Let us entertain you! Here, you’ll find collections of Canada’s funniest jokes, as well as our guides to the best streaming content on Netflix, brain-teasing trivia, and insightful takes on pop culture.

How to Choose the Right Charity to Support

’Tis the season of giving. Here are 14 Canadian non-profits that need your help.

Here’s How to Use Cricut to Level Up Your Crafts

This smart cutting machine is a must-have for crafters of all levels.

20 Anne of Green Gables Quotes to Live By

Canada’s never seen a character like Anne Shirley. Here are 20 memorable Anne-affirmations from the books, movies, and characters that...

The 8 Best Books to Give As Gifts This Year

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Here are the season’s must-reads.

Every Seinfeld Holiday Episode Ranked—From Worst to Best

The best Seinfeld Christmas episodes combine hilarious catchphrases, timeless observations and just the right amount of dysfunction. Take a look...

Drama in Real Life: A Collection of Reader’s Digest’s Most Gripping Survival Stories

Can’t get enough of the heart-stopping survival stories in Reader's Digest's Drama in Real Life section? You’ll be on the...

Why My Sikh Family Loves Celebrating Christmas

One reason I like Christmas is that when everyone else is gathering around a turkey, glass of wine in hand,...

This is the Oldest Christmas Carol (Hint: It’s Not “Silent Night”)

You’ve probably never even heard of this tune.

The Woman Who Wrestled a Cougar

With no one to call for help, Larrane Leech put herself face-to-face with a young cougar to protect the children...

The Best Documentaries on Netflix Canada

Can’t figure out what documentaries on Netflix Canada to watch? Browse no more. From dramatic true-crime fare to acclaimed Oscar...

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This is the Dog Breed That’s Most Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign

This is how best friendships are made! Learn the best dog breed that's the most compatible with your zodiac sign.

5 Unique Gift Ideas to Bring a Smile to More Than One Face

Help children in need while honouring a loved one at the same time.

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What Plans Are in Place For When the Queen Passes?

This is one thing royal watchers don't want to think about. But the palace has a plan for exactly what...

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The Best Holiday Episodes of TV Shows on Netflix Canada Right Now

We all have a favourite Christmas movie, but holidays on the small screen can be just as magical. Here's your...

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100+ Funny Jokes for the Holidays

'Tis the season to snicker! These holiday jokes celebrate the funny side of the festive season.

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The 25 Funniest Christmas Jokes for Kids

Prepare yourself for some wholesome holiday LOLs.

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The 20 Best-Ever Christmas Songs—Ranked

With the holiday season upon us, this is the perfect time to rank the top 20 Christmas songs of all...

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19 Christmas Brain Teasers That Are Almost Impossible to Solve

Take a break from holiday shopping and decorating to solve these tricky brain teasers.

This Is What Queen Elizabeth Gives Her Staff for Christmas

All 550 employees receive a little something special from the Queen herself.

Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of Christmas Words

You rarely encounter these Christmas words in everyday life, but you'll hear them sung in timeless carols during the holiday...

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10 Hilarious (True!) Holiday Stories Shared By Our Readers

Itching for some festive fun? Check out these laugh-out-loud funny holiday stories submitted by our readers.

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Uniquely Canadian Holiday Traditions, From Coast to Coast

From Réveillon to "mummering," here are some of the unique ways Canadians celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Why Staying Up All Night Became My Family’s Favourite Christmas Tradition

Spanish for “good night,” Noche Buena is the Filipino Christmas Eve feast that begins at midnight and lasts far into...

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The 15 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Looking for festive fun? We've got your holiday watch list covered.

Is Oak Island Cursed?

For 200 years, the promise of pirate's payday buried deep in a pit off Nova Scotia's coast has attracted schemers...

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11 Reasons British Citizens Don’t Want Prince Charles to Be King

If some people had their way, the next king of England wouldn't be the man who's been in line for...