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Naturally Funny: 8 Adorable Photos of Canadian Critters

From praying red squirrels to winking white owls, these Our Canada readers expertly captured eight funny animals in their natural habitats! Enjoy!

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Atlantic puffins in NewfoundlandPhoto: Megan Lorenz

Can We Talk?

Megan Lorenz of Etobicoke, Ont., captured this great shot of two Atlantic puffins in Elliston, N.L., in the summer of 2015.

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Wild black bearPhoto: Megan Lorenz

Ah, That Feels Good!

This wild black bear sow enjoying a good scratch is another amazing shot from Megan Lorenz of Etobicoke, Ont.

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White owl at Toronto ZooPhoto: Karen Allin

A Hoot and a Holler

Karen Allin of Mississauga, Ont., captured this shot of an owl at one of her many visits to the Toronto Zoo, which she visits anywhere from five to 12 times a year.

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Chipmunk eating nutsPhoto: Madison Mellott

Cheeky Chipmunk

Madison Mellott of Georgetown, Ont., snapped this little fellow while feeding him nuts at her cottage in Quebec.

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Horse farmPhoto: Carol Langman

Quit Horsing Around

Carol Langman of Orillia, Ont., says, “While snapping pics at a horse farm near Midhurst, Ont., this one gave me a look that said, ‘Hey dude, what are you doing?”

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Red squirrel prayingPhoto: Isabelle Marozzo

Praying for Spring

Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ont., writes, “I’ve captured many pics of this red squirrel, but this one was precious as we’d both had enough of winter!”

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Funny animalsPhoto: Dave Carnahan

Can I Help You?

Dave Carnahan of Trenton, Ont., snapped this shot of a particularly unfazed cow on a back country road just south of Sterling, Ont.

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Duck in Owen Sound, Ont.Photo: Pam Gee

Bottoms Up!

Pam Gee of Cambridge, Ont., shares this ducky image taken at Harrison Park in Owen Sound, Ont.

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Originally Published in Our Canada