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What Experts Can Tell From Reading the Body Language of Harry and Meghan

They’re the subjects of constant scrutiny and speculation, but what’s really going on in Harry and Meghan's relationship? These images...

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8 Household Items Invented by Women

It's hard to imagine what our homes would look like without these everyday items invented by women.

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25 Happy Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

Inspire yourself with thoughtful quotes from notable people who've all attempted to find the secret to happiness.

10 of the Best Two-Player Board Games

Planning a games night for two? Check out the best two player board games for older kids, roommates and cooped-up...

Here’s the Spring Forecast Across Canada, According to AccuWeather

Meteorologists give us a sneak peek at Canada’s spring 2021 forecast, from coast to coast.

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13 Moments That Changed Women’s History Forever

In honour of International Women's Day on March 8, we're celebrating those moments in history when, for women, doors of...

10 Incredible Canadian Women You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

To celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, we're taking a look at the remarkable women who helped shape Canada—and...

25 Funniest The Office Quotes to Live Your Life By

To say The Office is binge-worthy is an understatement—the classic sitcom gets funnier and funnier with repeat viewings. Here are...

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15 Hilarious Dog Memes You’ll Laugh at Every Time

If you've ever had a furry friend or you just love the animal, these dog memes will have you cracking...

25 Feel-Good Movies on Netflix Canada That Will Lift Your Spirits

Whether you’re looking to cure a case of the blues or need something to keep you going through self-quarantine, these...

After My Cancer Diagnosis, I Began Reading to My Daughters

I knew I had a terminal illness and I wanted my three daughters to remember me in the many books...

How the North Invented the Science of Parkas

A brief history of the world's warmest coat, and the Indigenous people who are keeping the tradition alive today.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Mentor Relationship

Good mentoring isn't just about giving great advice. In the best mentoring relationships, everybody learns something.

Inside the Long Battle to Save B.C.’s Old-Growth Forests

More than 30 years ago, diverse groups joined to protect B.C.’s old-growth forests. What lessons do they have for today’s...

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Why More People Need to Be Talking About How Palm Oil is Damaging the Environment

There are countless issues grabbing at headlines these days but the environmental crisis caused by rampant and unsustainable palm oil...

Why You Should Stop Asking, “Where Are You Really From?”

I’ve answered questions about my background for years. But why are you asking my Canadian-born son?

The True Story Behind Mr. Rogers’ Empathy

Fred Rogers' difficult childhood is credited with giving the beloved television host a deeper well of understanding towards others.

What Canada’s Ban on Single-Use Plastics Will Mean For Canadians—and the Environment

Canada's government plans to ban single-use plastics by the end of the year. We asked Robert Kitz, food industry...

20 Powerful Grey’s Anatomy Quotes to Live Your Life By

Grey’s Anatomy is more than just a comfort show—each episode offers little nuggets of wisdom and insightful lessons about everyday...

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20 Printable Crossword Puzzles to Give Your Brain a Workout

Online games are alright, but there’s nothing like solving a crossword puzzle the good old-fashioned way—with a pencil! Pit your...

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13 Grammatical Mistakes That Are Making You Look Bad

You should of known better! Actually, you should HAVE known better about these common grammar pet peeves that drive people...

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The 15 Most Romantic Quotes from Books

When in love, let your actions speak for themselves—and let the world's most romantic authors and poets help you say...

I Was Bullied on Valentine’s Day as a Kid. Here’s How I Spread Kindness as a Teacher Now

As a child, I had a humiliating experience on Valentine's Day. Now that I’m a teacher, my students celebrate the...

Yes, Bacon Bouquets for Valentine’s Day Are a Thing

Because nothing says love like bacon.

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Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Are Good For a Laugh (If Not Love)

Need an icebreaker? These cheesy pick-up lines could come in handy. (Don't worry—they're too ridiculous for *anyone* to take seriously.)

Here’s How Facebook Is Stalking You—And How to Make It Stop

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new feature that lets users know what data it's mining. Here's how to use...

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14 Black Inventors You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

Most of these are probably names you haven't heard before. It's well past time that changed.