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15 Rarely Seen Photos of Prince Philip

Born in 1921, the Duke of Edinburgh was the longest-serving and oldest royal consort in British history. Here are some highlights from Prince Philip's amazingly colourful life.

Remembering Prince Philip: The Life and Times of a Royal Consort

From his first steps on Canadian soil as a naval officer during the Second World War to receiving the Order...

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20+ Facts About Queen Elizabeth II Most People Don’t Know

Queen Elizabeth II may be notoriously private, but that only makes Britain's longest-reigning monarch that much more fascinating. Here are...

Queen Elizabeth’s Top 10 Canadian Milestones

What role has Canada played in the Queen's record-breaking 69-year reign? As we approach Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in...

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Trooping the Colour: Incredible Vintage Photos of the Queen’s Annual Parade

Since the 18th century, Trooping the Colour has been the birthday celebration of the British monarch, but it's also a...

Here’s Why Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Two Birthdays Every Year

Two birthdays—just another perk of being Queen.

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20 Hilarious Family-Friendly Jokes from Our Readers

Laugh out loud with the best family-friendly clean jokes submitted by our Reader's Digest Canada readers.

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50+ Inspirational Quotes to Live By

Look no further than these inspirational quotes for wise lessons on life, happiness and everything in between.

25 Hilarious Modern Family Quotes to Live By

What's better than revisiting your favourite TV family? From success to parenthood and everything in between, these funny Modern Family...

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20 Grammar Jokes Every Word Nerd Will Appreciate

Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They drink. They leave.

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40 Comedians Reveal Their Favourite Jokes Ever

Some of our favourite comedians, humourists and actors share the one joke that always makes them laugh.

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The Reader’s Digest Earth Day Quiz

Just how well do you know our planet? To mark Earth Day on April 22, put your knowledge of our...

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10 Fascinating Easter Traditions From Around the World

While Easter may conjure up visions of colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies, different countries mark the holiday with their own...

Why Is Easter on a Different Sunday Every Year?

The date of this spring holiday is not as random as you might think.

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8 Hilarious Real Life Prank Stories for April Fool’s Day

In need of inspiration this April Fool's Day? From prank calls made by mischievous dads to satirical headlines gone viral,...

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The Best April Fool’s Day Pranks in History

Are you a natural born prankster? Take inspiration from these classic April Fool's Day pranks, which rank among the funniest...

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10 April Fools’ Pranks on Facebook You Can Pull Off in Seconds

Anyone who leaves their Facebook profile unguarded on April 1st is a true April fool.

10 Easy April Fool’s Pranks You Can Play on Your Family

We could all use a good laugh these days, and luckily, April Fool’s Day is just around the corner. Although...

The 20 Best Half-Hour Shows on Netflix Canada Right Now

Short on time? We’ve curated a list of stand-out shows that clock in at under 30 minutes per episode—perfect for...

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25 Inspiring Marvel Movie Quotes to Live By

Spanning over 20 films and counting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an epic and awe-inspiring movie marathon. Here are 25...

25 Funny Cat GIFs That Are Purr-fect For Any Occasion

Cat got your tongue? These funny cat GIFs summarize the situation far better than words ever could!

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25+ Happy Easter Quotes to Inspire Hope

Winter is over, and spring has sprung! Let these wise words get you in the Easter spirit.

With Some Help From My Favourite Dishes, I Finally Found Joy in Cooking

In learning to be comfortable with what I don’t know, I’m realizing that the things that make me feel as...

These Volunteer Cyclists Are Delivering Groceries to Toronto’s Needy

David Shellnutt founded The Bike Brigade to deliver food and medical supplies to Toronto’s most vulnerable residents. Since the beginning...

25 Funny Good Morning GIFs to Start Your Day With a Smile

Tend to get up on the wrong side of the bed? These funny good morning GIFs could very well turn...

10 Canadians You Need to Follow on Social Media During the Pandemic (And Beyond)

Whether they're serving up humour or hope, these Canadians are making social media a brighter place when we need it...

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13 Brilliant Ways Other Countries Are Replacing Plastic

Our world is drowning in plastic. Fortunately, efforts are expanding across the planet to tackle the single-use plastics crisis.