These Sweet Chipmunk Photos Are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

We challenged you to capture the cute, quirky antics of chipmunks on camera, and you delivered! Here are 20+ of the best snaps from photographers across the country.

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Pictures of chipmunks - sulphur mountain
Photo: Ann Lane

Pictures of chipmunks across Canada

It’s rare for Banff’s breathtaking Sulphur Mountain to get upstaged, but this little mountain-dweller somehow manages to steal the spotlight! We love how the rust-coloured spots of lichen compliment the chipmunk’s chocolate-hued fur in this snap from Ann Lane.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Tea
Photo: Karen Cook

“I’ll take a cup of orange pekoe—milk, no sugar please”

No, this fuzzy friend isn’t really drinking tea. Karen Cook of Kingston, Nova Scotia, writes of this shot, “This little one is helping himself to the raspberry jam we have put out for the Baltimore Orioles! Who knew chipmunks had a sweet tooth?”

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Kissing
Photo: Kathy Echlin

A quick chipmunk kiss

“I sat and watched this baby chipmunk come and give Mom a kiss, then wanted another and then Mom seemed to say ‘OK enough already!'” writes Kathy Echlin of Carleton Place, Ontario, of these sweet chipmunks that live in her family’s yard.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Peanut
Photo: Rachelle Mack

Going nuts for peanuts

This hungry chippy looks just about ready to swallow his dinner whole!

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Hole
Photo: Heather Mcilravey

Hole in one

Healther McIlravey of Severn Bridge, Ontario, captured this curious chipmunk investigating one of her birdhouses.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Ground
Photo: Heather Mcilravey

Doing the groundhog’s work

We hope this chipmunk predicts a long and hot summer!

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Marsh
Photo: Laura McArthur

Poised for a pause

“We saw this chipmunk when we were visiting a marsh,” writes Laura McArthur of Fredericton, New Brunswick. “Nice to see them in their natural habitat.” Nice indeed. Doesn’t this chipmunk just look so peaceful? The earth-toned shades of the bark and dried bush in the background match the chippy’s striped fur perfectly.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Flying
Photo: Barb Northcott

To infinity…and beyond!

It’s hard to get a positive ID on this flying critter (from terra firma, it could be either a chipmunk or a squirrel!), but one thing’s for sure—he’s earned his wings! Barb Northcott must be a quick-draw on the camera to have snapped him pouncing from tree to tree in Vermilion, Alberta, with a snack stowed safely between his teeth.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Fence
Photo: Brian Jones

Walk the line

Thanks to Brian Jones of London, Ontario, for sharing this stellar snap of this puffy-cheeked chipmunk strutting his stuff.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Three
Photo: Lyn MacDonald

Three’s company

Lyn MacDonald of Kamloops, British Columbia, captured this trio of chipmunks with their eyes on the prize. What could they be looking at? The world’s largest stash of peanuts? We’ll never know.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Move
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

On the move

“Not to be deterred, this chipmunk runs the gauntlet of a small construction site at our storage building,” writes Cathy Gauthier of Magnetawan, Ontario. “He kept my husband company as both worked long days. It was August of last year when I took this photo, with the chipmunk gathering nesting material as winter slowly approached.”

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Snow
Photo: Brian Jones

Out to play on a snow day

Brian Jones captured this snowy snap at Springbank Park in London, Ontario. We wonder how long this chipmunk stayed perfectly nestled between those two tiny snowbanks before scampering off.

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Pictures of chipmunks - birdfeeder
Photo: Sarah White

Who said birdseed was just for birds?

“This little guy was going to try anything to get to the birdseed,” writes Sarah White of Ottawa. “He was so funny to watch. The bird feeders kept swinging back and forth making it harder for him to reach. He did finally get some food, but gave up going for seconds.”

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Bike
Photo: Karen Cook

Bikes and blooms

Forget being a passenger; this road-trip-ready chipmunk is in the driver’s seat! Prepping for a cross-Canada trek, perhaps?

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Pumpkin
Photo: Linda Kundrik

Trick or treat

Linda Kundrick captured this chipmunk stockpiling some peanuts for winter at Lemoine Point in Kingston, Ontario. Hopefully he saved some for the other chipmunk-or-treaters!

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Friend
Photo: Paula Brown

Seeing double

“This chipmunk is standing on one of my backyard garden lights sizing himself against the carved squirrel on the bird bath. Hysterical!,” writes Paula Brown of Ottawa.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Closeup
Photo: Patti Parker

Ready for a closeup

Thanks to Patti Parker of Huntsville, Ontario, for sharing a closeup of this golden chipmunk ready to pounce. Or is he laying low so he can sniff his stash of sunflower seeds before going in for another nibble? Either way, what a great shot!

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Kiss2
Photo: Kathy Echlin

Kiss list

We just couldn’t resist sharing yet another snap of two chipmunks kissing. While they could just be using their sniffers to identify each other, it’s much more amusing to imagine they’re expressing a loving display of affection.

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Waldo
Photo: Lynn Mabley

Where’s Waldo?

Can you spot the camouflaged chipmunk in this photo? No, he’s not by the spotted rock. And he isn’t laying low in the dried grass and dirt…

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Waldo2
Photo: Lynn Mabley

There he is!

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Picnic
Photo: Norma Van Alstine

Peanut picnic

How in the world did Norma Van Alstine of Port Sydney, Ontario, manage to capture this solo chipmunk’s peanut picnic? We just hope he stayed long enough to pay the bill!

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Pictures Of Chipmunks - Friend
Photo: Cindy McKenzie-Burke

Can you ribbit?

Yes we can! This frog-chipmunk duo is the friendship we didn’t know we needed.

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