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Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Halloween Terms?

As nights lengthen and a chill sets in, the time is ripe to share scary stories. Create a spooky atmosphere...

This High School Teacher Gives a Unique Lesson Each Remembrance Day

Mike McKay's students are given the opportunity to spend the night in a simulated trench for a taste of what...

War Forced My Father Into Manhood at an Early Age

Not having a birth certificate at the time of enlistment, he was unaware that he had joined up as a...

Why I Tell My Grandfather’s Story Every Remembrance Day

It’s not a matter of me being boring; it’s simply that I was and still am so very proud of...

This French Comic Strip Character Remains Highly Collectible, 120 Years On

Remembering “Bécassine,” the charming housemaid who made everyone smile.

I Fell For This Email Scam—And You Could Too

Even the most savvy among us can fall for a con and lose hundreds of dollars. I learned this first-hand...

The Real Reason Suit Pockets Are Sewn Shut

We finally unravel the mystery behind the stitches.

How Late is Too Late to Cancel Plans? 12 Tips From Etiquette Experts

From weddings to birthday parties to happy hour with friends, our experts share exactly what you need to know about...

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Honestly, where do they come up with this stuff?

3 Times You Should Never “Accept Cookies” on a Site

Cookies are everywhere online, but should you allow them into your browsing life?

Why I Had My Students Write Letters to Fallen Soldiers

Delivering messages across generations was an important mission for this school teacher.

The Real Reason Maple Syrup Bottles Have Those Tiny Handles

Finally—a solution to this sticky mystery.

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25 Hilarious Butterball Help Line Calls to Share This Thanksgiving

Your turkey troubles are nothing compared to these real calls the Turkey Talk-Line experts have answered.

We’re Shining a Spotlight on Kids Who Care

Do you know an incredible kid or teen who's making a difference in their community? Perhaps they've started a fundraiser...

How DNA Testing is Solving Cold Cases—and Reuniting Families

These DNA reunion stories show how genetic testing can be a powerful tool in solving missing person cases—decades after the...

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The “Happy Birthday” Song Turned 126 This Year

Originally composed in 1893, "Happy Birthday to You," the most frequently sung English song in the world, has never sounded...

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Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of These Evocative Adjectives

Whether we seek precision, beauty or both, much of the subtlety of language comes from its adjectives. Here are some...

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The 20 Best Fall Movies to Watch This Autumn

Fall isn't just scary movie season. Although our roundup includes a select few spooky films, most of these flicks epitomize...

10 Wedding Gift Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow, According to Experts

Invited to a wedding? Don't let gift-giving etiquette stress you out. Our experts offer up top tips on how to...

This is Your Power Colour, According to Your Star Sign

Need a little boost? Tap the power of your star sign’s colour for some extra motivation, inspiration, and all-around good...

16 Things That Have Changed Since Queen Elizabeth Died

From the royal line of succession to the British national anthem, banknotes and post boxes, here's everything that has changed...

The Most Popular Song From the Year You Were Born

These memorable tunes were the most popular songs from 1946 to 2020, according to Billboard. Did your favourites make the...

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13 Breathtaking Facts About Extreme Weather

Whether you're an experienced storm chaser or a nimbus novice, these awe-inspiring weather facts are sure to electrify you.

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12 Movies That Are Better Than the Books They Were Based On

You know what they say: the book is always better than the movie. But these films, ranging from classic comedies...

Preparing Field Meals For Our Farm Family is a Cherished Tradition

Farming has changed a lot over four generations, but to me, it’s important that the tradition of feeding those who...

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Can You Pass This Quiz of 4th Grade Science Questions?

Elementary school science is probably where you learned about how the natural world works. Take this quiz to see how...

Hilarious Struggles That Every Parent Will Relate To

A celebration of those moments when all you can do is laugh.

Remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: 1926 – 2022

Royal historian Carolyn Harris looks back at the incredible life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II and her special relationship...