25 Spectacular Reasons to Visit Nova Scotia (If You Haven’t Already)

We challenged you to capture the essence of Nova Scotia on camera, and you delivered! From instantly recognizable landmarks to mouthwatering seafood meals, this gorgeous gallery will have you packing your bags for Halifax.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Peggy's Cove
Photo: Paula Brown

Postcard Perfect

Pictures of Nova Scotia don’t get more iconic than this! Paula Brown’s magnificent panoramic shot captures the village of Peggy’s Cove at its most photogenic.

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Hockey at Peggy's Cove
Photo: Tom Murray

Canadian Classic

“This is a photo of my 15-year-old son Andrew taken on Wednesday, January 12th at 10:25 am,” writes Haligonian Tom Murray. “It was very chilly at -15 degrees Celsius, but we didn’t care because we both love hockey and enjoy being outdoors. We had the entire place to ourselves and it was so quiet and peaceful that the only thing we could hear was the sharp sound of our metal skate blades against the ice. The game of hockey has given me so many great life experiences. But the opportunity to enjoy the game of hockey with my son on this day in this truly unique setting was incredibly special.”

What a beautiful memory, Tom—and a beautiful photo to keep it forever fresh in your mind. Thank you for sharing!

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Piper At Peggy's Cove
Photo: Maria Powell

The Piper of Peggy’s Cove

The talented Mr. George Coombes provided the perfect soundtrack for Maria Powell’s visit. You can almost hear those bagpipes blaring in her evocative shot.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Sydney Mariner's Memorial
Photo: Michelle Loyer

A Moment to Reflect

The Merchant Mariners Memorial made a striking subject for Michelle Loyer’s lens. She snapped this captivating shot while in Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia, waiting for the ferry to Newfoundland.

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Nova Scotia Pictures - Seaside Shanty
Photo: Kim Ross

It’s a Shore Thing

“This colourful little seaside shanty caught my eye when I was driving to Port George to take a photo of a lighthouse for a previous Theme Pic Challenge,” writes Kim Ross. “It just looked so inviting, and I could imagine staying for the summer! Croquet anyone? Freshly caught haddock? The water is frigid so I’d pass on the swimming! Located on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, Port George is one of the many communities along the bay and many tourists enjoy the scenery of the area, even on a foggy day!”

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Photo: Janny Pape

A True Canadian Landmark

Stormy skies couldn’t dampen Janny Pape’s spirits on her visit to the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Peggy's Cove Ropes
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

More Than Just a Lighthouse

This incredible shot from Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ontario, has us aching for the east coast. What better place to master the art of tying a fisherman’s knot than Peggy’s Cove?

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Grand Pré Memorial Church and Evangeline Statue, Nova Scotia
Photo: Russ Hayes

Le Grand Dérangement

Russ Hayes’ journey through Nova Scotia included a visit to the Grand-Pré Memorial Church and Evangeline Statue. “The park is set aside to commemorate the Acadian settlement from 1682-1755, and the deportation of the Acadians during this period,” Russ writes.

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Cape Split, Nova Scotia
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

To the Brink

It’s a good thing Rhonda Beirnes doesn’t suffer from vertigo! The fearless photographer captured this dizzying shot of the cliffs at Cape Split—widely regarded as one of the best hiking trails in Nova Scotia.

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Atlantic Coast Waves in Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia
Photo: Rena Nixon

Fundy’s Fury

“This day, a few years ago, was very windy, and we took the opportunity to drive over to see the waves at Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia,” writes Rena Nixon of nearby New Minas. “I must say the waves were proving to be very strong, wild and beautiful. Glad to have taken my camera with me.” We’re glad you took it too, Rena!

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Lunenburg Harbour Schooner
Photo: Sandy Sinclair

Come Sail Away

Just over an hour’s drive from Halifax, Lunenburg is a popular day trip from Nova Scotia’s capital. It was in Lunenburg’s picturesque harbour that Sandy Sinclair of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, snapped this handsome schooner.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Bay Of Fundy Tides
Photo: Kim Ross

Natural Wonder

“If there’s one thing that captures the fascination of visitors to the province, it’s our ocean’s tides,” writes native Nova Scotian Kim Ross. “Reputed to be the highest in the world in the Minas Basin, the low tides seem to be the favourite. It’s the opportunity to see what lies under the water and walk on the floor of the Basin. This was taken at Delhaven Government Wharf looking southward over Medford Beach. The red sandstone rock formation on the left was the well-known Medford Arch until recently, when a particularly nasty storm battered the coast and one wave too many caused the arch to collapse after eons of showing itself twice a day. One savvy local entrepreneur hosts a yearly event nearby at Burntcoat Head, with formal dining on the basin floor during the six-hour low tide. Amazing!”

