Why I Keep Coming Back to Jan Lake

Over the years, many wonderful memories have been made in this charming resort community in central Saskatchewan.

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Fox at Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

The magic of Jan Lake

The smell of a campfire burning, nature walks and wildlife as well as blueberry picking, exploring the woods, fishing and boat rides are just some of the things that summer is all about.

I have been coming to Jan Lake, Saskatchewan, for 12 years now and I stay from May to October. Every year, I experience new things. I began taking photos about ten years ago as I wanted to capture the memories, and be able to look back on these special moments whenever I choose.

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Island on Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

Welcome to Three Lakes Camp

My first trip to Jan Lake was in 2007, when I was offered a job at Three Lakes Camp for the summer. It seemed like an interesting and exciting opportunity to get to experience something different. I remember arriving the first time and the first thing I noticed was the view from the big deck that overlooked the bay and Dog Island. I had never seen islands on a lake before. I found it so amazing, the sky was as blue as the water, and in the middle sat an island covered in lush green trees. What a spectacular sight to see.

A few days later, I took a brief tour of the lake and could not believe the size of it. It seemed to go on for miles in all directions, and there were many islands dotted within it. Each one was different in size and shape, but they all looked heavenly surrounded by calm blue water. I knew from that moment that I was going to love this place.

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Sunset on Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

Spectacular sunsets

The sunsets there are the most vibrant colours of yellow, orange and red that I have ever seen. It’s such a relaxing feeling to watch the day end in such a mesmerizing way. After the sun goes down and the sky turns dark, you can often watch a magic show as the northern lights dance across the sky.

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Duck at Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

Wondrous wildlife

There is such an abundance of wildlife at Jan Lake, it’s truly a photographer’s dream. There are black bears, foxes, eagles and woodchucks, as well as many species of birds and water fowl. There are also pine martens, Luna moths, wolves and so much more. I have photographed all of these amazing creatures with the exception of the wolf. To capture a photo of a wolf has always been a dream of mine and I’m certain one day it will happen. I feel blessed to have been able to experience more of nature than ever before since being here.

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Sunrise at Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

Treasured moments

My family comes to Jan Lake every summer to visit and we spend some quality time together. I treasure this time with them because we get to enjoy so many fun activities that we don’t get to do any other time of the year. These include fishing, a shore lunch, nature walks and so much more. We enjoy it all. They love fishing while I enjoy boat rides; the fishing is great but I find just being in the boat and snapping pictures so relaxing and peaceful—you never know what you might see. It could be a beautiful spot on the lake, wildlife or someone catching a fish. My camera is always ready because I don’t want to miss a thing.

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Black bear at Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

What makes Jan Lake so special

It’s the people I’ve met over the years, the friendships I’ve made and the opportunity to take stunning photographs, as well as family visits and the many stories and memories we’ve shared, that make this place so special to me.

I read a quote recently that read, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments and places that take your breath away.” Jan Lake is that place for me.

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Wildlife at Jan Lake, Saskatchewan
Photo: Brenda Davis

What you should know before you go to Jan Lake, Saskatchewan

  • Three Lakes Camp is a drive-in camp northeast of Saskatoon on Highway 106, seven kilometres north on Highway 135, then four kilometres west on the Jan Lake access road.
  • There is a grass/gravel airstrip ten kilometres from camp. Upon reaching the community, follow the main drag to the lake.
  • If you love fishing, Jan Lake, with its many islands and bays, is an angler’s paradise.
  • Although it is fairly shallow in most places, there are some deeper sections on the eastern side. [Source: Angler’s Atlas]

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