Wildly Funny Photos From the Great Outdoors

Sometimes wildlife photography has its hilarious moments!

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Funny Canadian animals - Wild black bear
Photo: Megan Lorenz

Funny Canadian Animals Caught on Camera

There’s nothing more satisfying than finally reaching that itch that’s been driving you crazy! You can see the relief all over this wild black bear sow’s sweet face.

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Funny Canadian animals - Atlantic puffins in Newfoundland
Photo: Megan Lorenz

Say what?!?

Read my beak! Megan Lorenz captured this great shot of two Atlantic puffins in mid-conversation in Elliston, Newfoundland & Labrador. The guy on the right almost seems taken aback by what’s been said.

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Funny Canadian animals - White owl at Toronto Zoo
Photo: Karen Allin

A Hoot and a Holler

A knowing wink from a feathered friend! Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ontario, captured this cute snap during one of her frequent visits to the beloved Toronto Zoo.

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Funny Canadian animals - Chipmunk eating nuts
Photo: Madison Mellott


Madison Mellott of Georgetown, Ontario, snapped this hungry little chipmunk at her cottage in Quebec. Here are more pictures of chipmunks to put a smile on your face.

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Horse farm
Photo: Carol Langman

Quit Horsing Around

That’s some serious side-eye! Carol Langman of Orillia, Ontario, says, “While snapping pics at a horse farm near Midhurst, Ontario, this one gave me a look that said, ‘Hey dude, what are you doing?”

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Red squirrel praying
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Praying for Spring

Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ontario, writes, “I’ve captured many pics of this red squirrel, but this one was precious as we’d both had enough of winter!”

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Funny animals
Photo: Dave Carnahan

Can I Help You?

Dave Carnahan snapped this shot of a bovine looked quite bothered at his intrusion on a back country road near Sterling, Ontario.

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Duck in Owen Sound, Ont.
Photo: Pam Gee

Bottoms Up!

Either this duck is camera-shy, or just plain rude! Either way, Pam Gee of Cambridge, Ontario, came away with a hilarious image.

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