Earth isn't round—we'll have you rethinking everything you thought you knew...

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15 Things All 1950s Kids Remember

If you grew up in the 50s, these things will bring back some memories.

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10 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During the Pandemic

This Mother's Day, give mom a thoughtful present with a personal touch—without a drive to the store.

How Little Acts of Spontaneity Can Make Your Day

Learn how to stop overscheduling your life, embrace surprise and have some fun.

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This Will Be Camilla Parker Bowles’ Title When Prince Charles Becomes King

When Prince Charles becomes King, his wife, Camilla, will acquire a new title as well. The question is: what will...

Every Oscar Best Picture Winner Ranked—From Worst to Best

Some Oscar Best Picture winners have been obvious shoo-ins, but others left us scratching our heads. Where do your favourite...

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25 Beautiful Mother’s Day Quotes to Show Mom How Much You Love Her

Instead of flowers, consider giving your mom what she really wants: the reminder of just how much you care for...