Amazing Hockey Photos That’ll Make You Want to Grab Your Skates

Capturing the magic of hockey, Canada's favourite winter sport.

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Photo: Randy Henderson
Photo: Randy Henderson

Incredible hockey pictures from across Canada

Grab your skates, pull on your tuque and head over to your local rink for hours of hockey fun. Every child’s gaze is locked onto that little round disk made of rubber, which has the power to make any Canadian feel like GOALD.

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Hockey pictures - outdoor rink Red Deer
Photo: Deb Sandau

Shine bright like… An ice rink

“How can a hockey game not break out on such a lovely day!” writes Deb Sandau, who snapped this amazing photo at her local rink in Red Deer, Alberta. Many kids around the country likely spent several evenings at a neighbourhood rink just like this one before coming home to a warm cup of hot cocoa.

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Photo: Tammy Green
Photo: Tammy Green

The town’s local rink

What does every town in Canada need in winter? An outdoor rink, of course! This breathtaking shot was captured by Tammy Green in Eastern Quebec’s Lower North Shore. The rink’s central location almost makes it look as though the village developed around it—a testament to the significance of this sport in communities across the country.

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Hockey pictures - Banff outdoor rink hockey
Photo: Kim Macdonald Cameron

World’s most beautiful rink?

This is pond hockey on a whole other level! Banff is known for its beautiful landscapes and gorgeous mountain ranges, making it a bucket list place to visit… Especially if you’re a hockey enthusiast looking to skate on an outdoor rink that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

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Hockey pictures - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Photo: Andrew Lesyshen

Sunset by the beach… Or at the hockey rink

When life gets slippery, lace up your skates! This beautiful shot, complete with breathtaking sunset, was captured by Andrew Lesyshen in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

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Photo: Tom Murray
Photo: Tom Murray

Where there’s ice, there’s hockey!

Peggy’s Cove’s iconic white lighthouse can be seen in the background of Tom Murray’s amazing photo, which captures his 15-year-old son Andrew carving up the ice despite it being a brisk -15°C in Nova Scotia that day. According to Murray, the two had the entire place to themselves. “It was so quiet and peaceful that the only thing we could hear was the sharp sound of the metal skate blades against the ice,” he writes.

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Photo: Erica Henault
Photo: Erica Henault

There’s snow place like an outdoor rink

There is something quite magical about the winter season; the trees and landscapes are covered in snow, the air is brisk, and hockey and the weather are the only two topics of conversation. This photo truly captures the wonder of winter in Canada.

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Photo: Gloria Pawliuk
Photo: Gloria Pawliuk

The hockey net

If you’re a hockey player, your objective is to get that little round disk up the ice and into this iconic 6 x 4 frame. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your hard work rewarded by the sound of a goal horn and the flashing of red lights.

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