Making a Splash: Canada’s Best Water Photography

We challenged you to capture subjects making a splash in Canada’s lakes, rivers and streams, and you delivered the goods! Check out this joyous collection of original Canadian photography.

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Three friends making a splash at the beachPhoto: Sean Donnelly

Summer's end

This beautiful shot by Sean Donnelly of Ontario certainly has us wishing summer could last a few months longer each year. Thanks for sharing, Sean!

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Woman and dog posing near waterfallPhoto: Charlotte Henin


Our "Making a Splash" Theme Pic Challenge inspired Charlotte Henin of Alberta to send us this wonderful photo of her and Indie the rescue dog on a camping trip. We're not dog experts, but it looks like he had a blast!

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Dog and woman in lakePhoto: Shannon Kingsley

Dog meets water

Either this fur baby is afraid of water, or it just had the time of its life making a splash. We're hoping it was the latter. Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

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New married couple in lakePhoto: Amy Muschik


Amy Muschik of Ontario writes: "My newlywed friends enjoying a playful splash in the pond at the end of a super hot day. They held their red and white-themed wedding at the trailer park where they spend summer weekends. I just loved the fun they are having." Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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Two bears in the water at Toronto ZooPhoto: Karen Allin

Fun in the sun

Karen Allin of Ontario totally nailed our theme pic challenge with this shot of grizzly bears having fun in the water on a hot day at the Toronto Zoo. Bears like to have some play time, too!

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Dog on the shores of Lake Ontario in MississaugaPhoto: Karen Allin

Let's play catch

Here's another photo by Karen Allin, who really nailed our theme of "making a splash." You don't have to be a dog person to find this game of catch on the shores of Lake Ontario absolutely adorable.

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Humpback whale in Cape BretonPhoto: Paul O'Toole

Up, up and away

No creature makes a showier (or more powerful) splash in the water than a humpback whale. Paul O'Toole captured this blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment near Cape Spear, Newfoundland last July.

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Spencer enjoying his first summer at the beachPhoto: Glena Clearwater


Baby Spencer sure looks like he's enjoying his first summer at the beach. Bonus points for the Canadian flag!

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Loon making a splash in Kingston, OntarioPhoto: Nicole Watson

Morning flight

Our Theme Pic of the Month Challenge inspired Nicole Watson of Ontario to send us this marvelous shot of a loon, which she took while out on her canoe in the early morning.

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Manitoulin IslandPhoto: Julie Hayes-Ruffo

Last splash

Julie Hayes-Ruffo of Ontario writes: "On our last full day before leaving Manitoulin Island, we decided to bust out the canoes! Let me tell you, by the time we found this amazing secluded beach, we were so sweaty that we all just jumping in the water wearing our clothes!" Thanks for sharing, Julie!

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Child playing in Brereton Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park in ManitobaPhoto: Heather Korlak

Twist and shout

Heather Korlak of British Columbia writes: "My daughter Madeleine making a splash in our beloved Brereton Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. We come home every summer from B.C. and it feels so good to get in that lake!"

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Water bomber pilot at Lac La BichePhoto: Frank Koenig

Water bomber

Frank Koenig of Alberta was lucky enough to capture this special moment—a water bomber pilot finishing his demonstration and thanking audience members at Lac La Biche.

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Sparrow bathing in backyard waterfallPhoto: Jen St. Louis

Bird song

Jen St. Louis of Ontario was lucky enough to capture this cute little song sparrow as it bathed in her backyard waterfall. Thanks for sharing, Jen! Check out more fantastic photography from backyard bird-watchers.

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Little girl making a splashPhoto: Sharon Peters

Water games

Sharon Peters of Ontario snapped this lovely black-and-white photo of her granddaughter enjoying the local splash park in Three Hills. Thanks for sharing, Sharon!

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Man jet skiing on Lake CecebePhoto: Cathy Gauthier

Making Waves

Cathy Gauthier captured this high-speed moment at Lake Cecebe in Magnetawan, Ontario. "This gentleman—not exactly a 'spring chicken'— shows us how it's done," Gauthier writes. Thanks for sharing, Cathy!

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Ducks playing in lakePhoto: Cheryl Power


Cheryl Power of Newfoundland and Labrador snapped a shot of these beyond-cute ducklings. They're not quite making a splash yet, but give them time...

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Siblings playing frisbee in lakePhoto: Gertrude Welder

Play time

Gertrude Welder of British Columbia snapped this spontaneous shot of what looks to be a fun game of Frisbee at Cold Lake, Alberta.

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Photo by Noorbanu Mohamedali of man jumping off cliff into lakePhoto: Noorbanu Mohamedali

Free falling 

Noorbanu Mohamedali of Ontario caught this absolutely thrilling picture of a free fall. The carefree atmosphere of cottage living, summed up in a single, spectacular shot!

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Boy playing in the poolPhoto: Cindy Herbert

Pool time

Ah, play time in the backyard inflatable pool... A rite of passage for all Canadian kids! This photo by Cindy Herbert of Ontario has us feeling nostalgic.

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Father and son jet skiing Photo: Manfred Rupp


This shot by Manfred Rupp depicts a wet ride on a jet ski on Lake Ontario near Kingston. Don't miss this reader's reminiscences of growing up in Kingston, Ontario.

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