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Fortress Of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
Photo: Norma Keith

Time Warp

A visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton is a trip back in time. Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ontario, snapped this shot of the immaculately restored 18th-century barracks when she visited the national historic site.

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Funny Lobster Dinner
Photo: Lorraine Bayford

Claw-fully Good Fun

“A stressful dinner in Digby, Nova Scotia,” writes Lorraine Bayford. “I bit into it, and it bit back!” Thanks for the smile—and the sudden craving for a fresh lobster dinner. Yum!

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Lobster fishers in Digby, Nova Scotia
Photo: Tricia Parker

Catch of the Day

Elsewhere in Digby, Tricia Parker snapped these fishers loading a lobster boat. Wonder if their haul ended up on Lorraine’s plate?

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Halifax Town Clock
Photo: Norma Keith

Time Goes By

Perched on Citadel Hill, the Town Clock is one of Halifax’s most iconic landmarks. Originally built in 1802, the structure that stands today is a faithful reconstruction dating back to the 1960s—and a stately subject for Norma Keith’s camera.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Tancook Island Ferry
Photo: Rosa Cross

It’s Better By Boat

How much more fun would your daily commute be if you could swap the car for a ferry ride? Rosa Cross snapped the William G. Ernst passenger ferry to Tancook Island as it steamed across the bay.

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Foggy Peggy's Cove
Photo: Sandy Sinclair

Misty Morning

Swathed in thick fog, Peggy’s Cove takes on an air of mystery in Sandy Sinclair’s shot. It’s easy to see how local legends like the Oak Island curse continue to spark the imagination…

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Seagull
Photo: Maria Powell

Hungry Bird

Officially, Nova Scotia’s provincial bird is the osprey, but the common gull probably pops up in more tourist snaps! Maria Powell managed to catch this one right in the middle of a meal.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Pier 21, Halifax
Photo: Sandy Morrison

A New Beginning

Between 1928 and 1971, nearly a million immigrants started new lives in Canada at Halifax’s Pier 21, photographed here by Sandy Morrison of Abbotsford, B.C. Fittingly, Canada’s last remaining ocean immigration terminal is now home to the Canadian Museum of Immigration.

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World's Largest Fiddle - Sydney Nova Scotia
Photo: Michelle Loyer

I Spy…

The world’s largest fiddle is somewhere in this photo. Can you spot it? The oversized musical instrument adorns the waterfront in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

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Peggy's Cove Rock Carving
Photo: Russ Hayes

Lasting Impression

“This 100-foot long bas relief was carved on an exposed piece of granite by a Finn named William E. deGearth,” writes photographer Russ Hayes. “He moved to Peggy’s Cove in 1955, and in 1977, at the age of 70, began the creation on this monument.” We’ll definitely be adding this to our Peggy’s Cove itinerary, Russ.

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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia - lobster traps
Photo: Richard Main

Slice of Life

Although it’s undoubtedly a popular tourist attraction, Peggy’s Cove remains a working village with a practical side—lobster traps and all—as showcased in Richard Main’s marvelous shot.

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Pictures Of Nova Scotia - Digging For Clams
Photo: Kim Ross

Happy as Clams

“You’d be hard pressed to find a Bluenoser that doesn’t appreciate a good feed of freshly dug clams,” writes Nova Scotia native Kim Ross. “Many visitors to Grand Desert Beach love to give it a try hoping to get a bucket of the salty delicacy. Some like them steamed but I’m a fan of the deep-fried version. On this day, I asked my husband to dig up something for supper and he did—literally! Mind you, he’s a commercial fisherman so he can dig about 100 pounds in an hour on a good low tide. The tool itself starts as a five-pronged pitchfork which has the handle shortened and the prongs bent to a certain angle, usually at an auto body shop. Most folks digging recreationally just use shovels and buckets and seem to quite enjoy getting filthy dirty in the process. Makes for a wonderful family day at the beach.”

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Pictures of Nova Scotia - Peggy's Cove aerial photography
Photo: Gabor Dosa

A Bird’s Eye View

What better way to bring these pictures of Nova Scotia to a close than by returning to our starting point of Peggy’s Cove—albeit from an unusual angle! Gabor Dosa’s soaring shot will have you seeing this familiar landmark from a new perspective.

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